Sunday, November 9, 2008

ASIN is remembering those old days

Asin ,the successful south heroine is now debuting into bollywood with Superstar Aamir khan in Ghazini.According to sources,she is not using nail cutter now-a-days.Though the film Ghazini is hit both in telugu and tamil,she is tensed with the result of ghazini in bollywood.She is biting her nails to reduce tension.She says "Students used to bite their nails at the time of examination due to tension,now i am doing the same.I am remembering all my old school days now.I am not just aiming for pass.I want distinction.I am just like student who wrote exam named ghazini".
She already signed other film in bollywood london dreams with salman khan and ajay devagan playing the lead roles.

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