Friday, February 1, 2008

Rajni waiting for signal from God
Superstar Rajnikanth has not shown much interest in entering politics, at least openly. The actor had been blowing hot and blowing cold for many years now. His fans associations however are hopeful that their superstar will enter politics soon. Rajnikanth himself gave a hint in this direction recently. He said that, he is waiting for a signal from god. If god gave him the go ahead, then he will bow to him and follow his command and enter politics.

Kajal to replace Nayanatara?

Kajal, a Mumbai girl who began her career with Lakshmi Kalyanam of Teja and Kalyanram is the leading lady of Tollywood now.

Though her first flick Lakshmi Kalyanam was big disappointment at the box office, her talent was well noticed in Krishna vamsy’s Chandamama.

And again she got good marks for her performance in Sumanth’s Pourudu. The film is doing well and producer is planning to increase the number prints.

On the other hand, Kajal is approached many producers to play female lead in their films and heroes like Nag and Venkatesh are recommending Kajal for their forthcoming films.

As Nayanatara is demanding huge amounts, producers are eyeing on Kajal as her remuneration is with in the reach.

One need not surprise, if Kajal replace Nayanatara in Telugu films.

Devi Sri Prasad‘s remuneration Rs75 lakhs per film

Devi Sri Prasad began his career as music director with MS Raju’s film Devi and from then onwards Devi added to his sir name. Devi Sree Prasad is the busy music director in Telugu and Tamil and competing with Manisharma. Manisharma is also doing couple of Tamil films along with some Telugu films.

Devi Sree Prasad is charging Rs75 lakhs per film as his remuneration and he has very good hit films to hi credit- Bommarillu, Aadavaari Maatalaki ardhalu Verule and Tulasi.

Now has couple of good films in hand- He is composing the music for bilingual film of Vikram’s Mallanna, Sreenu Vytla’s Ready, Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa and a Tamil film with Jayam Ravi.

NBK-AS Ravikumar Chowdary Together Again?

Nandamuri BalakrishnaAfter the dud called Veera Bhadra, Nandamuri Balakrishna will be seen again in director AS Ravikumar Chowdary's next venture tentatively titled Chowdary and, if rumors are to be believed, the work will commence once Gunasekhar's Sadhu is released.

AS Ravikumar Chowdary is currently directing Nitin in producer C. Kalyan's Aatadista, while NBK is working on K. Raghavendra Rao's Pandurangadu.

Chiranjeevi fans peace rally
Chiranjeevi asked his fans have taken out a peace rally on the occasion of Gandhi Death Anniversary and rebuild his image. The fans donated blood and took out a rally with flowers as if they were doing Gandhigiri. They said they would hereafter follow the Gandhigiri to register their protest against any adverse comments against Chiranjeevi.

Naresh has 3 releases on 8th February

Allari Naresh has three releases on 8th February- Gamyam, Vishak Express and Sundarakanda are scheduled to hit the screens on 8th February where Naresh is the hero in all the three films.

Gamyam- Allari Nresh, Sharwanand, and Kamilini Mukharjee

Vishaka express- Allari Naresh, RajivKanakala and Sindhu Tolane

Sundarakanda- Allari Naresh, Charmy.

Jogaiah said ‘SORRY’ to Srija (Chiru’s daughter)

Hari Rama Jogaiah, Narsapuram Congress MP has written letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi today, 31st January. That was leaked to media and the content of the letter has become hot topic in the political circles.

Jogaiagh blamed state congress party leaders for Megastar to go for his own political party. Jogaiah says that state congress leaders provoked Chiranjeevi gaaru to go extreme end to float party.

Jogaiah has given two examples in the letter to Sonia Gandhi

  1. Srija & Sirish marriage- Jogaiah blamed congress leaders for Srija & Sirish marriage, funding of that marriage and how the congress leaders involved in the marriage.
  2. The other one mentioned in the letter was Chiru and Dr Rajashekar’s controversy. Jogaiah blames congress part leaders for provoking Chiru in this issue by standing beside Dr Rajashekar.

After this news telecast in the TV channels, Srija got angry with Hari Rama Jogaiah and asked him not to bring her marriage issue in to this dirty politics.

She straight away asked Jogaiah –‘Why should Jogaiagh take our marriage issue to Sonia Gandhi? What is the necessary for him to take this issue to the notice of Sonia Gandhi?

Sirish and Srija asked Jogaiah to take back his words.

Finally Jogaiah apologized to Srija for taking their marriage to the notice of Sonia Gandhi.

Chiru to do Tagore Sequel?

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The speculation over the director’s name for Chiru’s next is going on and on. Though the chances are high for Krishna Vamsi to be roped in it is still to be confirmed.

On the other hand veteran writers Paruchuri brothers are busy scripting for the film.

This film will deal with the contemporary issues like Tagore, says Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao. “If Tagore fought against the evil in his own style, the hero character in this film fights against the corrupted system in a different way. The subject is shaping up well and I am pretty much sure that this film will become a huge hit and creates sensation all over with the points discussed” he added.

So should we call this as sequel to Tagore?

'Arya MBBS' to come soon

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It earlier released in Tamil as 'Arya'. Now, it is being released in Telugu as 'Arya MBBS'. The film has Madhavan and Bhavani, who was seen in Ontari as the lead pair.

The film is being released in Telugu by CV Rao and Patsa Nagaraju under the Teja Cinema banner. It has Prakash Raj playing a powerful role similar to his role in 'Okkadu'.

The audio will be released in the first week of February and the film will hit the screens towards the end of the month.

Balakrishna Questioned To YVS Chowdary

Though hero, Balakrishna is making tall claims about the response of the film in public, he is totally unhappy with the turnout. He is blaming it on YVS Chowdary for the failure. Balaiah told his close friends that he had Okayed the story in its synoptic form. He swore he hadn't heard the story in scenic order.

Baliah is now with the opinion that the story is spice less. Chintapalli Ramana, the dialogue writer, couldn't pack the dialogues with the required punch.

The much publicized dialogue, 'Lakhshalo Okkanni.. Lakshamandiki Okkanni'( I am one among a lakh people. But I can be a match to the lakh of people). When Balaiah modulates, the dialogue couldn't evoke the expected response from audience, Balaiah strongly believes.

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