Saturday, May 31, 2008

Colors Swathi in Tamil film

Swathi (Colors fame) is now playing lead role in a Tamil film titled Subramanyapuram. After giving 'Color' to the popular TV show with her charm, Swathi appeared in few Telugu movies including one of the lead roles in Danger and supporting role in Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule.

Subramanyapuram is a film about a group of friends who don't care for anything. They become problematic in their place. Now a charming girls enters between them and what happens then is the story. The film is directed by M.Sasi Kumar, who earlier worked with directors Bala (Sethu) and Amir (Mounam Pesiyathe). In addition to directing the film, he is also producing it and acting in it.

Chiranjeevi party is Labor Party

As reported by a media source, the name of Chiranjeevi's party will be 'Labor Party' and the theme song of the party would be 'Nenu Saitam' from Tagore. The song even got a national award for the content.
Talking to the media today, Allu Aravind said that fans will have to wait for couple of more months and above information is confirmed by him. 'We all waited patiently for so long.. we should wait for couple of more months', said Allu Aravind. There were some pamphlets that read - Leader is Chiranjeevi, Radhasaradhi is Nagendra Babu, Vyuhakartha (strategist) is Allu Aravind, Dalapati is Pawan Kalyan and chief advisor is Mitra.

Harirama Jogayya is one politician, present Congress MP, who is being very vocal about Chiranjeevi's entry. He even publicly announced that if Chiranjeevi established a party, he would join it. Talking to a news media today, Jogayya announced that Chiranjeevi is blessed. 'Even during NTR time, the public did not go to NTR and requested him to start the party. He started the party and people voted for him. Chiranjeevi is in much better situation. He is being requested by the public and fans to come in to the politics and do good to them. He is blessed for that. What else is needed for someone to step into politics'. This he said in response to a question on if Chiranjeevi will have any hurdles.

When asked to compare on Balakrishna's entry, Harirama Jogayya said that there is lot of difference in the approach of the two. 'Chiranjeevi is willing to start his own party. So it is his own party, own mandate. Whereas Balakrishna is taking TDP's side. He is not the CM candidate. He is only canvassing for the CM candidate. So even if he wanted to do good for the society, it will not have the same impact. The comparison would have been different if Balakrishna also wanted to start his own party'.

Jogayya even confirmed that the public seemed to be very vexed with both YSR and CBN and that would be an added bonus if Chiranjeevi setup a party. There are good chances that Chiru party might tie up with Loksatta and left parties. Lok satta party and the leader Jayaprakash Narayana has a clean image and one of the most respectable politicians. Also, it is heard that a large number of leaders from both TDP and Congress would join Chiru's party. If this happens, it will be almost a political revolution in the state.

As per the media sources, party office will be launched on 15th of August and Chiru will start his tour in August. The party will have a mandate of social justice as the main criteria. Rural development and drinking water is any another key point in his mandate. Even there would be a department of anti-corruption in the Government.

All the TV channels have one job today - About Chiru party, running bulletins, gathering feedback etc. Overall, the feedback is very strong and positive. People are expecting him to clean up the mess in the politics and do good to the state. Even though Chiranjeevi himself did not say any word on it, Allu Aravind confirming the strategy excited all the fans and celebrations are taking place through out the state

Shriya is hot and getting hotter!

With an appearance in Mission Istanbul, Shriya Saran is finally being recognized in Bollywood for her flexibility and hard work over the last few years. Her career is now expected to move into the Red Hot Zone.

She started her career with a bang in Santosham in 2002, opposite Nagarjuna. She received her first award in 2005 when she won the Filmfare Best Telugu Actress Award for Chatrapathi. She also won the Best Hindi Female Debut Award for her role as Aaliya in Awaarapan in 2007. However, she really hit the big time with last year's groundbreaking movie Sivaji. Her star status was confirmed when the Hindu Makkal Katchi morality squad reported her to the police for wearing a clinging outfit at the celebrations for the movie.

But Shriya is very flexible and also works well in the English language - she's currently in two movies: What's Cooking and The Other End of the Line, which costars Jesse Metcalfe with whom, rumour has it, she is romantically linked.

How does Shriya feel about acting? "I love to do challenging and performance-oriented films if the offers come my way. I was lucky enough to get such roles quite early. I have proved that I can carry off well both in glamorous and performance-oriented films."

Audiences worldwide can expect to see Shriya featuring in Hindi, Telegu and English films coming their way this year.

Dasavatharam release postponed to june 13th

Kamal Hassan's much-awaited Dasavataram is officially hitting the screens worldwide with over 1000 prints on June 13th. Previously the flick was scheduled to release on June 6th, which date later got shifted to June 12th. The latest shift by a day is due to delay in the subtitle works meant for languages other than Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, according an official statement. Also a big relief prevails among the film unit with the Chennai court quashing a petition filed by a religious group against the film.

NTR looks good and handsome

NTRjr was bubbly hero in his Rakhi, but he reduced his weight by 20 kgs by the time of Yamadonga- that story was on request of director SS Rajamouli.

The lean and thin NTR did well in Yamadonga but at the same time his lady fans were disappointed with his thin figure and openly asked him to put on some weight.

But he continued with same weight for Kantri too.

While participating promotional activities of Kantri, NTR's lady fans requested him to put on some weight and as for the their request NTR is put on 5 Kgs of weight now.

Now he looks good and handsome and his fans must be happy with present figure of NTR. His new add on weight is seen on his face when he came to NTR's tomb on 28th May for offering his tributes to his grand father.

Dashavatharam to be screened for George Bush.

With the court clearing the Public Litigation cases against Dasavatharam, the crew is gearing up for a second-week June release. However, another mammoth task in front of the producers is to screen the movie to the US president George Bush. As per latest reports, talks are on with the help of the producers’ US counterparts with Whitehouse officials to arrange for the screening.

It is learnt that since Bush, as the US president, is heading the efforts to make the world’s nations sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty, it would only be apt to screen him the movie that urges that nuclear energy should only be used for constructive purposes and not to cause destruction.

Genelia is real innocent girl

While addressing the media, Genelia said, “People ask me why I continue to do the role of an innocent girl. I feel such roles fit me and I enjoy essaying such characters as it is very close to how I am in my real life”.

To a poser on whether she aims to win awards for her performance, she humbly declines the same and states that she is yet to rise up to that level and at the moment not too keen to feature in such films.

She was also quick to add that it is the acceptance of the people which is very vital and she wishes to concentrate on that segment alone for the time being.

Friday, May 30, 2008

prakash raj banned from tollywood

TFPC, Telugu Film Producers Council has given an advertisement in all leading Telugu News dailies today- asking all the Telugu producers not to utilize the services of Prakash Raj any more in Telugu films.

It informed that a resolution to this extent was inked in this regard at a coordination meeting of the TFPC and Movie Artistes' Association, dated March 19th, 2008 has clarified that he will not be lending any services to the producers who are using the services of Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj kept out Tollywood in tune with allegations against him.

Pandurangadu review

Verdict: Movie is a 100% hit and works out very well at the box office.

Rating : 3.25/5

Pandurangadu is a Telugu film, starring Balakrishna, Sneha, Tabu and others , directed by K Raghavendra Rao. Produced by ---, and music composed by M M Keeravani. This film released on Summer 2008.
  • Starring: Balakrishna, Sneha, Tabu and others
  • Director: K Raghavendra Rao
  • Music Director: M M Keeravani
  • Release date: 30-5-2008

Kundarika ( Balakrishna ) is a follower of Lord Krishna but for the wrong reasons. He does all the mischievous things that Lord Krishna did in his reign. Once when his family members ask him to marry he leaves his village and runs away. After his family members perform a yagnam he comes back to his village. In the neighboring village Lakshmi ( Sneha ) is a big devotee of Lord Krishna. One night Lord Krishna appears in her dreams and asks her to marry Kundarika. So Lakshmi's father approaches Bala Krishna but he refuses. Later after some persuasion from Lakshmim, Kundarika accepts the marriage.

In the mean time Amrutha ( Tabu ) a dancer comes to their village. Kundarika is mesmerized by her beauty and goes into a relationship with her. He offers all the gold in the house to her. But after the marriage he stops visiting Amrutha. Knowing this Amrutha's mother calls Kundarika for a meal and serves poison to him and grabs all his wealth. The rest of the movie is how Kundarika turns to Lord Krishna's devotee and get backs to his family....


Nandamuri Balakrishna's action in the movie is the top notch. He managed the dual roles of Lord Krishna and Kundarika very well. He adjusted from the woman's man role to devotee role very well. Balakrishna as Lord Krishna made the audience think of Sr.NTR .

Sneha's acting has done a good job as wife of Balakrishna. K.Vishwanth as always stealed the show with his acting. Mohan Babu's guest role is brief but brilliant. Raghavendra Rao's direction showed in the songs. Also he succeeded in showing the movie differently when compared to his previous movies.

The taking second half of the film is simply awesome. Second Half of the movie dominates. Kiravani's tunes added to the movie.


L.B. Sri Ram as Narada did not fit the role. Bharavi's story is not as effective as his previous ones. The graphic work in the movie is too weak to handle. The story is the first half seems a little bit dragged. There is no much comedy in the movie. The comedy scenes involving Sunil, Ali and Dharmavaram Subramanyam pertained to a few giggles in the audience. Raghavendra Rao's selection of character artists for Lord Krishna's wives did not please the audience.

Bala Krishna Fans will be more than satisfied.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sania mirza in Naga chaithanya debut film

It is long known that Nagarjuna’s son, Naga Chaitanya, will make his debut in a film directed by Puri Jagannath, the specialist in launching star sons. At present, the young scion of the Akkineni family is taking voice modulation lessons and dancing, martial arts and acting lessons in preparation for his debut.

According to sources close to Puri Jagannath, who is flying high on Bujjigadu’s success, Sania Mirza will do a five-minute cameo appearance opposite the young debutant. In fact, Nagarjuna had approached the tennis star personally for this role. He had previously approached Sania to act in his next film, but Sania had been focussing on her career and had turned him down.

Sania Mirza’s cameo is more or less confirmed in Naga Chaitanya’s debut film, though the lead heroine hasn’t been confirmed yet!

pandurangadu theaters list

These are the list of theatres where balakrishna's pandurangadu will be shown from tomorrow.
CLICK on the image below to see full list of theaters

How Shriya growed from tollywood to hollywood?

Many of us fail to recognize the steady growth of actress Shriya's career. Her career path has risen phenomenally and her acting in a Rajinikanth movie can be termed as the pinnacle of her career. The svelte actress has come a long way in Tollywood since her debut, starring opposite Nagarjuna in Santosham, which was a smash hit. She has done leading roles in many big budget films and has been a prolific and much-sought-after heroine in Telugu after that.

She also made sporadic appearances in Hindi. She became a national figure after she acted with Rajinikanth in Sivaji. Now, she has become so busy that she rarely finds time to rest. She has now bagged offers to work in Hindi films such as Ek and Mission Istanbul. In Tamil, she is acting with Vikram in Kanthaswamy. In Telugu, it is being made as Mallanna at the same time.

She is also working in two English movies, What is cooking? and The other end of the line (produced by Ashok Amritraj). Many actresses feared losing prime roles when they were approached for a guest role alongside Vadivelu in Indralogathil Na Azhagappan . But Shriya accepted it immediately. This not only shows her self-confidence but also her admiration for comedy actors. It is commendable for a heroine to gain this quantum of fame in such a short time. wishes her many more top roles opposite top heroes in many more films!

kamal hasan Dasavtharam specialities

1.The duration of the film is for three hours

2. the film has been shot in eight overseas locations which includes America, Japan, Malaysia and United Kingdom. In India the film was shot in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai, Hyderabad and many other places”.

3.Dasavatharam has spine-tingling action sequences which include airplane chasing and also a car chasing which is sure to bring joy to all action buffs.

4.The shooting was completed in 280 days while Kamal had worked for thirty months for this film.

5.The producer has spent 6 crores for advertisement alone for Dasavatharam.

6.On 30th May, a special screening has been scheduled for honorable Chief Minister Karunanidhi who is said to have expressed his desire to view this film.

7.Kamal’s ten avatars, around twenty days have been utilized to shoot the portion of every single avatar of Kamal.

Ramcharan teja 3rd film with bommarillu bhaskar

Ramcharan is busy in shaking his legs with Kim Sharma in an item song for SS Rajamouli's film at Annapurna studios, Hyderabad.

On the other hand, his third film script is getting ready. Nagababu will produce Ramcharan's third film and Bommarillu Bhaskar will direct this film.

NBK invited NTR for pandurangadu preview

Nandamuri Balakrishna and NTRjr together along with other Nandamuri family members will watch Pandurangadu film tomorrow,30th May early morning at preview theatre in Film Chamber. Hyderabad.

As for filmnagar sources, NBK himself invited NTRjr to watch the film.

Prabhas in bangkok

Many Tollywood stars in USA, Hero Venkatesh is in USA and participating the shoot of Chinathakayala Ravi. Anushka, Sneha, and Allu Arjun are in USA. NBK is leaving to USA tomorrow, 30th May.

Now another young hero Prabhas left to Bangkok a couple of days back along with his manager and close friend Sreenu. Sreenu played a role in NTR's Kantri. It is pleasure trip in the hot summer.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pawan PULI Special News

The Kushi hero Pawan and director SJ Surya are getting ready for their next film titled Puli.

The pre-production work is in progress for the film.

AR Raheman is composing the music and already finalized two tunes for the film.

Guhan is the cinematographer for this film.

The latest we heard from filmanagar that the Bollywood heroine Priyanka Chopra was approached to play the female lead. And photo session of Priyanka will be held in the first week of June

Pawan is playing dual roles and one of them will be a police officer role. He is taking proper care and training to don the police officer role.

NTR's Sriramanavami from October

Junior NTR's next film directed by V.V. Vinayak will start shooting in June. After that, he will act in a film produced by Dil Raju and directed by Srivaas. Dil Raju is now producing Bangarulokam with Varun Sandesh in the lead. Srivaas, who gave a big hit with Lakshyam starring Gopichand, has been trying to direct his second film for quite some time but many producers did not show much interest as they feared that the 'second film-box office disaster' sentiment would hit Srivaas too. Sriramanavami's will commence shooting from October.

NagaChaithanya getting ready

Nagachaithanya- the hand some son of handsome hero Akkineni Nagarjuna is getting ready to face the camera in Tollywood as hero. Poori Jagannath will launch this teenage hero with a love story.

Mean while Nag Chaithanya is undergoing training classes in acting and dialogue modulation classes in Mumbai and London.

Sushanth , another hero from Akkineni family was successfully launched with Kalidasu recently.

Pandurangadu gets Censor Board appreciation

NBK’s latest flick Pandurangadu is done with censor work on 26th morning. The film is certified with clean U certificate.

Censor Board members who watched the film appreciated the entire team of Pandurangadu for making such a wonderful message oriented film at this modern age with devotional backdrop.

Now Raghavendar Rao on hat-trick with third devotional flick after Annamayya, Sree Ramadasu and now Pandurangadu.

The film is releasing on 30th May with good number of prints

Famous Telugu directors son as hero

Another Telugu director's son to make debut as hero

The director Kodi Rama Krishna is planning to introduce his son to the Tollywood as hero. The story discussions are on with director Deepthi who directed Andalaramudu with Sunil.

Sneha Ullal will be the heroine. Sneha Ullal is doing Ullasanga Ustahanga right now.

Mahesh babu fans unhappy

'Prince' Mahesh Babu is one man who has been ruling the roost with his line of successive hits, apart from the film 'Sainikudu' most of his other films rained money at the box office and one can never forget the long lasting impact that 'Pokiri' created not just on the audience but also on the industry as a whole. But there is a flip side to his story.

Mahesh prefers to do only one film a year and the last film that everyone got to see was 'Athidhi' which was a painful movie but made massive collections at the box office. From then on, there is absolutely no news as to when Mahesh's next film will go onto floors.

The latest that we have on him is that his upcoming film has been tentatively titled 'Varudu' which will be directed by Trivikram Srinivas. This has been keeping Mahesh fans in the dark and they are said to be going restless over when the film will hit the floors and when they can see him back on screen. Sadly for them, there is no release for Mahesh this year. Even though the shooting of 'Varudu' starts in June it certainly takes more than 6 months to release.

chiranjeevi party name among these 3?

In all likelihood, Mana Desam will be the name of film star Chiranjeevi’s much-awaited political party. If Chiru camp insiders are to be believed, the mega star will register his party’s name with the Election Commission in about 10 days.

Chiranjeevi had a meeting with his close confidant Allu Aravind, political advisor Mitra and ophthalmologist Prasad Reddy on Tuesday night.

During the two-hour-long meeting, they are understood to have discussed three names - Jai Chiranjeeva, Eye Party and Mana Desam. The actor preferred Eye Party but divided opinion and fear that it may not go down well with the masses persuaded him to zero in on Mana Desam (our country). The others too felt Mana Desam would be apt.

Sources said unless there were last minute changes, Chiranjeevi's political outfit will be Mana Desam. Finally, it appears the D-Day is not far off.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chintakayala Ravi full fledged comedy entertainer

The victory Venkatesh starrer 'Chintakayala Ravi' with the tagline 'Software Engineer' is now progressing at a brisk pace. The film like all Venkatesh films will be an out and out family entertainer.

Venkatesh's last film was 'Tulasi'. However it was a bit too heavy with violence and big fights. But it was his 'Adavari Maatalaku Ardhale Veerule' that was not only a big hit but had the trademark of Venkatesh elements like action, sentiment, comedy etc.

Venkatesh and director Yogi are determined to make the film into a full fledged comic entertainer. Venkatesh says that the comedy in the film will be of some very high quality and everyone will enjoy it. Anushka and Mamatha Mohandas are the heroines.

NBK to watch pandurangadu along with his daughter

Hero Nandamuri Balakrishna is leaving to USA on 30th of May along with his wife. On one side, his Panduranagadu is releasing on 30th and other hand NBK will be leaving to USA. NBK is likely to watch his Panduranagdu film in USA along with his daughter Brahmini, son-in-law Lokesh.

And there after he will be spending a week days with his daughter and son-in –law, then he will return to Hyderabad before 10th June which happens to be the NBK’s birthday.

Mean while NBK will attend the late NTR’s birth anniversary celebrations at NTR Bhavan.

Nagababu appeals Youth to participate

Nagababu participated in a Blood donation camp that was held in Kukatpally on 25th May. Nagababu appealed the youth 'Social service is an effective tool which the youth could use for creating a great deal of public awareness on various ills such as corruption. This will also bring them fast recognition',

Nagababu who went Mahaboobnagar in the early morning, attended the blood donation camp by afternoon. Nagababu is trying to meet n number of people and this is in the wake of Megastar's proposed political party.

Ram Hansika Tamanna new film JOSH

Producer MS Raju and director B Gopal are joining hands for the first time to make a film with Ram, Hansika and Tamanna. The film will go on floors in couple of days.

MSC Raju has registered the title as Josh for this film.

B Gopal who usually handles big stars is dealing small stars for the first time. Both the producer and director are in need of a big hit to bounce back to their past glory.

Chakri is composing the music director.

NTR is taking very special care

NTR film story not yet finalized.NTR's next film with director VV Vinayak was launched long back with big hungama (well before the release of the kantri).The latest we heard from filmnagar that the script is not yet ready for NTR's film. NTR is taking excess care to deliver another hit after Kantri. As the expectations will be more from his fans for the next film, NTR is taking special care in shaping up the script.

The script might ready by this month end and the film is expected to go on floors from the 2nd week of June for the regular shoot.

Trisha and Tamanna are going to shake their legs with NTR for this Mass entertainer.

Rains make her happy

Delhi girl Shriya Saran loves the rain.When we told her that it had been raining in Delhi and the weather was quite pleasant, she fondly reminisced about her Delhi days. “I love the rains. Rain makes me happy,” she said. “I’m in Mumbai, though, working and chilling out. I’m also catching up on reading – currently, I’m reading Catch 22,” she said.

Vishal as Gundu in new film with Nayanatara

Hero Vishal is doing a bilingual film Salute (Sathyam in Tamil) . Nayanatara is the heroine. The film is expected to release in July.

The news is that Vishal is going for Gundu in the climax of the film. he is going to have clean shave of his head for the shoot of climax. If Vishal wants, he could have gone for make up but he wants perfection in the scenes, so he is going for real Gundu.

Ramcharan with Kantri choreographer

Prem Rakshith is the choreographer who got good focus with films like Yamadonga, Chatrapathi and Vikramarkudu All the three films are of SS Rajamouli.

After seeing the talents of Prem in Yamadonga, NTR has given the chance to Prem in Kantri too.

Now Rajamouli bringing this young talent to his next film with Ramcharan.

Prem is very happy for doing Ramcharan's film but at the same time he is somewhat disappointed for not getting the chance to work for Megastar's film.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Raviteja as assistant director

Yes, Ravi Teja is playing the role of Assistant Director for his next film Nennithe with Poori Jagannath.

Director Poori Jagannath is in Bangkok with team to finalize the script and dialogues for his next film with ravi Teja.

Poori is going show Ravi Teja as Assistant Director in the film Nennithe. Ravi Teja’s role in the film will be an assistant director who works to become a big director of Tollywood.

Heroine for this film is not yet finalized. Ileana or Kajal is likely to play the female lead.

DVV Dhanaiah is producing the film.

The film will go on floors from June.

Trisha is in Shock?

Trisha- the cute girl of AMAV and Krishna looked some what different in Bujjigadu and Tamil film Kurvi.

Irrespective of the fate of the films, Trisha couldn't impress the audiences, not even her fans. The fans of Trisha are very much disappointed with make up Trisha in the film Bujjigadu. It is heard that Trisha is in Shock and started damage control efforts.

It is rumored that Trisha has suddenly reduced her remuneration to divert the attention of producers and directors from this discussion.

We have to wait and see, how Sreenu Vytal is going to show Trisha in King opposite Nag.

Simran TV serial in Maa TV

Fans who missed watching actress Simran sizzle in Telugu movies are in for a treat now. Perhaps the only actress whose popularity continued to soar even after marriage and childbirth, Simran will now be seen making her debut in Telugu TV (maa TV from 26th May) with Simran Marapu Rani Kathalu.

Excerpts from an interview.

Q Why television?
An entry in television is never a full stop for films.
TV has always excited me as it plays an important role in every household. I am even working in films simultaneously.

Q About the soap...
Simran Marapu Rani Kathalu, which will be telecast on MAA TV, is not a daily soap and that’s exactly what excited me. It chronicles various small stories filled with humour, emotions and drama. I will play the lead character in all these stories — each role is different from the other. Each story will end in a month.

Q On juggling between family, films, TV...
I make a timetable and adhere to it daily. I am lucky to get all support from my husband Deepak and son Odo, and this keeps me going.

Q The television industry is said to lure film artists with moolah...
(Smiling) Oh! I did not know that.

Q Telugu TV industry versus Tollywood?
I feel the shoots, schedules and the takes are almost the same in both; it’s only the scale which makes it look larger or smaller.

Q Future projects?
Along with this soap, I am doing three Tamil films I also have a couple of game shows lined up. With so much on my plate, I think Tollywood will have to wait.

Wanted heroine for Mahesh Babu

Director/ writer Trivikram Sreenivas is getting ready to launch his film Varudu with Mahesh Babu . Trivikram is still hunting for a heroine for this film. He needs a fresh face to play the role of Vadhuvu.

Director Trivikram has announced that his team is looking for a heroine of age 18-24 and right grace, charming face and nature dreams to act in films

Rs. 60 Cr Budget For Pokiri-Part2

Superstar Rajnikanth's daughter Soundarya is now running her own studio, Ocher Studios. She is making an animation film based on her father Rajnikanth. The film titled 'Sulthan the Warrior' is now in an advanced stage.

Soundarya is now keen to make regular films in Kollywood as well as Tollywood. She has signed up Ajit for a Tamil film. She has now entered into an agreement with Warner Brothers to produce a series of films in Telugu.

Soundarya will make her debut in Tollywood with a film starring Mahesh Babu as hero. Puri Jagannath will direct this film. The film will be a sequel to the blockbuster movie Pokiri. It is a known news and the reports say that the budget for this tri-lingual film will be around 60 crore. That shows it's more expensive than Rajni Kanth's 'Sivaji' and 'Dasavataram'.

'Pandurangadu'-Censor On 26th and Release On 30th

This is the final confirmed news regarding Pandurangadu. The film is not releasing on 28th May as planned earlier. It is hitting screens on 30th May. Before that it is going for censor on 26th May. Inside sources say that the film has come out in wonderful fashion and it would stand as best hit in 2008 basing on several factors.

First half appeals for mass audiences with full dose of romance and glamour show by Tabu and other heroines. Second half runs on parental sentiment, which proves to be the best part of the film. Balakrishna's performance is being extolled in big way by inside sources.

In fact Balayya's passion is to act in mythological films. The best performance comes out when something is worked with passion.

Jr Aishwarya Affected Badly With Sambar

Sneha Ullal turned many heads with her good looks and a svelte figure. She was so gorgeous that she was named as Jr. Aisjwarya Rai.

She also has some uncanny resemblance to Aishwarya. She bagged some roles in films based purely on her looks.

Sneha is now acting in the Telugu film 'Ullasamga… Uthsahanga'. She is now spending a lot of time in the south in connection with her film assignments. She loves food and has taken a big liking for south Indian delicacies like sambar. She is gorging on oodles and oodles of sambar with rice, dosa, vada etc. everyday.

The result is that she has put on a lot of weight in a very short span of time. She now looks plump and a bit too heavy to play heroine roles in films.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Shankar imports Computers from USA for Robot

The Shankar – Rajinikanth magnum opus, Robot, has begun groundwork work and research. With director Shankar importing computers from America that will be employed for the special effects in the movie, Robot is more or less underway

Keeping in mind the Internet-sneaking-of-Sivaji-images that remained unsolved despite the tight security arrangements in place during Sivaji’s shoots, Shankar has left no stones unturned this time around to make sure that the computers are tucked away secretively in a Gemini lab. Guarded by security personnel, access to the hall is restricted to the very few kingpins associated with the movie.

Rajinikanth is busy with his extended cameo for Kucheludu and an announcement about Robot’s commencement is expected to be out soon.

Photo Guess this heroine name 2

Parugu collected Rs.21Crs in three weeks

Allu Arjun's Parugu with Dil Raju and Bommarillu Bhaskar has completed 3 weeks run and Dil Raju organized a press meet to share the success of the film with journalists today at his Jubilee Hills office.

Dil Raju said 'The film has collected Rs21 crores share in the three weeks run and public is receiving the film very well. We made this film keeping Youth and Family audiences and we succeeded in taking the film to the hearts of those sections of audiences'.

Brahmanandam Contests From Attili in 2009

Star Comedian Brahmanandam may contest from Attili Assembly Constituency in West Godavari in 2009 elections on Chiranjeevi's Party ticket. He has expressed his wish to the Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

He openly extended his support to Chiranjeevi's proposed political outfit a few weeks ago. This political desire crept into his mind, when he was looked down by a couple of fellow comedians on sets. Among the two one was a legislator and the other was a minister.

They were none other than Kota Srinivasarao and Babu Mohan. Brahamanandam is now waiting for his turn to hit back.

Ravi Teja’s title-‘Balaadhoor-Veediki Bhadhyathalu Yekkuva’

Suresh productions banner is making a film with Ravi Teja and Anushka in the lead role. Uday Shankar is directing the film. Super Star Krishna is playing a vital role in this film.

The shoot is progressing in Hyderabad. The film is likely to be titled as Balaadhoor and the tag line will be-Veediki Bhadhyathalu Yekkuva.

Vidya Balan to Have Tattoo 'There'

Part seems to be no barrier for some heroines to get tattooed. Now Vidya Balan is getting a tattoo on her body. Don't ask where. It's just above her heart like Trisha got in South. She got fixed up for a tattoo appointment at Bandra Parlor in Mumbai.

Tattoo is now synonym to style statement especially for Mumbai folks. It is said that world renowned tattoo designers are going to work on Vidya Balan to pierce a bright tattoo. Let us see how she comes out.

Many other actresses are also in the process of getting tattooed.

Adlabs Multiplex launched in Hyderabad with Bujjigadu & Kantri

Adlabs Multiplex launched in Hyderabad with Bujjigadu & Kantri

  1. Adlabs Multiplex was launched today and it will be opened for the public from tomorrow, 23rd May.

  2. It is built at former Gold spot bottling area, Panjagutta.

  3. It is 3-screen multiplex with combined seating capacity of 1045.

  4. It is spread over 45000 sq feet.

  5. It is located above Big Bazar inGS 24carat Mall.

  6. The opening films are- Bujjigadu, Dhoom Dhadakka,Ghatothkaj, jannat, Chronicle of Narnia and Kantri. Andhra Studio

  7. The ticket rates are priced at rs100 each.

  8. It has 7 food Kiosks, crystal clear DTS sound with widest screen in the city.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Balakrishna as police officer in 'Sadhu'

Nandamuri Balakrishna's latest film 'Pandurangadu' is all set for release on May 30. Even as the film is about to hit the screen, Balakrishna started playing hero in a film under the direction of Gunasekhar, which is being produced by MS Raju on the banner of Sumanth Arts.

'Sadhu' is the title under consideration for the movie.

Though the shooting of the film had begun long ago, the entire unit is maintaining a low-profile, in the wake of MS Raju's successive failures.

It is learnt that Balakrishna is playing the role of a powerful police officer in the movie on the lines of 'Rowdy Inspector'. The role would be further powerful than 'Lakshmi Narasimha', the director claims.

However, who are playing the female leads and it is still unclear as to who were the other artistes and technicians in the film.

Dasavatharam release date confirmed

Yes, all the fans of Kamal have a reason to rejoice. The much awaited magnum opus of Padmashri Kamal Hassan will be release worldwide on June 6th. The film is slated to be released initially in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi with 1000 prints.

Producer Oscar Ravichandran has confirmed the release date.

Photo Guess this heroine name !

Can you guess the heroine in this photo????

'Bujjigadu-Chiranjeevi Fan' Shifted To Rajnikanth fan

It was 'Bujjigadu-Chiranjeevi Fan' in initial script of the film. The film runs in the background of a village in West Godavari district. But Mohan Babu expressed his stern opposition towards that. He opposed that although not given a role in that. Puri Jagannatha and KS Rama Rao have faced the anger of Mohan Babu in this regard.

After reacting to Mohan Babu positively they agreed to him and offered him a role as well. Hence the title was changed to 'Bujjigadu-Made in Chennai' and replaced Chiranjeevi-subject with Rajni Kanth. The story backdrop also changed to Chennai from village in West Godavari.

Prabhas played the role of Rajni Kanth's fan in that. This is the hot rumor that is making rounds in Film Nagar today at the outset of the film's release.

'Pandurangadu' Decides the Fate of Tollywood

The Balakrishna starrer 'Pandurangadu' is being eagerly awaited by all Balakrishna fans as well as lovers of mythological films. Balayya is playing a dual role in the film and Sneha and Tabu are the main female leads.

The film's success is very crucial in more ways than one. The first is that Balakrishna is desperate to score a big hit. His last few films did not do well at the box office at all. The second and more important thing is for the industry as a whole. If Pandurangadu clicks, then it will open a new chapter in Tollywood in terms of mythological films, already with a success track of 'Annamayya' and 'Sree Ramadasu'.

Balakrishna is also keen to make mythological films like Seetaramakalyanam and Narthanashala.

Director VV Vinayak is also keen to make a mythological and is in touch with JK Bharavi for a suitable subject. We have to see how the film benefits Tollywood.

NTR to do a film with another young director.

Yes, NTR is going to do a film for this young director, he is none other than Lakshyam Sreenivas. Dil Raju is the producer. Manisharma will tune the music. The film is likely to be titled as Sree Ramanavami.

But this film will go on floors only after VV Vinayak’s film. Trisha will be paired opposite NTR for Vinayak’s film.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Soundarya Rajinikanth with Mahesh babu POKIRI sequel

Mahesh Babu is getting bigger by day. Tamil superstar Rajnikant's daughter Soundarya has now signed him up. Soundarya who has just turned producer and associated with Hollywood giant Warner Brothers has roped in Mahesh Babu and hotshot director Puri Jagannadh for her maiden Telugu production. Yes, the Pokiri team is repeating again. Soundarya has made Mahesh and Puri to agree to work again. The film will begin in January 2008.

Soundarya's company, Ocher Studios, has entered into an exclusive multi-picture deal with Warner Bros Pictures India. She is already producing a film in Tamil with hero Ajith on part of this deal. In Telugu, she has chosen the Pokiri team. It is learnt that the film might be sequel to Pokiri as Puri Jagannadh has been planning to do sequel to this all time biggest grocer in Tollywood. Surely, Mahesh Babu is going high places.

Another hero from chirenjeevi family

Now it is the time for future stars to make debut and all the future stars are of the industry related people.

1.Ramcharan- son of Megastar made his debut with Chirutha.

2. Nag is getting ready to launch his son Nagchaithanya with Poori.

3.director A Kodanda ram reddy launched his Vaibhav with Godava.

4.Now MS Raju, Sirivennela, and many more film personalities arte to launch their heirs to Tollywood.

5. Now the latest news from Filmnagar is that Nagababu is planning to his son Varun. Dasharath is likely to direct this film. Dasharath narrated a script to Nagababu and he liked it very much.

Gunashekar wants NTR first heroine

Gunashekar is now making a film with hero Nagarjuna in the lead as per unofficial talk. The film will hit the floor only after Nagarjuna completes work on his new film 'King' directed by Srinu Vytla and 'Dad' by Lawrence, say sources.

Gunashekar is making a film based on a novel written by Adavi Bapiraju. The character is Gona Gangareddy, a valiant fighter who fought the imperialist British forces during the freedom struggle.
Gunashekar is now keen to cast Smitha Madhav as the heroine opposite Nagarjuna. Smitha acted with Jr. NTR as Sita in the film 'Ramayanam' made by MS Reddy. Smitha is now an accomplished singer and dancer with many stage shows to her credit both in India as well as abroad. Smitha has also completed her LAW course and is very particular and selective at choosing roles. Let us see if she bends for Guna Sekhar.

Hansika should follow NTR

The young Hansika Motwani made a dream debut in Tollywood with the blockbuster hit 'Desamuduru'. Allu Arjun was the hero and Hansika stole many hearts with her innocent face, ravishing body and great looks.

Hansika claims that she is just 17 but anyone who has seen her in Jr. NTR's latest film 'Kantri' will surely find it hard to agree. She looks much older than 17. The other shocking thing is that she has now put on a lot of weight and in many scenes she looked very fat and buxom.

In some close up scenes, her rotund figure was all too visible. It is time Hansika should take immediate corrective measures. She should take a cue from the hero in the film, NTR and immediately go in for a weight reduction course.

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