Friday, January 18, 2008

Simran is cheated by N B K?

Simran took a re entry into Tollywood with a big hope that she would have previous glory, but to her surprise the role played by her in the movie 'Okka Magadu' brought down all her expectations and her reentry image is also brought down due to bad make up in the movie and improper costumes. Though the movie is flop, keeping this aside, she is having big range of hopes on John Appa Rao 40+ which would change her career graph. It would not be a surprise that shortly she may come up as mother or aunt to young hero or heroine, she is already mother of a kid, this is giving impact on her professional career as expectations of audiences are changing. Only time should speak on this.

Mahesh Babu is ready for multi-star films

Super Star Krishna, father Mahesh Babu was speaking to media in Vizag on 16th January and said ‘Mahesh is ready to act in multi-star films provided the script suits for Mahesh. In fact we are searching for a suitable script for Mahesh.’

Super Star was in Vizag to take the honorary Doctorate award from Andhra University.

Pawan’s Jalsa- Ramcharan’s birthday Gift

Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa with director Trivikram Sreenivas is scheduled to release on 27th March which happens to be the birthday of Ramcharan. Ileana and Parvathi Melton are paired up with Pawan. Allu Arvind is producing the film on Geeta arts banner.

The film will be releasing in Sudharshan 35mm theatre, Cross Roads- It is one of the best theaters in Hyderabad and located in the hearts of Hyderabad- RTC X roads.

Okka Magadu trimmed for 20 mins
YVS is putting brave face despite barrage of criticism for his dud - Okka Magadu. He still believes that the film will win the hearts of the audiences. He defends the film with an argument that common man comes to see the movie without any pre-occupied mind unlike critics and fans. On other hand, the film is liberally 'edited' by the theatre owners across the state. YVS has also trimmed the film. He has now cut out two songs and some unimportant scenes that have running time of close to 20 mins.

Chiru says no to 'patriotic' period films
The result of Okka Magadu made Chiranjeevi to put breaks for his ambitious plans of coming up with a 'socially-relevant' period film. Chiranjeevi had long been planning to do a film on the freedom fighter - Uyyalvada Narasinha Reddy. Buzz is that he would reconsider of making it as two recent 'patriotic films' - Subash Chandra Bose and Okka Magadu - were damp squibs at Box-office. On other hand, Krishnavamsi these days is regularly meeting megastar. Sources say a film in their combination might materialize. KV has dream subject titled Vandemataram in his mind for megastar. Given the current scenario, Vandemataram as the title suggests, a patriotic drama, is unlikely to take place.

Kaajal gives tough competition to Charmi
The young and bubbly Kajal Agarwal is a late entry in Telugu. She made people to sit up and take notice with her action in Teja's Lakshmikalyanam. The film did not do well at the box office but many directors noticed Kajal and she has bagged quite a few roles. Kajal then went on to act in the lead role in Krishna Vamsi's Chandamama. She did a good job and the film was also a big hit. Kajal now has come up with another good performance in 'Porudu'. She has been widely appreciated for looks as well as here acting talent.

On the other side, Charmi has been around for quite some time. She acted with some big heroes including Nagarjuna. She later on slipped and did not have many films. She was playing some bit roles and as a second heroine. All this changed with 'Manthra'. The film has given a new lease of life and also proved that Charmi can single handedly pull in the audiences to the theatres.

The two are now in direct competition to bag roles. They are both good looking and also ready to dare and bare. They are also now in the race to learn Telugu. Charmi being an early entrant has some advantage. Charmi now speaks good Telugu. Kajal is also pickling up Telugu and now can speak with ease. At this rate, Kajal will soon be dubbing in her own voice.

Comedians to turn villains

It may sound strange but many comedians have expressed a desire to play villain roles. The comedians are very popular for their comic roles but some of them want to act as a villain, in at least one film. Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil and others have said in public that they are looking for a chance to play villain. Each of them also is very particular that they would like to play a hard-core villain and not some joker kind of villain.

Sunil seems to be first of the bloc as far as villain roles are concerned. He has acted as a hero in a film. He has now bagged a big role as a full-fledged villain in a new film Sunil promises that the role will be like a mother of all villains. The actor will play a hardcore criminal in the film. Work on the film is likely to start in June.

Balayya's film big headache for TDP
The release of Balakrishna's new blockbuster film 'Okka Mogadu' was keenly awaited not only by his fans but also by the Telugu Desam Party. The TDP has put its faith on Balakrishna and hopes that he would come to the aid of the party in the coming assembly elections. The film has come as a big disappointment to everyone.

Babu asked all party men in the districts to make arrangements to buy up the tickets in big numbers and make the film a hit. The TDP leaders duly obeyed and sent oral instructions to all party members to watch Okka Mogadu and also bring in the crowds and create an artificial hype. Despite best efforts, the film continues to languish.

On the other hand, Balakrishna is bringing pressure on Chandra Babu Naidu to take full help of the TDP cadre and make his film a hit. Babu is now at his wits end. His best efforts to change the fortunes of the film at the box office have not yielded any result.

Legendary NTR remembered

Today is the vardhanti of legendary NT Rama Rao, former chief minister of AP and internationally known actor. His family members today visited NTR ghat and paid homage to him. His grandson Jr. NTR arrived early at the ghat and paid tribute. Apart from this, several TDP leaders and party activists thronged the venue. fondly remembers this Great Leader.

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