Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ileana’s Tattoo at secret place

Tattoo has become a fashion in film industry. Poori Jagannath has started this tattoo. The latest we hear is that heroine Ileana had a tattoo at a secret place of her body and the place can’t be easily seen by all and at the same time it can’t be seen by Ileana too.

The tattoo is in the shape of ‘Seethakoka Chiluka’ and Ileana had that at the back of her (Nadumu krinda). Why Ileana selected that secret place where she can’t see?

Okka Magadu Censor on 5th January

Okka Magadu – a prestigious project in the combination of Nanadamuri Balakrishna and YVS Choudary is all set to hit the screens on 11th January, the date on which Balakrishna’s blockbuster Narasimha Naidu was released a couple of years back.

Meanwhile, the post production work is completed and producer, director YVS is planning to go for censor certification on 5th January.

As for a source from film nagar- the film begins with pre-independence era and would run up to the current political scenario.

Manisharma’s music and Chandra Bose lyrics are getting good reports from the audio market. Simran , Anushka, and Nisha Kotari are playing female leads opposite Balakrishna.

AR Rahaman roped in for Puli

AR Rahman has given music to lot of Tamil movies which have been dubbed into Telugu and gone on to become good hits. But AR Rahaman’s stright Telugu fims like Rakshakudu and Nani could not becomes commercial hits. Now according to new reports, A.R Rahman will be composing music for Pawan Kalyan starrer Puli. This movie is being directed by our very own S.J Suryah.

He has promised to compose and finish the songs by 2009. Pawan Kalyan will start with this S.J Suryah movie after he completes Jalsa and an home production in which he is acting as a hero too. S.J Suryah also has a couple of movies to finish.It is rumoured that a whopping amount was paid to Rahman to compose the music for this film. It is also said that the producer of Puli is willing to go upto Rs. 35 crore as far the films total budget is concerned.

Balakrishna looks for the thrill

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According to sources, Balakrishna’s Okka Magadu’s records are an instant hit. “The sales are very encouraging. The music is being appreciated by all,” says Raju Harwani, the owner of the audio company. Going by the past records, he adds, “When the music of Balakrishna’s film does well, his movies too become a hit.

The audios of his previous hits Samarasimha Reddy and Narasimha Naidu were big scorers too. I hope that this continues.” The film is all set to hit the screens on January 11. Meanwhile it is being said that Balakrishna denied watching the Okkamagadu before its release. It is said that he wants to watch the film only on the screen so that he can feel the thrill of watching the film.

Jiah Khan jealous of Asin?

Nishabd girl Jiah Khan is playing the character that Nayanathara played in Ghazini in the Bollywood remake of Ghazini. Jiah might be new to the industry, but this happening, young actress is capable of standing up for her rights. For instance, she didn’t think twice before revolting against her mentor, Ram Gopal Varma. Her rebellious streak added charm to her personality and won many admirers. The list of admirers included none other than superstar Aamir Khan, who decided to cast her in the remake of Ghajini.

A girl with loads of attitude and a sense of style was exactly what he was looking for. But little did Aamir know that the same attributes of Jiah that had impressed him, would later turn out to be a cause for worry. Apparently Jiah is unhappy that her debutante co-star, Asin has a more prominent role at least in the first schedule of the film. She even complained about this to Aamir. However even though Aamir was tied up, it seems as if a persistent Jiah has made her point; it’s over to Asin now.

What’s in Ileana, that’s not in me

After actress Ileana bagging a whopping sum of one crore for her upcoming film, it’s now Nayanatara’s turn. The buzz doing the rounds is that she demanded a huge sum when approached by the same producer who made the lucrative deal with Ileana. And the reasons she gave justifying her demand is that unlike Ileana, she has acted with all the top-notch actors in Tollywood, including Nagarjuna and Venkatesh.

And she has consecutive hits in 2007. “Ileana and I started off at the same time. And with a better success graph then hers, I should be demanding more money,” she says. Must say, money matters are high on Nayanatara’s wish list for 2008.

Director slaps Producer!

A director who made an utter flop film recently was not in good terms with the producer of that film it seems.

"Few days back the discussion between the director and producer turned hot and the director lost his temper and slapped the producer" reported a popular Telugu news channel.

The director is also a choreographer, the channel added! Hmm… who might be that hot one? Well, with these hints the list you get is a very short one, so guess it on your own. No prizes for the right guess.

Mahesh' son Gautam is the 'blue-eyed' boy

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While on Mahesh, we have to say that his little son Gautam Krishna looks real cute. Well, Mahesh does take care not to mix and match his professional and personal life. But being a celebrity has its drawbacks. So, recently, when Mahesh and wife Namrata attended a family do along with their son, their pictures were splashed all over a popular Telugu daily. Just go grab your copy if you want to have a look at the cute little boy of Mahesh. We hear all those who saw Gautam’s lovely blue eyes are floored.

Pawan Kalayan’s well-wishers condemned
After the statement of Nalla Surya Prakash Rao(BSP leader) that Pawan promised them to join BSP, if Megastar doesn’t float a party, Pawan well wishers condemned that statement and said that Pawan never met with Surya Prakash Rao or any other BSP leader. We have to wait and see- What Pawan reacts to Nalla Surya Prakash Rao’s statement.

Ravi Teja's 'Krishna' postponed to Jan 12th
Release date for Ravi Teja and director V V Vinayak's Krishna has been confirmed. On January 12 th (earlier it was planned for Jan 10th), it is hitting the screens with massive prints. Krishna is a romantic comedy. Vinayak says it stresses more on entertainment than the action. The film stars Trisha as the female lead. Ravi Teja is happy with the response that he is getting for its music. "This is 8th film with music director Chakri. All of them have been musical hits," Ravi Teja said. Sankranthi releases Okka Magadu - January 11th Krishna - January 12th Pourudu - January 12th Vaana - January 15th

'Vaana' to release on Jan 15th

Release date of M S Raju's Vaana has been pushed to Janauary 15th from the original date Jan 14th. The film, a remake of a superhit Kannada movie, marks the directorial debut of M S Raju who produced some of the biggest hits in the recent times like Okkadu, Varsham, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, etc. Vinay and Meera Chopra are playing the lead pair in this poetic lovestory set in the backdrop of rain season.

Pawan to join BSP?

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BSP –AP state head Nalla Surya Prakash Rao made a sensational statement today in Hyderabad.

Surya Prakash Rao Says;-

1. Pawan Kalyan had four hours discussion with BSP leaders on various issues and he promised us to join BSP, if his brother Chirnajeevi gaaru doesn’t float a party.
2. At the same time, Pawan Kalyan promised that he would convince his brother to join BSP.
3. Chiranjeevi gaaru didn’t spoke to any state leader of BSP so far but he must have spoken to our central leaders from Delhi.
4. There are enough rumors in the East &West Godavari districts that Chiranjeevi is joining BSP
5. If Chiranjeevi floats his own Party, it would be of no use.
6. If he joins BSP, we will make him the next CM of Andhra Pradesh.

Mahesh and Trivikram movie from April

The combination of Mahesh Babu and Trivikram Sreenivas delivered a super hit film Atadu earlier. Now the same combination is coming up with another flick from April. Mahesh Babu who is back in Hyderabad after spending a week time in Goa, met with Trivikram and Trivikram has narrated a story line .Mahesh nodded his approval and this project will go on floors from April. Before this , Mahesh will do Mirchi for Dr KL Narayana with director Jasti Hemambar.That will go on floors from 18th January. Ileana is the heroine.

18th January - three big films are going to hit floors

18th January 2008 is the auspicious day and three big films are going to hit the floors.

1.Saadhu- Balakrishna-Directed by- Gunashekar, Produced by Bellamkonda Suresh, Nayanatara is the heroine.

2. Chinthakayala Ravi- Venkatesh-Directed by Yogi, Produced by Nallamalupu Bujji, Anushka and Priyamani are thee heroines

3. Mirchi- Mahesh Babu-directed by Jasti Hemambar, Produced by Dr KL Narayana and Ileana is the heroine

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