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Is NTR Kantri written for PawanKalyan?

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It is known news that the upcoming film 'Kantri' starring NTR will soon be hitting the screens, this will also mark the debut of Meher Ramesh as director in Tollywood. Interestingly, there is a talk in industry that Meher who is said to be a close relative of megastar Chiranjeevi actually approached Power Star Pawan Kalyan with the story since this was written keeping Pawan in mind but then the star refused the offer. Then Meher is said to have gone to Allu Arjun with it but to no avail. Finally, it was NTR who decided to say yes and it remains to be seen if he was right in taking this decision.

Mahesh's Varudu launching on Ugadi

Prince Mahesh Babu's next film with director Trivikram Sreenivas will begin to roll from 7th April, on the eve of Telugu New year Ugadi.

The film would be an entertainer with action. Trivikram and Prince worked for a film Athadu earlier.

Now the script work is in progress. A Hindi heroine is likely to be roped opposite Mahesh . The film will release only in the year 2009.

The film is likely to be titled as Varudu. Sangamalai Ramesh and Mahesh's sister Manjula will be producing the film jointly.

'Aavakaaya Biryani' heroine is Bindu
Shekar Kammula is directing a movie titled 'Aavakaaya Biryani' is already a known information, it was stated that they are evaluating heroine for the movie, they have shortlisted Bindu as heroine for this movie which is produced under the banner of Amigos Creations. Bindu is a Telugu girl from Chennai. Hero for this flick is being evaluated. This flick would come on sets soon.

NBK non stop dialogue for 5 mins
Balakrishna - is starring for mythological flick titled 'Pandurangadu' directed by K Raghavendra Rao in which he plays dual action, dialogues of this flick is written by Bharavi and music composed by M M Keeravani, N B K is doing his best for this flick, keeping away from non-veg, liquor till movie is completed. N B K is doing a role which has lengthy dialogues for almost five minutes in single shot, he feels that his father favorite role of Krishna would get him good fortune and is expecting it to be a hit giving him desperately needed break.

VV Vinayak is die hard fan of megastar
From his earliest childhood days Director Vinayak was an ardent fan of Chiranjeevi. Vinayak on Sunday at an event in Tuni said that he will support Chiranjeevi if he floats a political party.

Vinayak’s family is not new to politics; his father is a small time leader in Vinayak’s home town Chagallu.

Even in his peak days Vinayak remained loyal admirer to Chiranjeevi and the Megastar also has soft corner for him. Vinayak’s Tagore helped Chiranjeevi to gain a different image in the common public. Vinayak openly expressed his admiration towards Chiranjeevi many a time. Now he has cleared that he will follow Chiranjeevi in whatever path he heads.

On the other hand Chiranjeevi made it clear that he has not yet decided on the next film and also said that he is not discussing on any film right now. That indicates that the “mega entry” is round the corner!

Will Chiru be YSR's rival No.1?

With it being clear now that elections are around the corner, there is increased activity in the Chiranjeevi camp.

Led by Allu Aravind - the man who manages the actor's film affairs - Chiranjeevi men are giving final touches to the party organisation which will be used to launch the mega star.

This is even as many Congressmen and hordes of Telugu Desam Party men wait in the wings to jump on to Chiranjeevi's bandwagon.

"Rightly or wrongly, many believe that the main opposition to YSR in the next elections would come from Chiranjeevi, which is why the impatience of many to hitch-hike with Chiranjeevi," said a political analyst.

Highly-placed sources say Allu Aravind, who is also Chiranjeevi's brother-in-law, is confabulating with many who in normal circumstances one would not expect would join the film star's party.

A sizeable number of Congressmen who are uncomfortable with YSR or his brand of politics are expected to join Chiranjeevi.

In the case of TDP, it would be leaders who feel that Chandrababu Naidu has lost his focus and is going nowhere.

"No, no," claimed a senior TDP politician, "the Congress has stolen our ideas and has granted debt relief to farmers."

But when pressed agreed that many TDP leaders could well desert the party for Chiranjeevi.

"There could well be a Kamma-Kapu alliance," said a political analyst. Other analysts pointed out that with the perception gaining ground that Chiranjeevi will be the main opposition, many smaller parties might come forward to explore the possibility of an alliance with him.

The earlier plan of the mega star was to launch the party in August and take a whirlwind tour of the state. This was based on the understanding that the elections would be in April, which would allow the mega star eight months to campaign.

Now the feeling is that the elections would be in October-November, so there will be a commensurate advancement on the party launch date.

Analysts pointed out that Chiranjeevi remains committed to project his party as one supported by all sections of the society and underplay the Kapu angle.

The party is also expected to be portrayed as one that reflects the aspirations of the youth and stands for values like truth, honesty and fight against corruption.

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