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List of Movies Released in 2007

Know about all the movies released in 2007 and their details.Click on below link for more information about each movie..

Telugu movies in 2007

Twist in BalaKrishna's Cut Out case.

Parchuru Police could arrest the people who spoiled the cut out of Okka Magadu of Balakrishnathat was erected at the center of Parchuru, Chirala.

Police arrested 5 members in this case-and could get back those pieces of Balakrishna cut out (Balakrishna face from the cutout was cut).

Surprisingly the same fellow who cut the face of cut out was participated in Ksheerabhishekam of NTR statue and also participated in the dharna that was organized by Balakrishna fans.

He is Chandu Ajay Kumar (Parchuru 7th ward member and former TDP Mandala youth President) along with his friends Anil Kumar, Suresh, Madhu Babu and Ramesh participated in cutting the cut out and all these participated in the Dharna of Balakrishna fans as if they don’t know anything.

How could police find this?

An auto driver of Parchuru watched when these five cutting the cutout in the mid night and the auto driver surprised when the same people participated in Ksheerbhishekam of NTR’s statue. And auto driver was telling the same to his friends and the police in the mufti listen to this and arrested those 5 members.

Balakrishna watched Charmy's 'Mantra'.

Charmy's suspense thriller movie Mantra is doing well at the box office. New director Tulasiram made debut with this film as a director.

Nandamuri Balakrishna and his family watched the film today,25th December at preview theatre of Film Chamber. And it is known that NBK and his family appreciated the team of Matra for making such a wonderful suspense thriller and also appreciated heroine Charmy for her best performance in the film.

Asin flooded with Bollywood offers

Asin has completely moved from Chennai to Mumbai and has become a Mumbaikar. You can spot her frequently at the posh Infinity mall near her apartment or at PVR's Juhu multiplex. She is just catching up with the latest in fashion and also watching all new releases in Bollywood and picking up the finer points. Last week Asin was the cynosure of all Bollywood stars at the sneak preview of Aamir Khan's Tara Zameen Par. everybody was keen to have a look at Aamir's new heroine.

As of now the actress is flooded with offers in Hindi and is considering three big Hindi films. She is being offered to be cast opposite Shahid Kapoor in his new film. Another role that is exciting Asin, is to play Amitabh Bachchan's daughter in a new project on the emotional relationship between a father and daughter. And another project that is waiting for her is a new Salman Khan musical entertainer. But Asin on her part is in no hurry to sign any films till the shoot of Ghajani is over.

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Three films for Sankranthi race

Every year, Sankranthi Festival marks the new season in Tollywood. This year, everyone is betting on Balakrishna and YVS‘s magnum opus Okka Magadu that is releasing on January 11, 2008. Balakrishna had earlier delivered blockbusters on Sankranthi period - Samarasinha Reddy, Narasimha Naidu, etc. But it is not going to be lone battle for Balayya. He will have to compete with another big film - Ravi Teja‘s Krishna, finally announced its release date - January 10th, 2008. This Vinayak directed film too tries its luck at Pongal.On other hand, the original ‘Sankranthi‘ (M.S) Raju is brining his soft-romantic film Vaana on the same day (January 14th) that he made history with blockbusters like Varsham and Nuvvostanante Nenoddanta.So far these three films are confirmed but there is also talk that Sumanth’s Pourudu too might join the race.

Megastar´s director for 149th film confirmed

Mega Star Chiranjeevi 149th movie has been confirmed which would be under the Direction of V V Vinayak, there was a confusion whether it would be Vinayak or Gunashekar but its confirmed that Chiru 149th movie would be with V V Vinayak, music of this movie would be composed by Harris Jayaraj which would be prodcued by Allu Arvind and Aswini Dutt.

Teja’s title "KEKA"

Fire brand director Teja who has announced a new film with all newcomers has registered "Keka" as the title for it. . Sources said that Keka is the title in consideration for Teja’s next film. This is the project for which Teja is conducting star search in association with Kingfisher and MAA TV. The Star Hunt program got good rankings in the MAA TV programs. Selected candidates from this Star Hunt will get chance to work for the film.Although Keka can only start in Febraury, pre-production work has already begun. Songs will be recorded in January.Presently Teja is doing a film for MS Raju’s son Sumanth Aswin

Tarun illeana as "Romeo Juliet"

K Vijaya Bhaskar’s latest film is titled as ‘Romeo Juliet’. This film Starred Tarun and Ileana in the lead roles. Jagapati Babu does a special character. This film was supposed to be made with Vishnu and Genelia in Vijaya Bhaskar direction under Mohan Babu’s production. But shifted into Bellamkonka Suresh’s hands in the last minute. Shooting of the film is nearing completion.

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