Friday, September 28, 2007

Chirutha Review


The highly-anticipated movie Chirutha is released to a weak mother-son sentiment, but excellent dance and stunts performance by the debut Ram Charan. Everybody expected that Puri Jagannath will create another magic on the lines of a Pokiri, but he gave something which might resemble a Super thanks to his complete concentration on stylish presentation of the hero and caring least for the story. There is neither expectation nor curiosity.


Charan (Ram Charan) turns a juvenile convict and gets released after 12 years as a young and energetic revenge-seeker. In the flashback, his father (Surya) is murdered by a baddie (Asish Vidyarthi). Coming out of the jail, he gets the information that his mother was no more. Running parallel to his revenge motif, Charan also falls in love with Sanjana (Neha Sharma), daughter of a rich man Karthikeyan (Prakash Raj). Next step, he gets passport with the help of a police officer and goes to Bangkok and joins a travel agency. Sanjana along with her friends arrives in Bangkok as a tourist. Charan is her guide. A young baddie (new guy) teases Sanjana and misbehaves with her. Naturally, Charan makes a big fight and saves the girl. The screen couple-in-the-making escapes to an abandoned island off Bangkok. There, Charan reveals that he loved her. He also reveals that he has been in Bangkok to kill the killer of his father. The killer has graduated himself from a smalltime killer in Hyderabad to a notorious international criminal with network in Hong Kong and elsewhere. The guy who is after the modesty of Sanjana is none other than the son of the hero's prime target! Meanwhile, the girl's father is desperate to undo the love between the two. In the climax, hero's mother comes alive on the screen! How, the hero wins his Sanjana and kills his target and also gets united with his mom forms the crux of the story.


Ram Charan has rendered excellent performance in the dance and stunts departments. Considering the fact that Chirutha is his debut film and that he is the son of megastar Chiranjeevi, it would be too much to expect much from Ram Charan. He deserves rich appreciation for his energetic performance and commitment to reach the expectations of the audience. Definitely, he is successful in his first strike. The audiences are prone to a constant feel that Puri Jagannath has not touched upon the other aspects of histrionics other than action and dance. In several scenes, including climax, the words of the hero are heard as the audience will see either long or rear shots of the hero. Despite being a debut hero, he wonderfully bears the entire weight of the movie himself.

Neha Sharma is sensuous and shown in a hot mood from start to finish. True to the modern trend, she also did the glam doll stuff with little or nothing to do with the story. Her dances and hip shakes, particularly in the last song, is a good watch. However, her dialogue delivery would make her an alien to Telugu audience. The second (and also the last female role) is played by another lady (as the agonized mom to hero). The footage is limited to a single scene.

Asish Vidyarthi's villainy is dramatic. The artiste, who did the son to Asish, has a fresh look.

Ali alone could make considerable impact on the audiences in the role (a male who says he made himself a woman). The scene in which Ali touches Brahmanandam and hugs him has some comedy punch. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam has a lengthy footage in the film compared to his recent films. MS Narayana for the first time appears in a non-routine role in the film. Not a boozer! But a funny travel agency operator.

Prakash Raj's role is inadequate, and at the same time not much happening. He utters a couple of impressive dialogues. For instance... Better bring up a dog rather than a daughter. Sayaji Shinde appears in just a forgettable role as a police officer in a couple of scenes, running up to a minute or two each.

Babloo and Uttej played the friends to Ram Charan. But, the audience hardly remembers their roles.

Technical Details

The story is weak. Screenplay and direction by Puri Jagannath will sure disappoint the audience in a big way. Some of the scenes are routine, outdated, but shown with gloss.

Puri Jagannath tried to justify the title Chirutha through hero's words to the villain: "My looks are like Chirutha." The same looks are used at the heroine too!

The villains chasing the lovers and the latter escaping into a jungle-like location, followed by romance… This and all make better for nothing stuff. From start to finish, the links connecting the characters are just dramatic. First half is completely devoted to show the hero in action and dance. The second half brings some twists but to a standard climax.

The scene in which Puri Jagannath tried to establish the mother-son sentiment turns weak and evokes no pathos. Another scene of the gasping hero expressing his love to the heroine is pale. Both are just dramatic!

Comedy is inadequate. Dialogues are average. You can notice censoring (deleting) of the word Fuck through the heroine's lip-movement in silence.

Puri Jagannath repeated the Desamuduru scene in which the heroine shows her middle finger (a vulgar expression) to a baddy.

Music by Mani Sharma is an asset to the film. Picturisation of all songs are good, with maximum focus on the hero. Naturally! A majority of the eight songs turns speed breakers to the progression of yet a weak story.

Stunts by Vijayan have maximum punch in this film. The same wing can be taken as a plus point to the film.

Cinematography is good. Production values of Vyjayanti Movies are good.

Mahesh Athidi Audio Released in a Grand way

Audio of Mahesh Babu's Athidhi was released on Thursday, September 27, 2007 at Marriott Hotel in Hyderabad. It was held in a grand manner. Superstar Krishna and Mahesh fans too surged to the venue. Superstar Krishna released the first audio album and handed over it to his wife Vijaya Nirmala and he gave the first CD to UTV representative Sunil Vadhwa. Athidhi is directed by hotshot director Surender Reddy and is produced by Ramesh Babu on Krishna Productions Private Limited banner. UTV is distributing it.

Krishna said that the film has come out so well. "It will entertain fans and general audiences alike. I am sure that Mahesh sets new record with this film again. Athidhi will break Pokiri's records," Krishna said. "Mahesh Babu is most handsome hero and you don't find such a charismatic hero in South India. Manisharma always gives best to Mani and to my films. He has given superb tunes for Athidhi too," director Surender informed.

Lyricist Siri Vennela too praised the film and hero Mahesh Babu. "He comes as a guest to the people who love him and also greets his opponents in the film," he said. Mahesh came with his wife Namrata and his entire family members attended the function.

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