Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sensor Cuts of Chirutha:

1. Deleted the visual of slitting throat of Surya.
2. Deleted the visual of rubbing ash on 786 and also the visual of a prisoner rubbing it off during fight.
3. Deleted the close up shot of thighs of heroine in the bedroom
4. Deleted the dialogue ‘I like your back’.
5. Deleted the word “anni” in the dialogue, “anni moosukoni”
6. Deleted the words fucking, sankanaki, nana sankalu naakedhi.
7. Deleted the word fuck.
8. Deleted the visual of knife pierced through the throat of gangster into tree.
9. Deleted the visual of hero hitting gangster with log in water.
10. Deleted the visual of sword pierced into thigh of Bikku.
11. Deleted the visual of slitting throat of Ashish Vidyarthi and visual of blood dripping out of knife.
12. Reduced the length of climax fight by 20% (including the visual cuts given above in the same reels.) Total 53.06 mts.

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