Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pawan to attend Audio function
Pawan Kalyan will always keep himself away from any public gathering or public function, but this time its happy news for Pawan fan's that their hero would be attending function of Audio release of function. Audio is leaked into market sometime back through internet but this leak has created more hype in the market about music. This in turn would certainly hit audio market in turn.

Hot Priyamani confirmed in Rajasekhar film
Rajshekar is starring as hero for the flick that is Directed by his wife Jeevitha is titled as ' Satyameeva Jayathee'. This movie is being produced under the banner of Andal Arts banner. Selection of heroine is done and its Priyamani who has been selected for playing in this movie.

A dialogue in Sundarakanda hurt chiru fans?

Bapu has intermixed politics and family problems in the film. There is a lot of reference to the present day politics in the film. For this purpose Bapu introduced a character Kota (Kota Srinivasa Rao) in the film. Kota aspires for the Chief Minister's post and he is seen all the time lobbying for it.

The father of heroine Charmy in the film, Sunil Sharma, is another aspirant for the chief minister's post. Both Kota and Sunil Sharma vie keenly for the chief minister's chair.

In the climax, Sunil Sharma finally manages to sideline Kota and gets within striking distance of the chief minister's chair.

However to the surprise of everyone, Sunil Sharma relinquishes the chair. He gives a reason for this by saying, "How can a person who neglects his daughter and does not take care about her, could look after people's problems sitting in the post of Chief Minister?

Many among the audience were seen shouting Chiranjeevi and Srija! This is an obvious reference to Chiranjeevi's daughter Srija's love marriage. She ran away from home and got married with her lover. Chiranjeevi could not do anything about it except remaining like a mute spectator. In fact she is not entertained by Chiranjeevi after her marriage.

photos tabu

ONTARI release on Valentine day

ONTARI, starring Gopichand and Bhavana is going to release on Valentine day, the 14th February 2008. The film is produced by Pokuri Babu Rao on Eetharam films banner and directed by BV Ramana. It's music scored by Manisharma is doing considerably well at the audio market.Aditya Music is marketing the album.

The film is said to be an action flick with liberal sprinkles of love and sentiments. Prominent cast includes Ali, Sunil, Raja Ravindra, Chitti, Rajitha, Indu Anand, Ajay Supreeth Reddy and others. Dialogues are by Marudhuri Raja, Stunts by Vijay. Sarvesh Murali is the cinematographer.

Shriya has skin problems?

Shriya, who is adored for her flawless figure and fine skin with fair complexion, is believed to have a problem with her skin. The skin that mesmerises millions across the country on screen is said to have developed an allergy and the actress is very keen in taking treatment for the disease. She might go for treatment once the busy schedule with various films including the mega movie ‘Kandasamy’ is finished.

Only Pawan’s dubbing part is balance for Jalsa.

Power star Pawan Kalyan is busy in dubbing for his film Jalsa. Only Pawan’s dubbing part is balance for this film. Pawan was suffering from cold for a week time, so Pawan’s dubbing got delayed. Now he is working extra time to complete it.

The music of the film will be released on the night of 29th February through Aditya music and the film will hit the screens on 27th March.

Trivikram Sreenivas is directing, Devi Sree Prasad is composing the music. Allu Arvind is producing the film on Geeta arts banner. Ileana is the heroine.

NBK Panduranagadu next schedule details

NBK’s Pandurangadu shoot was progressing tilltoday, 9th February and the unit is leaving to Pandaripuram tomorrow. And the director K Raghavendar Rao will film a couple of important scenes from 12th February.

The devotional flick is produced by RK film Associates of K Raghavendar rao. Balakrishna is doing dual roles- One as Lord Krishna and another as a devotee Pandurangadu.

Tabu, Sneha, Suhasini and Archana are playing the female lead roles of the film. MM Keeravaani is composing the music. The film will be released in the month of May.

Chiranjeevi best friend....?

1.Megastar's best friend---------Chiru says ' My inner conscious is my best friend'.

2.Chiru most likes -------------Jayaprada's dance.

3.Megastar's most liked place- ------------'MY bed room'

4.Most liked film------------------------ Khaidi

5.Most liked color- --------------------------Black

6.Most liked food- -------------- prefers Sea food & likes all delicious dishes.

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