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Visakha Express Review
Cast: Rajiv kanakala, Allari Naresh, Kota Srinivas Rao, Preeti Jhangiani, Ali and others.

Director: Vara Mullapudi
Music: Rajiv Kurakula

Vara Mullapudi has come up with a good suspense thriller. The film is quite racy with a gripping screenplay which will make the audiences glued to the seats. The un-predictable sequences make the film even more watch able.


The story is about the conflict between tow protagonists – Allari Naresh and Rajeev kanakala. Kanakala is a young doctor who lives with his father, Kota srinivas rao. Kota srinivas rao’s character in this film is an alcoholic character and accordingly he creates nuisance every day and this makes Rajeev kanakala embarrassing daily. But his love towards his father never ends and grows day by day.

One day, Kota is admitted into the hospital following an accident and after some time of his admission he dies on the hospital bed. Rajeev learns that his father has not died of injuries in the accident, but has been under wrong medication which leads to his death.

Rajeev’s aim is to find out who the criminals are. Then enters the character of Allari Naresh, who is a young and newly married guy, who is also a cold blooded murderer. The Psychopathic Naresh reveals to Rajeev that, it was he who killed kota(Rajeev’s father) and as per the mutual agreement made in the train, in turn Rajeev must kill Allari Naresh’s wife Preeti Jhangiani.

What is the agreement between them and, why does Naresh decide to kill his wife preeti forms the rest of the story which has to be watched on the silver screen.


Rajeev kanakala and Allari naresh literally compete with each other, to come up with a better performance, Rajeev, who is senior to Naresh in terms of acting, as he has made his appearance almost 12 years back on small screen, gave his 100 percent to the film. His acting and expressions were much suitable, apt, and according to the sequence. He dominates the screen fro a major part of the first half.

Allari Naresh on the other hand has done a decent job this time. But his body language and the impression he has already made in the hearts of Telugu audience as a comedy hero, makes his serious role little bit un-digestible. Especially his serious role of a psychopath, who has a desire to kill his wife, makes us feel that he should have given more of his, for this role.

Kota Srinivas Rao as usual has made a mark in the film and especially his emotional scene on the hospital bed after the accident, ouches the hearts of the audience.

Preeti does not have much to do, but her costumes say a lot.

Ali as a sub inspector promises to do something big in the film. But his role is chopped when the Circle Inspector sends him on a one year leave term.

Music is average and is composed by Rajiv kurakula. The screen play of Chandrashekar is also good and the suspense element in the film is well maintained.

The film looks dragging in the second half of the film, when the suspense slowly gets un-wrapped. But at last it is well finished.

Vara Mullapudi pay his tribute to the great artist, cartoonist and director Bapu by showing his paintings and his photos in a song sequence. The friendship between Bapu and Vara’s father, Mullapudi Venkat is legendary.

Final Note:

On the whole, the present hit flavor is suspense which can be seen from the hits of MANTRA and ANASUYA. So this film will also settle in that genre and will be sure to run for almost 4-5 weeks.

Ram Charan Teja new movie name DHEERUDU

The title of SS Rajamouli's film with Ram Charan in lead role is decided to be 'Dheerudu'. Well, it is giving the sound of Chiranjeevi's yester years' film 'Magadheerudu'. The connection may be hardly there between the two.

The movie is hitting on Geeta Arts banner of Allu Aravind. The film is going on to floors from the last week of this month. Kajal is playing female lead and Rajamouli's favorite court musician Keeravani is scoring music for it.

SS Rajamouli is planning to make the film a super hit breaking his all previous records. Well, if Rajamouli intends to accomplish that, the film would certainly a hit, right!

Aditya bags kantri and bujigadu audio rights

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Aditya Music has bagged the music rights of two more huge films. Like we had already mentioned, 'Jalsa' and Arjun's film have already been bought by them.

The company apparently coughed up Rs 96 lakh for the 'Jalsa' rights. Now, it has got NTR's Kantri and Prabhas' Bujjigadu.

While Mani Sarma has scored the music for 'Kantri', Sandeep Chowta has scored the music for 'Bujjigadu'.

Though the price hasn't been disclosed as yet, Aditya is said to have paid very good prices for both of them as the music is said to have come out really well in both the films.

Rajnikanth and the political plunge

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The oldest and most fevered speculation in Tamilnadu is back to make the headlines.

Will Rajnikanth enter politics? It has been asked many times over, and the man in question himself has been ambiguous and obtuse about it, leaving the conundrum unresolved to a satisfaction.

Recently, at an award function in New Delhi, Rajni did not exactly rule out the possibility when pointedly asked.‘It’s in the hands of destiny,’ he said in typical vagueness.

And this week, the destiny is seen to be pushing him towards the political waters. Or at least that is what is biographer is said to believe.

And one of the issues that maybe impelling him to take the plunge is Ramar Sethu.

According to the news channel IBN, which has quoted Rajni’s biographer, Dr Gaythri Sreekanth, the superstar disguised himself to attend a political rally on the Ramar Sethu issue.

‘Rajni was very curious to know what was happening on the Ramar Sethu issue. More than the media, he wanted to know what was happening at political rallies.

So he disguised himself and went to a public meeting and sat with the crowds, listened to the meeting and then came back,’ Dr Gayathri, author of the biography, titled The Name is Rajnikanth, has been quoted as saying.

The ophthalmologist, who has written the superstar’s biography. also says that Rajni’s political awareness is very interesting.

‘It’s inevitable that he enters politics not because of pressure, but because he can make a lot of difference,’ she says.

Political pundits here, however, attribute a lot of significance to the latest revelations by Rajni’s biographer.Rajni attending the Ramar Sethu meeting is significant, says one long-time watcher of the actor.

‘He is known to harbour some serious opinions on the issue and he wants the hoary Ramar Sethu to be safe-guarded. And if it comes to making some political moves for that, he wouldn’t hesitate.

His conviction is such,’ says the political pundit.It maybe recalled that Rajni had openly and controversially made bold to broach the subject with Chief Minister M Karunanidhi.

During the State government film awards function, Rajni pointedly drew the attention of Karunanidhi, who is seen as an intransigent hawk on the SSCP, and told him to use his good offices with the Centre to sort out the matter.

But now with Karunanidhi and his cohorts hardly budging from their hard stance, it is no surprise that Rajni is contemplating other drastic measures.

Sundarakanda Review


K Vishwanath, K Balachander, Bapu..these masters made some memorable movies and classics in the past but their recent offerings bring blemish to their illustrious career. Bapu's latest Sundarakanda is no exception. No one can associate with this old-fashioned movie that told in boorish manner. Bapu and his famous jodi Ramana writer seem to have stuck still in the 70's. A jamindar marries a poor girl without the knowledge of his royal parents and the poor girl is thrown out of their home with a blame put on her. She raises her child far from the royal family. And the child takes on mission to reunite her separated parents with her own tricks.

No, we are not telling the story of Bapu - Ramana's classic Mutyala Muggu. Sundarakanda's basic story is similar to that one. The only difference is that the kid here is a full-grown woman called Pinky (Charmee) and it is not entertaining like the original masterpiece.

Sundarakanda is completely out of the sync with the current times. The story, the narration and the language that the characters speak are archaic. From scene one, it lags on and moves on with outdated screenplay.


Charmee in the role of Pinky Without A Tail and Penki Pilla has done full justice to her role but her character is uninteresting. Prema as Charmee's mother doesn't like look a mom to a 18 year old girl. Nor does the director take any effort to show difference to young Prema and when she turns mother.

Allari Naresh plays a journalist who rides on bicycle with a camera on his shoulder and takes photographs. His character is enough to show how old-fashioned the film is. Kota is the only saving grace. Music by Vidyasagar is nothing to rave about. photography by KRK Raju is neat, though. A shot where decreasing of shadow to depict the time passed till the dusk is quite interesting. Background score (not done by Vidyasagar) is good.


Anyone who respect for Bapu - Ramana, for their great earlier movies, feel disappointed with this old-fashioned flick. Quite boring!

End Cedits:

Starring:Charmee, Naresh, Prema, Suneel Sharma, Ranganath, Sangeeta, Kota Srinivasa Rao and others
Story, screenplay, and dialogues: Mullapudi Ramana
Cinematography: KRK Raju
Music: Vidyasagar
Co-producer: Bhanu Prakash Reddy
Producer: K Aparna
Directed by: Bapu
Release date: Feb 08, 2008
CBFC Rating: U

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