Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mega offers for chiranjeevi Brother

Ever since Chiranjeevi announced his Praja Rajayam party, it’s been raining offers for ‘mega’ brother Nagababu.

According to industry sources, the producer-turned-actor has completed 20 to 25 films in 2008 alone! No mean achievement, given that he is neither known for his acting talent nor his looks.

The actor who was earlier considered good only for the ‘father’ and ‘brother’ roles is now being offered character roles as well as lead roles.

According to sources, filmmakers who want to get close to Chiranjeevi are now planning to do films with Nagababu, and if he is unable to give dates they are cajoling him to take up at least a special appearance.

Cashing in on his newfound saleability, the megastar’s brother is demanding hefty amounts, we hear. Nagababu’s career graph has taken an upward curve both in terms of the number of films he is doing and the amount he is charging. If sources are to be believed, he is now charging Rs 50 lakh for playing the lead character and Rs 5 to 10 lakh for a three-day shoot, while earlier his rates were around Rs 3 to 6 lakhs for a film!

Recently one producer from Kurnool made a film with Nagababu and released it last week. Nagababu played the lead in it and it bombed at the box-office. The film costed between Rs 3 crore to Rs 3.5 crore and we hear that the producer's intention was to meet Chiranjeevi, and he was least bothered about the film’s fate at the BO.

“The industry is full of politics, and many actors are aligning themselves with some political party or the other. It’s not good for the industry and it never happened before,” said a top filmmaker, who has a big production house and doesn’t want to divulge his name.

The sad fallout however of this development is that cinematic sensibilities are being compromised for political reasons. It isn’t a surprise that most of Nagababu’s recent releases have bombed at the box-office. Whatever it be, Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics has definitely helped his brother. The point is will this trend continue after the elections? Looks like it all depends on how Chiranjeevi fares in the elections.


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