Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Balakrishna strange Habit
Balakrishna has a strange habit. He never watches the film of other actors. He only watches the films in which he has acted and the films of his late father NT Rama Rao.

This is strange considering that an artist learns many new things and also gets a chance to improvise by keeping himself up to date about what is happening around him.

This strange habit has resulted in Balakrishna being left with egg all over his face with 'Okka Mogadu'. Even a small kid will tell that 'Okka Mogadu' is based heavily on 'Bharateeyudu' and also to an extent on 'Aparichututdu'.

If Balakrishna had watched these two films, he would have immediately understood that YVS Choudhary was narrating the story of these films. This would have helped Balayya to think twice about accepting to work in the film. Let us hope Balayya will now change his habit and starts watching films of other actors too.

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