Tuesday, November 18, 2008

why is Priyanka chopra upset ?

The actor rubbishes reports about her having a cosmetic surgery and says she might take legal action against the doctor who spread the news.

Recently a television channel aired a programme in which a doctor held up one of Priyanka Chopra’s old pictures and explained what kind of surgeries she might have undergone to get her recent sizzling look. This hasn’t gone down too well with Priyanka and she says she might take legal action against the doctor or the channel.

“We might take some legal action. We are seeing if people are picking this up,” Priyanka told After Hrs.

This former Miss World also says that she really gets upset hearing or seeing ‘false news’ about her.

“It does affect me. I feel sad that people who write such things do not understand that though I’m a celebrity for them but I’m someone’s daughter, relative or neighbour. So, when they write such things about me or my personal life, which are not true, they fail to realise that it may affect my parents who might be reading what they wrote the next day,” she says.

She adds, “I understand that we are celebrities and people want to know everything about us, but this is not right. You can’t marry me off to someone one day, make me go through a break-up and even write that I have done a crime just because you want to make news.”

Priyanka has also made news recently as some papers claimed that she and her Fashion co-star Kangana were not getting along well with each other. Apparently Kangana was not happy with Priyanka getting all the limelight.

“There is no truth behind this news. I have to deny this news now because people will keep on writing about it. People like these mirch masalas – two girls working together cannot be friends. I’m not saying that Kangana and I are back-slapping buddies, but we really get along well and she was tremendous in Fashion,” says Priyanka.

These issues, notwithstanding, Priyanka has lots to smile as Fashion set the cash registers ringing and she was also appreciated for her performance. Now, she is now ready to set the screen on fire with Dostana.

She says, “Dostana is a sensible comedy. It is funny, hilarious; it will have you falling off your seats but when you come out of the theatres, there will be a part of you which will say that it was a good film.”

The svelte heroine adds: “It’s a story about three guys who love and adore each other and cannot live without each other and than what happens. It’s very urban, it’s today where men and women can go out and have dinner and be great friends. It is a film with a soul and there is a twist in the story about the boys being gay.”

Source : DNAIndia

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