Saturday, November 15, 2008

This heroine sometimes eats uncooked Maggie or Cerelac

I love to cook and try new dishes at home. I like healthy, tasty food. But chocolates are something I cannot resist. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or am tired, I binge on a bar of Dairy Milk or a chocolate souffle. I resist strange combinations but if I am very hungry, I have Heinz tomato ketchup with roti. Sometimes I also eat uncooked Maggie or Cerelac. I cook more of Continental dishes. Once when I was hungry, I had made an exotic mixed vegetable dish with mushrooms, bell pepper, Tofu, tomatoes and salad onions and ate it with wheat bread. It was very tasty. I also make tea with mint leaves. It’s very refreshing.

I am very fond of fish. Soya wine fish at Fusion9 Grill room is a must try. The taste of fish with wine is a completely new experience. I also like the fish parsley sauce served at Aromas of China. But smelly salmons and brinjal are the two things I like to stay away from.

My aunt, grandmother and mother are very good cooks. My grandmother’s Chintakaya Pachadi (imli chutney) I never miss eating. Italian cuisine is my favourite and Little Italy is the place I usually go to. I’m passionate about pizzas available there, especially rice pizzas. The tandoori fish in Mumbai and the sarso da saag in Delhi are the most memorable dishes I’ve ever had.

I also like trying local cuisines abroad. In Dubai, I had eaten Mughlai food with roti, which I still fondly remember. It was just a small eatery but the food was really good. However, in Singapore I had a bitter experience, thanks to my habit of trying local food. We had ordered a dish, which was a semi-boiled smelly fish. I love street food like chaats. My favourite is paani puri and ragada samosa.

Courtesy:Deccan chronicle

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