Monday, February 11, 2008

No valentine for Nayantara


Nayantara has confirmed that she is not in love with either Vishal or any of the actors from Tamil, Telugu or Malayalam film world. In her Valentine's Day exclusive interview to Grihshobha, the leading womens fortnightly, she said that there are some reports which were published in some popular Tamil magazines and dailies regarding her alleged love affair with actor Vishal recently.

"They are all wrong and baseless. I don't understand why these people show such great interest in t he details of my private life. First of all, I'm not in love with any one. I found it amusing to read about my love affair with Vishal that was published in all the leading print media publications. Please confirm these things before you publish such items", Nayantara says with a sigh of agony.

She further said, " Vishal and me are currently working together in Sathyam, which is being produced by his brother. He has every rights and freedom to say whatever he wants to related to the film and his personal life. He never spoken of me as his lover though. The media has made its own inferences and has published gossip about me which is not true. That is how these storeis have been published. As far as I am concerned, Vishal is an excellent co-artist. We share a great rapport on sets."

"At this stage of my career, I am focusing only on my career and I am not looking to fall in love. I have learned enough from my past experience." On her smooching scene with Dhanush, Nayantara said that that was also an imagination of the media.

“you made me cry” said Rajnikanth


Sreenivasan creator of original Kadha Parayumbol ( which is to be remade as Kuselan in Tamil ) spoke about how Rajnikanth reacted to the film.

Initially P Vasu saw the film and suggested Rajnikanth to watch it. That was how Rajnikanth saw the film, said Sreenivasan.

He further said" I was in Mumbai at that time, and could arrive at the preview theatre only when the movie was about to end. The producer had told Rajnikanth that I would be there. When the film ended, I saw him step out of the theatre, his eyes filled with tears. He was looking for me. He was so emotional that he hugged me for a very long period. After a while, he said, ‘you made me cry."

Balakrishna’s Pandurangadu to be released on May 9th

Pandurangadu which is being made in the direction of versatile director Raghavendra Rao and NBR as hero will be released on May 9th. The film was actually supposed to be released on Ugadi. But later on the released was postponed. Now the flick is getting ready and the director is sure that it will be ready by 9th May. The film unit will be moving to Pandurangapuram on 12th February and will continue the third schedule on that day. Balaya will play dual role of both Rang and Panduranga in this movie. This film is being produced by RK associates and Sneha, Tabu, Suhasini, and Archana will be playing the lead female characters. MM Keeravani is the music director for this film.

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