Monday, January 7, 2008

Heroine abuses Balayya
Balakrishna is at the receiving end of the choicest abuses from his heroine. The abuses are in the form of a song. This is from a song in Balakrishna’s forthcoming flick ‘Okkamogadu’. Balakrishna is playing dual roles in the film. The audio that was released into the market some time back is slowly rising up in the popularity charts.
But some of the songs are very confusing and one song in particular has many abuses directed at the hero.

Some of the abuses go like this – ‘Rey… Nee Abba!’, ‘Kya Bee Sale’, ‘Sacchinoda…’ etc. It is not known in which contest the heroine abuses the hero but director YVS Choudhary is known for his special care and interest in music for all his films. The impact of these songs can be gauged only after watching how the songs have been picturised.

Apada Mokkulavadu … Govindaa Govinda!
The latest offering from Posani Krishna Murali was touted as a big film that would pave the way for Chiranjeevi’s political entry. The film does mention about Chiranjeevi many times but is however a very highly confusing film.

Posani has not shown any clarity either in the story or in the screenplay. He praises the rulers in one scene and calls them all kinds of names in the other scene. The film is full of violence and blood and gore. The violence is way out o proportion and even adults were seen to be having difficulty in withstanding so much violence.

Posani also fails to show the poor state of government hospitals properly. He shows as if it is the patients who are responsible for the bad state of hospitals. He tries to pass of the plight of the patents as comedy!

The fate of the film is now yet clear but going by the audiences’ reaction, it is an utter flop. There were not many people in the theatre, even though today happens to be a Sunday. The occupancy was less than 50 percent in most of the theatres. There is no chance of women and children patronizing this film. There is nothing in the film to attract the youth either.

Did Chiru made a mistake by asking for additional security?

A police officer met with Megastar yesterday (5th January) morning and explained how the security wing works for his security and what way they check the people who enter the residence etc and asked Chiru to co-operate with Security wing

The security wing that is working for Megastar is already joined the duties and the residence was brought under high security zone from Saturday onwards. Police out post also placed out side Chiru’s residence.

Now Megastar’s jubilee Hills residence is under High Security zone. City Police Commissioner was responding to Megastar’s request for additional security and provided 4 gunmen for Megastar’s security and brining the Megastar’s residence under High security zone.

Government is also ready to provide Bullet Proof Vehicle to megastar, if he wants to have a one.

Now So far so good- but- Did Chiru made a mistake by asking for additional security?

Usually every Govt. in power will keep an eye with opposition party and their strategies for the coming elections. Intelligence Department will look after this work.

Now it is rumored that Government is going to utilize this security police for collecting the information from Megastar’s door in the wake of Megastar’s proposed political entry. Who is meeting Megastar? What are the probable strategies of Megastar in launching the political party? Who is helping Megastar to launch political party? Who are people funding for Megastar to launch a party?

The answer to the above questions would be useful to the Government in the power.

All the rain shots in Vaana are natural
MS Raju's directoral debut Vaana is releasing on 15th of this month. MS Raju, Paruchuri Bros, Sekhar V Joseph and KV Krishna Reddy met the press to discuss on the film. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao said: Okkadu released on Jan 15th of 2003, the day of Sankranti, and now Vaana is releasing on 15th Jan of 2008, on Sankranti again. I already saw the rushes and I can vouch that the film came out brilliantly. MS Raju directed the film as if he had experience of directing 100 films. One of the specialities of the film is Suman. Even though the film is based on a Kannada film, we modified it to our nativity and added good comedy. And one more interesting thing is that all the rain in the film is natural. There is one place - Sakileshpoor - which sees rain through out the year. And it was our camera man Sekhar Joseph's excellent work that brings this beauty on to the screen. Paruchuri Gopalakrishna said: Vaana audio is super hit. Kamalakar gave excellent music. In fact, he reminded of OP Nayyar. Also, Sirivennela penned excellent lyrics. In the past we have moulded several remakes into Telugu that became super hits like Gharana Mogudu, Assembly Rowdy. In fact, they turned to be better than their originals. Vaana will fall into the same category. MS Raju said: I invested good efforts into the film as producer and director. I fell for the story in the first hearing itself. I approached Suryaprakasa Rao, who had the rights of the film. He proposed that we both work together for this film. I have to thank him for that. Movie came out very well. Vinay and Meera Chopra did very well. Mainly, it is the story that has good feel. Sekhar V Joseph said: As soon as I came to know that MS Raju is directing this film, I gave up a project in Tamil to do this film. It came out very good. Editor KV Krishna Reddy expressed his confidence on the film.

Congrats Charan
Megastar Chiranjeevi son Ram Charan's first film Chiruta completed 100 days run on Saturday. Being the debut film of Mega son Chiruta managed to grab the audience attention despite the poor talk. Charan impressed in every aspect with his very first film and promised to be the true successor to his mighty father.
Chiranjeevi is also happy for his son as he got very good response from millions of mega fans and also the cine pundits. Chiruta completed 100 days run in 38 centers and will be remembered by Charan and all the mega fans forever. Charan is currently getting ready for Rajamouli's film, this is expected to release in the month of August. For the moment let's congratulate Charan on his first century and wish him all the very best for a bright future.

Padmasri to Krishna?
This season seems to be an awards spree to Superstar Krishna! The four-decade long actor in Tollywood is credited with the production of first cinema scope, first 70mm movies on Tollywood. The Daring hero of his times is very famous for his Action flicks including the James Bond movies. The multi-faceted personality has produced and directed many movies under his Padmalaya Films, including his super hit on contemporary political drama, Eenadu , and produced many tv serials. Recently, Super star Krishna has been awarded with NTR National Award for the year 2007! The news is in the air that, the Andhra University is going to felicitate the actor with honorory Doctorate in the ensuing convocation. Further, it is revealed that, the Government of AP has wrote a letter to the Central Government recommeding his name for the prestigious Padmasri award.Of late, Krishna is getting his fruits now for all the contributions and services he had made to tollywood!

Mayawati not interested in Megastar's support!
Bahujan Samaj Party leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati made it clear that their party has no place for film stars. Without taking the name of the megastar, she warned the Andhra people not to fall in to the traps of film stars. At a public meeting held in Hyderabad on Sunday, she addressed the large gathering. Prior to her arrival, there were reports in media that Pawan Kalyan would join her party. Later Pawan Kalyan clarified that he didn’t have any such plans. Putting speculations about Megastar's entry into her party, she said: "BSP will have no place for film stars. Their job is to sing and dance. Why drag them into public service?"

Akshay:India's highest taxpayer?

Akshay Kumar could be one of the highest taxpayers in the country this year. He has reportedly shelled out a whopping Rs 26 crore in taxes this fiscal. This is far more than Hrithik Roshan’s 15 crore and Shah Rukh Khan’s Rs 14 crore paid as taxes in fiscal 2005/06. That year, Akshay had paid a mere Rs 6 crore.

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