Monday, May 12, 2008

Aswini dutt made 10 crores table profit for kantri!

Ashwini Dutt is a very senior director in Tollywood. He has been around for more than 33 years no. His Vyjayanthi Movies banner is a very big and respected one in the industry. He has made films with almost all the top heroes.

But of late, there are many complaints against him in his style of functioning. He is reported to have just spent 15 crore on Kantri and bluffed that he spent 20 crore. And he finally sold the film for 25 crore, thereby making a table profit of 10 crore. But the fate of distributors is uncertain.

The distributors say that Ashwini Dutt has not given a big hit for a long time. His films like Sainikudu and Jai Chiranjeeva were utter flops. Ashwini Dutt hypes a film with a crazy combination but does not take any care or interest in the story of the film. He should realize that it is the story that makes or mar a film. By his crazy combination concept, he may be making some money, but many distributors are facing heavy losses. And the lost-distributors are not possessed with money in hands to buy even small films. That way Ashwini Dutt is indirectly creating trouble for small films as well, analyzes a distributor sitting in Film Nagar Club couple of days ago. But it is not only Ashwini Dutt, there are many such kind of senior producers those damage Tollywood, concluded the other.

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