Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chethilo GUN unte a maja ne veruuu!




Guns have become the latest fad for our Tollywood heroes, big or small. The present trend clearly indicates one thing. They must have taken it for granted that without wielding a gun, they would never achieve stardom. Firearm has become MUST – for making violence or undoing violence. The Indian law prohibits the citizen from possessing a firearm without valid reason or license. The dogged pursuit against Sanjay Dutt is an evergreen example.

December to listen to top film´s audios

December month will witness several grand audio functions. Starting the fray is Nagarjuna´s Don. Lawrence directed, choreographed and even composed music for this film. Audio is scheduled to release on 5th of December at Shilpakalavedika. There is a strong upbeat about the audio of this film. Following in the month are the audio releases of MS Raju´s Vaana, YVS Chowdary and Balakrishna´s film Okka Magadu, Naresh and Sharwanand starring Gamyam etc.

Mahesh crosses the 'border' again!

Mahesh Babu, the present generation superstar is proving his mettle film after film with excellent display of acting skills. His performance is always top notch irrespective of his films performance at the box office. Atidhi is one such film in which Mahesh mesmerizes all the way.

His style and ease at performance won him many fans and no wonder other states people are also wooing him. Especially in Chennai and some parts of Tamilnadu Mahesh got huge following and his dubbed films are doing fine business over there.

Already his previous films Atadu, Arjun etc were dubbed into Tamil and the latest one to join the list is Atidhi. Mahesh films are also getting good response in North India these days. This is the reason why Atidhi is also being dubbed into Hindi! Mahesh who says that he wants to take Tollywood to the next level is keeping his word, isn't it?

Chiranjeevi : Andarivadu or Kondarivadu?

As per the buzz Chiru is all set to launch his own party in the New Year. The tentative date of announcement of the new party is Jan 11!

After months of speculation Megastar Chiranjeevi finally has decided to announce his political aspirations in public! Though Megastar didn’t express his inner feelings on the political entry directly, the buzz is clearly indicating it very strongly.

Analysts opine that Megastar might join hands with the left parties and other BC, SC, ST groups and will float his new party. Fans are already celebrating in a big way and making it clear that they are happy to see their matinee idol in a different role. Political parties are expressing their views on Chiranjeevi’s entry and they started thinking on what their strategy should be if at all Chiru enters into the politics.

Keeping all this speculations and expert opinions aside, if Chiranjeevi enters into political arena can he prove himself as Andarivadu or will he be termed as Kondarivadu? This is the question arising in the minds of the people in Andhra Pradesh right now, and if Chiru has to make a move forward he got many issues on which he have to make his strategy very clear, for example his views on the separate Telangana state.

In spite of having many positive aspects it is not going to be a cake walk for Chiranjeevi in the current scenario of state politics. Anyways let’s wait for the Mega moment.

Bunny is a ‘Romeo’!

Allu Arjun (Bunny) is back again with his Arya producer Dil Raju; this time too Bunny is doing a different love story in Raju’s yet to be titled film. Bhaskar, who proved his mettle with the film Bommarillu is directing this film in which Sheela plays Bunny’s love interest.

More than half of the shooting part of this film is completed by now and it is expected to hit the theatres in the first quarter of 2008.

According to the sources the tentative title of this film is Romeo! ‘’The characterization of Bunny in this film is different from what he played in his earlier films. Though the film has few action sequences it’s more a family entertainer’’, the director said. There is positive buzz surrounded this film among the film circles and if the buzz is to be believed one can expect another hit in Bunny’s kitty, who already has good success rate compared to his contemporary heroes.

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