Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blade babji is getting good collections than KBL

Blade babji is getting better collections than kotha bangaru lokam in B,C centers.In A centers KBL already got a very good response and its collections are damn good.KBL is very class film where as blade babji is a complete mass masala entertainer.

Blade babji has lots of good humourous scenes and story is also good.Though the climax of the film is little bit dragged, overall it is a worth watching film and in B,C centers it is running with good collections.

On the other hand,KBL is getting poor response in B,C centers.The story looks like 10th class and notebook films.Though the first half is good,it has lots of double meaning dialogues and it is sure that watching this film with parents feels lots of discomfort among children.Its second half is boring with loads of sentiment in it.Prakashraj character is the only hightlight of the movie.This is the response getting from B,C centers youth.Some college guys from a B class center said "we have lots of expectation on this film as it is coming from dil raju banner,but it never met our expectations either in first half or second half"
Overall for this diwali KBL ruling A centers where as BladeBabji ruling B,C centers.

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