Friday, February 22, 2008

Rajanikanth new movie to be finished in one schedule

Superstar Rajinikanth has confirmed with the producers and director P.Vasu that he will be a part of Kuselan “without diluting the spirit of the Malayalam original in any way”. It clearly means that he is willing only for a cameo appearance and will not be part of making it a total Rajinikanth film as desired by the makers and director.

The superstar will give 10 days in March and 5 days in April for the bilingual with versions in Tamil and Telugu. Please note he will have to act a scene twice once with the Tamil stars notably Pasupathi and the other with Jagapathy Babu, a long drawn out process. Vivek has expressed his inability to act in the film, as his dates do not match with others.

Now second string popular comedians and character artists from Tamil and Telugu will be acting in supporting roles. The idea is to complete the film in one schedule and release the film by July. Still P.Vasu is trying to convince the superstar to lengthen his guest appearance. Vasu and music director G.V.Prakash is holed up in a Chennai hotel composing five songs for the film while the original had only two!

As of now, Kuselan shoot will start at Ramoji Rao Film city on March 7, with Rajinikanth joining the shoot on March 14, for the first 10 days of his dates. The crucial climax scenes involving Rajinikanth and Pasupathy will be shot in a village near Pollachi, while song sequences would be picturised in Ooty and backwaters of Kerala.

top 5 songs currently most hearing

“Yeduta nilichindi choodu” from “Vaana” continues to be on top of the charts this fortnight too. The list is more or less the same as the last one with the exception of a song from “Ontari” entering at second place. The top five Telugu songs are:

1. “Yeduta nilichindi choodu” - Film: “Vaana”. Karthik sings the soft, melodious number composed by Kamlakar and the lilting music lingers on even after the song ends, particularly the first line. The song has been picturised well too. “Vaana”, a Telugu remake of the Kannada hit “Mangaru Male”, has some good music and this is one of the sonorous songs.

2. “Cheppalanundi chinnamaata” - Film: “Ontari”. Mani Sharma scores music for the film. This song is a soft, fairly melodious number rendered by S.P. Charan and Kalpana.

3. “Are re are re” - Film: “Happy Days” musical score is immensely popular. The song sung by Karthik is orchestrated well and has a melodious feel to it.

4. “Taratha yethukupota” - Film: “Krishna”. Rendered by Kunche Raghu and Kausalya, the popular number is composed by Chakri.

5. “Maha maha” - Film: “Mantra”. A typical West beat.

Pawan and chiru together?

Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa audio release is planned on a grand scale. The function will be held at Taramati Baradari on February 29.

Pawan who usually is not a willing person to conduct public functions has given his consent for this event.

Chiranjeevi is expected to launch the audio and if that happens then it will be a double feast for mega fans to see their demigods both on single stage and also celebrate the occasion of Jalsa audio release.

The leaked songs from this film have raised the expectations and the hype has been multiplied. The business circles are estimating an astounding welcome for this film at the box office and if the film lives up to the expectations it is hard to estimate the film’s range. For the moment there is so much positive buzz on Jalsa and the makers are more than happy with the outcome.

katrina kaif interview: no marriage

/photo.cms?msid=2803640 So you have finally become one of Bollywood's highest paid actors by bagging a 6 crore deal with Studio 18?
I'm happy that my talent is being recognized. I can't talk about it right now, but yes the figures are close to it.

6 Crore for one film, that's quite a lot of money?
No, no, it's not for one film, but for two films. I'm not in a position to discuss any further on this.

So finally you are out of Salman's shadow?
Now this is weird. Where did it come from (looking irritated)?

You really think you deserve that much money?
Why not? I ended last year with 4 big hits, Namaste London, Apne, Partner and Welcome. And the 4 films made money. So career wise, it's been an extremely fulfilling year for me.

And personally?
Doing well as well. I have taken care of my family and they are happy for me.

What about marriage?
You guys will have to wait for that. I have just started my career and can't afford to give up everything. My first priority is to provide financial security to my family. I have to make them financially secure before marrying someone.

What about the recent news that Salman slapped you?
That's really ridiculous. It was some dirty person's figment of imagination. I have never really discussed my personal life, but enough is enough. I have always believed what personal is personal. But this is too much. The story that has appeared is utter rubbish and fabricated. I suspect that it's been spread by vested interest with ulterior motives. I would like to repeat that nothing of this sort has happened. Normally I don't like to clarify but sometimes one has to take a stand.

Your next release is Race. Heard that you have done some bold scenes?
It's an action thriller. I had lots of fun shooting for the film. Race is extremely slick and has got an international look. It was so special shooting for Race. I am just looking forward to it

What's on the pipeline?
Race, Singh Is Kingg, Main Yuvraj, and two untitled films with Yashraj films.

idi sangati review

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  • Starring: Abbas, Tabu, Raja, Sunil, Kota Srinivasa Rao, MS Narayana and others
  • Producer: Chandra Siddardh
  • Director: Chandra Siddardh

Idhi Sangathi is all about greedy nature of people right from a common man to Prime minister.When Mumbai express met with an accident Crime reporter of a daily Murthy(Abbas) &his colleague,friend Neeladri(Sunil) grabs the gold ornaments&two suitcases from the dead bodies and distribute among themselves.Murthy handsover the suitcase&gold to his wife Swarajya Lakshmi(Tabu),who desperately wanto to become rich.Actually the suitcase consists of diamonds worth Rs.500Crores and it belongs to Prime minster(Kota Srinivasarao).And right from the local police,thieves to DIG&Prime minister wants to know the whereabouts of the diamonds and wanna own them.What happened next is the remaining story.

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Director Chandra Sidhartha tried to present this satirical drama with style.written by eminent journalist K.N.Y.Pathanjali,the movie plot is good and the characters are just like the people we come across in everyday life.
Tabu lives up to another impressive role and delivers a noteworthy performance.
Cinematography by Gummadi Jayakrishna is impressive.

The screenplay lacks pace.This kind of plot needs a Priyadarsan kind of treatment .The narrative style the director has choosen is new to our audience and it appeals only to a narrowest niche among the audience.For common audience, the film looks not interesting most of the time.

Final Note:
Its an average movie and it can be watched just for tabu.Its a time pass movie.

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