Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chiranjeevi promises if PRP comes into power

Chiru was addressing the gatherings in Narsanapet, Srikakulam district and he made several promises to the public.

If PRP elected to power in the next elections.

1. PRP promises to implement social justice in the state.

2.People can rule themselves.

3.PRP will provide Pesticides and fertilizers to farmers at appropriate time.

3.PRP will supply 24 hrs power to farmers.

4.PRP will control the prices of all domestic needs of people.

5.Farmer's produce (grains and paddy etc) will be given reasonable and support price.

7. Weavers and other handcrafts will be taken care of by PRP Government.

8. Women will be supported with welfare schemes.

9. Middle class section of the society will be taken care by PRP Governement.

Hope if PRP comes into power chiru can keep his promises.

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