Sunday, February 17, 2008

New problem for jalsa?trivikram vs allu aravind?

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Producer Allu Arvind is making this huge budget film Jalsa with Pawan Kalyan in the lead role. Ileana is the heroine. The film will be releasing on 20th March worldwide with huge expectations and the music of Devi Sree Prasad will be releasing on 29th of this month.

So far is so good, but the problem is- The final rush of the film has the 6 hours length reel and it has to be edit to 2 hours 30 minutes in the editor’s room.

Trivikram want the film to be for 3 hours but Producer Allu Arvind doesn’t want an extra minute more than two and half hours.

Let us wait and see –how this problem could be solved.

"It is my pleasure to act with the superstar Rajnikanth." - Aishwarya

Aishwarya Rai has hit on the rumours which suggested that she has pulled out of Shankar's Robot due to her pregnancy. The Bollywood beauty has not only confirmed her plans to to play lead role opposite superstar Rajinikanth but also rubbished the baby rumours.

In an interview to a private television channel, the Bollywood beauty confirmed that she is being paied with Rajini and very much there in the project.

"I don't know why you people are so eager to spread such dubious gossip. The script too is very good so I'm going to act in the role of Rajini's leading lady in Robot. It is my pleasure to act with the superstar," she told.

"After hearing the gossip about my pregnancy, I got numerous phone calls from almost all over the world. Abhishek and I have planned to look at children after 3 years. Till that I'm going to push forward my career," she added.

According to some reports, Ash has been offered a hefty Rs 6 crore to act in the film. Robot will be made in three languages at an estimated cost of Rs. 125 crore.

Chiru will get 56 MLA seats!

Chiru will get 56 seats- this is the prediction of Congress Minister JC Diwakar Reddy. Diwakar Reddy was speaking to media in Assembly lobby yesterday and said that Chiru will get 56 MLA seats, if at all he floats a party. He said that TDP will go to third position in the next assembly elections if Chiru floats a party.

On the other he warned YSR too, saying that If YSR doesn’t take proper care, People may ask us to sit in the opposition. Even 147 MLA seats will net get back to the power.

Reacting to TRS resignations, JC said that the party will be totally ignored by the public in the by-elections.

Why Mahesh Babu’s ‘Mirchi’ project shelved?

S Gopal Reddy and Dr KL Narayana wanted to make a film Mirchi with Mahesh Babu and they have chosen Jasti Hemambar as their director. But the film is shelved before it hits the floors- Why?

The latest we heard from filmnagar is that Mahesh Babu demanded Rs 8 Crs as remuneration for which the producers expressed their inability to pay that much, ultimately the project was shelved.

But there are many producers who are ready to sign Mahesh Babu for the same amount. And Mahesh Babu is not getting suitable script to begin with.

Anyway, we heard latest that Trivikram‘s Varudu is finalized for Mahesh. Singamalai Ramesh and Manjula will produce the film and at the same time Mahesh will not be any release in the year 2008.

Pawan Kalyan - Nandini case posted to March

Hero Pawan Kalyan and his first wife Nandini's divorse case hearing in the Visakhapatnam Family Court once again postponed. After recording the statements of Nandini's brother the court posted the next hearing to 7th march. In his statement Nandini's brother alleged that Pawan Kalyan after marrying his sister, harassed not only Nandini but the all their family members. For this hearing date also neither Pawan Kalyan nor Nandini attended the court. Their councils voiced defending arguments on behalf of their clients in front of the court. Meanwhile Nandini's council Satyanarayana obtained special permission from the honorable judge for her absence in view of threat to her life and submitted the recorded statement of Nandini to the court. The court posted the hearing in the Pawan - Nandini's diverse case and maintenance case of Nandini to the 7th of March.

Prabhas Gunasekhar combo?

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Gunasekhar is yet to launch another film after his disastrous Sainikudu and is waiting for the heroes to give him a positive nod.

First it was speculated that he is going to direct Chiranjeevi and then the tide turned in favor of Balakrishna. As of now none of the films worked out and Guna is back in search of another hero. As per the Krishna nagar talk, he is currently planning to approach Prabhas and narrate his subject Katthi to him. This film was supposed to be made with NTR in the lead but it didn’t make it to the sets.

On the other hand Prabhas is in no mood to listen to any stories as he is currently concentrating completely on Bujjigadu only. The buzz is Prabhas will sign further films after the release of Bujjigadu. So will Prabhas hold Gunasekhar’s Sword or not? Only time should tell.

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