Sunday, November 9, 2008

Genelia reveals Sasirekha Parinyam story

Genelia is the most successful actress of the year and her last four films in tollywood are big hits. After the super success of Ready, Genelia will be seen in director Krishnavamsi’s Sasirekhaa Parinyam that is to be released soon.
In an interview Genelia reveals the story of sasirekha parinayam.She says "I play the role of a spirited, independent girl called Sasirekha. She doesn’t believe in dowry system and runs away from her marriage on this. On her journey she meets Abhi (played by Tarun) and what happens then is the crux of the movie. It is a story of a girl’s journey finding independence, striving for individuality. Tell me which girl likes a price tag attached to her? That is what Sasirekha is against for and leaves her marriage. Sasirekha is like a child but with mature thinking. You can say, a child in women’s body. I am sure that every girl can easily relate with this Sasirekha. See, every girl working outside and in offices, tries to be diplomatic. They are always on guard. Unlike them, Sasirekha is free spirited. In our society, women are taken for granted. Sasirekha questions this."

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