Monday, May 12, 2008

Big hero suffering from diabetes

The film industry is a very stressful place. The long shooting hours, irregular sleeping habits, no food on time and above all tension about their films are all adding up to take a toll on artists and technicians.

Even big heroes are no exception to this. They have their own problems and their own tensions. One big hero in Tollywood is now suffering from diabetes. He is a dashing and debonair hero who has got immense female following.

He has slowed down a bit. He is also slowly losing his weight and also glamour. He is taking every precaution to keep his diabetes in check. But even then, the signs or what you call 'effects' of diabetes are clearly visible on his face and body. That's the reason for his loss in charm all of a sudden.

CAN U GUESS THE HERO?No prizes for guessing plzz

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