Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pawan Kalyan to get into politics?

Hmm… the mega family is in news for obvious reasons these days and no wonder gossips are going hand in hand with them. Chiranjeevi's political entry which appeared round the corner a month ago is not even in heard in discussions after Srija's marriage. And this marriage kept Chiru silent but an unknown angle of Pawan Kalyan was made Public.

Pawan who was known to be an introvert is currently seen everywhere speaking his heart out, after this marriage. Be it deposition of his rifle at the Police station or the announcement of the outfit CMPF, Kalyan made it clear that he can come out and speak right from his heart if the situation demands. Recently he was in news again for his emotional and inspiring speech at Mega Blood Camp arranged by Chiru-Pawan fans.

There he spoke about the essentiality of younger generation to have political awareness and it is certainly new Pawan for you. The dais then is occupied by some political leaders with the ideology of theirs matching with that of Pawan's! And this led to a speculation that Pawan Kalyan might enter politics soon as his speeches and moves are highly suggesting it. Well, if Pawan takes this decision then he can surely inspire some of the youth with his ideas for a better society.

Trisha: Shocked but safe

Trisha who lost her top seat to Ileana in Tollywood has to step back for Shriya in Kollywood too. Despite of the defeat she is still busy in both the 'woods'. But it is the real woods (forest) which put Trisha in to the trouble. Few days back Trisha is shooting for a Tamil film, Abhiyum Naanum in the Munnar forest.

Everything has been going fine until Trisha noticed something crawling on her. First she thought it is some insect but after closely looking at, she yelled out loud in fear. There are some leeches climbing on to her and the crew immediately came in to the rescue of Trisha. No harm is done, but by then Trisha already had the shock of her life. She didn't come to her senses for sometime and after the recovery Trisha insisted on the location change. Better late than never indeed.

Is it Chiranjeevi who is helping them out?

Well another scoop is out on Srija, Sirish marriage. Gossip winery is abuzz that Chiranjeevi who is operatingfrom an unidentified place is helping the young couple to settle down in life and get along.

Gossip zones murmur it is not anybody else but Chiranjeevi who bought the flat and gifted it to the couple. They also added that ample money is provided for their future needs by Chiranjeevi himself. The truth percentage in these rumors is unknown but the statement of Srija to the media this morning is well in support of this buzz. She said 'Dad is talking to me on phone at times.

He wished me on my birthday and also said don't hesitate to ask any help from him if needed. We will meet him once he comes back to Hyderabad and take his blessings directly'. By this it is evident that Chiru is in touch with the couple, if her statement has to be believed. Anyways the much talked about love (marriage) story is heading towards a happy ending and let's hope everyone gets back into their own business soon and start entertaining us.

Srija's "Devudu" buys her a Costly gift!

Hot couple Srija-Srish is back in the Pearl City and they already got full publicity of this news.

Now what is lingering on everyone's mind is that "Devudu" who is financing the couple? 'We are getting the financial help from Devudu' said Sirish last day and from then onwards the speculations are hot on the topic 'Who might be that Messiah?' Latest buzz is that the flat Srija and Sirish are staying now in Bowenpally, Hyderabad is a gift to the couple.

It is a fully furnished three bed room flat costing almost a crore of Indian rupees! Where did the couple that much money? Don't even try to ask the couple please…! The answer will again be Devudu only. Why doesn't that God shower his gifts on each and every couple in this world who are leading worried lives?

Mumbai model as Jr. Trisha

srijaMumbai model Suhasi, making her debut in Tollywood with hero Sairam Shankar's untitled film, is excited about her first opportunity. On the very first day of her career in the industry, she received rich complements from one and all as her features are similar to that of ravishing heroine Trisha. However, Suhasi makes it clear: "When I am compared to Trisha, I feel excited. But, I want to be what I am. Imitation is not my forte. One thing I noticed in the industry here is that you have great scope for creativity and advancement. Certainly, I have come here to make waves." The film unit is currently busy with climax shoot and songs canning in Malaysia. The film is directed by Rajendra Dharshan, produced by Veeresh Babu and Raghunath Sogi. RP Patnaik scores music. It is set for release in December.

If I am idle: Ileana

It is identified that Gorgeous Ileana’s remuneration for acting in one movie is Rupees One Crore. At present she is very busy in Telugu and Hindi movies. if she gets little bit leisure then what she does? This doubt may rise in the minds of the people. In this connection, many people may think that she gives routine reply by saying that she will sleep, and spend with her friends. However, it is not true, but she said is it enough to dress tip top? Our house also to be kept neat & clean and entire belongings should be kept in an arranged manner.

Hence, whenever I get leisure time I used to cleanup and decorate my house according to my style. I do not like if the clothes and other things thrown here and there. It should be kept properly. After completing my house work I teach the lessons for my sister and brother. Further, though I became a star in cinemas, I don’t like to behave same like in my house also. I have many responsibilities as one of the members of our family which is to be fulfilled by me says Ileana. At the time of leisure while shooting I used to learn about the techniques of painting and fashion designing added this beauty.

Balakrishna follows Late NTR

It is established fact that Yuvaratna Nandamuri Balakrishna is playing duel role as Lord Sri Krishna and as his disciple Pundarika in the film PANDURANGADU under the direction of veteran director K Raghavendra Rao who is also producing the said film. In this connection, Balakrishna is following the path of his father great NTR. Further, it is known that late NTR used to maintain strict self discipline at the time of playing the roles of mythology.

Until the completion of the picturization of such roles he used to take only vegetarian foods, sleeping on the mat and waking up early in the morning and performing meditation and prayers. In the same way Balakrishna too following the systems and methods of self imposed discipline. In this connection Balakrishna was spotted on the sets sporting a clean-shaven, impressive look.

Director Raghavendra Rao also had taken this film as a challenge and concentrating very seriously to mould this movie unforgettable in Tollywood.

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