Saturday, October 13, 2007

ileana accepts Tarun Film

Why would the best-paid heroine accept a film with a hero who is barely in the film industry? The paycheque, of course, and maybe a good story had made her do it.

Tarun is still grappling with the fallouts of his disastrous romance with Arthi Agarwal. Though everybody keeps constantly talking about him, nothing much has happened in terms of film offers. There were constant rumors that he has decided to switch to real-estate dealings. But he is very much in the film industry and has managed to convince Bellamakonda Suresh to make a film with him.

Now, Bellamakonda Suresh probably was aware that the film needs a very popular heroine to inspire the crowds to come to the theatres. Ileana happened to be his first choice.

Ileana, it seems, has agreed to star in the film for an astronomical rate of Rs 1 Crore!!! For the time being, this is just a rumor. But, if it is true, it really would be surprising.

It would make her the highest paid actress in the history of south Indian film industry!

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