Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mahesh-Sekhar Kammula venture soon

Clubbing the uncanny elements of cinema glamor and cinema grammer, Mahesh Babu and Sekhar Kammula are likely to pair for their next venture. It is the former who for the first time initiated the entry of corporate world in the movie making in Tollywood, while the latter provided the right place for music by relegating it to a corporate entity Big Music. Both of their mindset rightly dangles on the urban-orientation.After the swirling hit of Pokiri, Mahesh is on highwave of expectation among the producers and directors as well. Sekhar Kammula unleashed a new generation wave with his Happy Days. We have to wait and see how it clicks.

Balayya takes on dad’s mantle

NTR mesmerized hoards of people with his matchless getups as Lord Rama and Krishna. The impression remains so profound that even today, a Telugu man is prone to imagine NTR (in such roles) when he is to think of the specified gods. Now, it is the turn of Balakrishna to venture into the full-fledged role of Lord Krishna. He has also got into the shoes of his dad as Bhaktha. For this purpose, Balayya arrived on the sets with a clean-shaven glittering expression. Those days, NTR used to follow certain strict self-imposed rules while doing sacred mythological roles – like No to Non-Veg and Luxury life. Balayya too follows through some such reservations, though not penance-like. KRR produces and directs this film Panduranga, more or less readied on the lines of NTR’s blockbuster Panduranga Mahatyam. While Sneha is selected one among the two lead heroines, four others are already there as side-rung heroines. JK Bharavi has to show his mettle with meticulous research traversing the streets of Pandaripuram in Maharashtra. MM Keeravani scores beats for 12 lyrics.

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