Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dil Raju’s low-budget film in Nov

Dil Raju said that he will make a low-budget film. The film will be launched in November. He held press meet at his office at Madhapur, Hyderabad, this evening. Presenter of Sairam Shankar’s new film Hello Premistara, Dil Raju expressed his joy at the good openings to the film. “My combination with Puri Jagan pulled the crowds to the theatre,” he said. He accepted that the film could not impress the audience in the second half as it did in the first half. He further agreed that the film was like the copycat of Ajit starrer Vaali. Director Rajkumar said he had wonderful experience working with big people like Puri Jagannath and Dil Raju. Sairam Shankar said the audience liked his negative role Arjun in the film. Producer Puri Jagan and music director Chakri also took part in the meet. Meanwhile, full details of Dil Raju’s proposed film in November will be known soon.

Venkatesh to create Sensation after Mahesh Babu

Venkatesh´s Tulasi shooting is in final stages and the audio will be released on 20th of this month. The inside sources are saying that Venkatesh´s costumes in the film ´Tulasi´ will be a sensation and people tend to adopt those designs looking at him. The film is made on the lines of action and comedy by Boyapati Sreenivas.
Last year Mahesh Babu created the same sensation in costumes with Pokiri. Now sources say that Venkatesh´s costumes are also such that they create a sensation. Let us wait and see.
Tulasi is a hatrick film for Venkatesh after ´Lakshmi´ and ´AMAV´.

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