Saturday, March 8, 2008

Puri Jagan's astonishing decision

Poori Jagannath- the sensational director of Tollywood has taken a sensational decision not to work for any other producer after his current film Bujjigadu- made in Chennai with producer KS Rama Rao.

All his next films will be directed for his home banner Vaishno Academy. He is planning a film with Sai Ram Shnakar and a film with Ravi Teja. And another film will be with a big hero of Tollywood. All these films will be made on Vaishno Academy banner.

Neha Sharma from Chiru to Mohanbabu camp

The drowsy-eyed beauty Neha Sharma who made her debut in films along with Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan is hardly seen in the promotion campaigns conducted for Chiruta.

People over here even forgot her at one stage until she was in news with rumors that she has got married to Charan.

Of course those rumors were turned down in the early stages. Only Charan was available to respond over the whole fuss whereas Neha stayed in her hibernation then also.

Now the news from the tinsel town is that Neha is all set make her come back with Krishna Vamsi and Vishnu’s film which will be produced by Mohanbabu. Well, this sounds interesting as Neha is jumping from one zone to another which repels big time.

Jalsa Audio response from all over the state

  • “After a long gap, an apt music album has come to suit the attitude of Pawan Kalyan. It is simply superb to listen to the title song of ‘Jalsa’. All the other songs including ‘My Heart is Beating, Chalore Chal…, You and I, Jindagi’ came out excellently and each and every song is really superb.” — Chandu, HR IBM, Hyderabad.
  • “All the five songs are very good and the beat in the title song is excellent, but I somehow don’t like it. Personally, I liked ‘Gaallo Telinattundi, My Heart is Beating’ numbers.” — Sreenu, Co-Director, Hyderabad
  • “I am very happy that our favourite hero Pawan Kalyan had got yet another best music album on par with ‘Khushi’. Personally I liked the ‘Jalsa’ title song, besides ‘Gaallo Telinattundi’. My best wishes to ‘Jalsa’ team.” — Shiva, a fan, Gajuwaka
  • “I just listened to three songs so far and of them two were quite melodious. The music of all the numbers is very good.” — Pavan, Balayya Fan, Hyderabad
  • "The entire music album of ‘Jalsa’ is very good. I think the audio is rocking really. After a long gap, Pawan Kalyan had got a fantastic song numbers. I am quite confident that the audio would cross the ‘Khushi’ range.” — YSN, Durga Electronics, Eluru.
  • “I really felt thrilled listening to ‘Jalsa’ song, and the tune is very catchy. Another number ‘Chalore Chal…’ is also fantastic, while “Gaallo Telinattundi and the remix number” are simply superb.” Sathyanarayana, Tea Buddy, Krishnanagar, Hyderabad.
  • “In the music album of Jalsa… ‘Chalore Chal…’ and title song ‘Jalsa…’ are the best songs. Others are just okay in the audio. Definitely the audio would help for the success of the movie. But most of the songs were not quite hummable like ‘Khushi’, Pawan Kalyan’s earlier blockbuster.” — Jalapathy, Cine Critic, Hyderabad.
  • “All the numbers in the album are okay. Of them three songs are just rocking. A gossip had already making rounds that the film is also quite good.” — Ramu, autorickshaw driver, Hyderabad.
  • “Melody could be noticed in songs like ‘My Heart is Beating, You and I, Jennifer” and these songs are worth listening. But “Gaallo Telinattundi” number is very energetic. I strongly wish that the film should also be very good and become a big hit.” — Sunitha, housewife, Hyderabad
  • “All the songs in ‘Jalsa’ film are melodious, rocking and hummable. These days I am going to sleep after listening to the audio album of ‘Jalsa’. You just don’t believe it.” — Suryam, cook, Amalapuram.
  • “Generally, songs in Pawan Kalyan’s film would be very good and lilting. Devisri Prasad, the star music director of Tollywood, joining his hands with him, would result in real ‘Jalsa’. Don’t you agree?” — Kavya, MBA student, Hyderabad.
  • “All the songs in ‘Jalsa’ are marvellous and rhythmic. It is for sure that the audio album would become the career best for Pawan Kalyan.” — Kasibabu, hotel workers, Rajole.
  • “The audio range of ‘Jalsa’ undoubtedly cross the ‘Khushi’ range.” — Naresh, Pawan Kalyan’s fan, Eluru.
Post your responses about audio.

Chiranjeevi family photos

NTR getting married?

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It seems like the whole Nandamuri families sons are eagerly waiting to get married. According to the close sources of Nandamuri Khandhan the news is that NTR junior will be getting married this year in November and his mother is in a look out for a suitable bride. Knowing this even Tarak who is another legal sibling of Nandamuri family has also given his nod for the marriage. Kalyan Ram who is a brother of NTR junior has married in 2006 and is a father of a son. May be NTR and Tarak will also marry on the same day due to family rivalry.

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