Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chandra Mohan wife is in suspect

Gold Quest / Quest Net is a multi-level marketing unit is now cornered in Chennai is dumping thousands of people in Hyderabad. Victims include police officers, film industry workers, employees of IT companies. Its alleged that firm collected Crores of rupees by issuing gold coins to people and assuring them more money if they recruited more people. Gold Quest offices were raided in Chennai, hence all offices in city of Gold Quest is closed on Tuesday. Chennai cops raided offices of company on Saturday and arrested seven employees for cheating.

Police stated that film actor Chandramohan’s wife Jalandhara was the key member in the Gold Quest network, her office in Hyderabad is loacted at Himayanagar. False propaganda against Gold Quest is active in 180 countries. Chandra Mohan stated that there is no cheating, none had any loss. Members of schemes surrounded offices at Surya Towers - Paradise and other offices in Himayatnagar and Panjagutta. They were asked to pay Rs.30,000 initially and Rs.450 for registration was said by a member of scheme. They in-turn gave me a gold coin worth Rs.5,000, but I got nothing more though I was promised more. Crime Investigating Department booked couple of seperate cases against Gold Quest Company in 2007 in VIjaywadad and accused were arrested. C I D Superintendent of Police stated that such M L M‘s are very dangerous which are active in Vijayawada, Krishna, and Hyderabad. Quest Nest flagship company of Gold Quest is Hong Kong based company was saying its operations are legitimate though there was ban in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines. In 2003 itself casses were booked against company in Chennai. Thousands were victims for this M L M‘s.

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