Monday, March 10, 2008

Venkatesh Chintakayala ravi shooting started

Venkatesh’s film Chinthakayala Ravi - a software engineer was launched today, 9th March at Ramanaidu Studios. Dr Ramanaidu and Suresh Babu was present for this opening. Muhurtham shot was filmed on God photos.

Nallamalupu Bujji who made the film Lakshmi with Venkatesh is doing this film. Yogi is directing the film. Anushka and Mamatha Mohandass are the heroines.

Chiru ‘Paada Yatra’ from Tirupathi?

Megafans from the state of Andhra Pradesh have already started Paada yatars in support of Megastar’s proposed political party. Megastar is taking every step of fans in to consideration and likely to announce the party on 7th April.

Mean while Nagababu and Allu Arvind are making arrangement to float Megastar’s political party.

Liquor King and MP of Andhra Pradesh has already arranged two helicopters for chiru from Deccan aviation, Bangalore.

Megastar is planning his first campaign from Tirupathi. He will take Padayatara immediately after announcing the party from Tirupathi. We should remember that late NTR also started his TDP from Tirupathi.

NTR brilliant performance in kantri

Director MEHER RAMESH is very excited about the prospects of Kantri, his first Tollywood venture. Starring NTR, HANSIKA and TANISHAA in the lead, the film is due to release in April. "NTR plays the role of a dashing young man in the film. He has put up a brilliant performance and I am confident that the film will raise the expectations of his fans. The actresses also have fit into their roles perfectly and I can't wait for the film to release," says Meher Ramesh. MANI SHARMA has composed the music for the film. Talk about confidence folks.

Megastar receives notice from High Court

Pawan Kalyan's first wife Nandini who lost the bigamy case in the Vizag metropolitan court has challenged the lower court verdict in High Court.

High Court accepted the petition of Nandini and issued to Notices to 11 members of Mega family, that includes Megastar today,10th March

High Court asked the 11 members to respond to the notice in four weeks time. The next

Tollywood goes dub dub

To dub or not to dub is a debate that has gone on unabated perhaps since the time of the first talkie movie.

However, filmmakers worldwide have gone ahead to dub their films into foreign languages. Tollywood has been a happy hunting ground for such films and these days we even have dubbed versions of major English movies releasing on the same day as the original.

That Ashutosh Gowariker was here with Ash and Hrithik in tow for the premiere of the Telugu version of his latest controversial movie proves the point. Hyderabad Times catches up with filmmakers, critics, the general public and industrywallahs to understand this phenomenon.

Jaycinto Fernandes, India head, marketing, for a premier Hollywood production house is very bullish about the potential in South India. "In South India, especially Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the people just love movies and they are quite open to checking out something new especially when it comes to action flicks. We believe it is a huge market that we need to tap in," says Jaycinto.

This phenomenon is not something that is entirely new, say industry observers, who feel the state provides an ideal environment for dubbed films which account for a third of the revenues in collections.

"With no extra taxes levied on dubbing movies unlike some other states, dubbing movies have always flourished in the state. The rising costs of making a proper Telugu film are encouraging many small-time distributors to get into the dubbing business as they can pose as producers," says Prabhu, a film critic.

Movie business has always been a high investment - high-risk business but the competition in Tollywood has proven to be counter productive to the business. "With just a handful of bankable names in the business, the competition among the producers to snap up a star for their film has pushed their remunerations skyward, while the success rate of films in Tollywood has been spiralling down.
This has driven the small producers out of business and for them dubbing films provide good business opportunity," says Kamalakar Reddy, one such producer who is now dealing only in dubbing English movies into Telugu.

The key word is return on investment here, as the film may not guarantee you a windfall of revenues but you certainly won't stand to lose it all. "A dubbing film will incur a cost of Rs 5-25 lakh. Marketed properly, breaking even is not such a tough task and if you make a profit nothing like it," says A Sreedhar, a film distributor.

But then there is a flip side to it too and many like Tammareddy Bharadwaja, the president of the producer's council feel in the long run the trend will hurt the native industry. "To start with, watching dubbed films is just not the same as watching the original. They lack the natural feel. Secondly we cannot really compete with the Hollywood honchos when it comes to the scale or quality and the local industry will only stand to lose eventually," says Tammareddy Bharadwaja.

Megastar political party to be announced before April 7th
Yes, Megastar has to register his political party with Election commission before 7th April. It is the
rule that any political party must be registered with election commission 6 months before the polling date.

Then only Election commission will consider allotting party symbol and Party name The central and state governments are already preparing for early elections and the elections are likely to be held in November. So Megastar has to register the party before 7th April, otherwise, YSR may further advance the elections. Then it would be problem for Megastar to announce his party.

If that is the case, he can float the party only for next assembly elections.

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