Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Street Talk:Pawan's Jalsa will break pokiri records

This is the buzz that is currently going on among all Powerstar fans.Already Pawan fans are celebrating the huge success of audio songs.All classes of audience are currently listening to jalsa songs and are very much pleased with these songs.Also Trivikram factor will play a major role in success.Trivikram who already proved to be successful director with two blockbusters is very much confident about the film.

Pawan's rocking performance,trivikram's exceptional direction,three glamourous heroines showbiz,excellent music,promising trailer....wat more can a film need to become a SUPER HIT.

Will pawan's magic work at the box office? Will jalsa break pokiri records? Only time should tell this and One can know the result on release date..But already pawan fans are confident that it will break all records..
Sa re ga ma padanesa...KARO KARO JALSA..

All the best for jalsa and hope that it will become one of the biggest hits of tollywood.

illeana,tarun Bhale dongalu on 4th April

Bhale Dongalu is the film that is starred by Tarun ,Ileana. Charmy is playing an item song for the film by charging Rs25 lakhs to the producer.

K Vijaya Bhaskar is directing the film. Shakamuri Panduranga Rao is producing the film and Bellamkonda is presenting the film.

KM Radhakrishna is composing the music.

Jagapathi is playing very special role of Police officer.

The film's shoot is almost completed and the producer is planning to release on 4th April.

Ullasanga utsahanga wallpapers

Chiru party symbol - Raising Sun


Allu Arvind & Nagababu are in Delhi and they are in consultations with Election commission with reference to Party registration and Party symbol. The party symbol is finalized as Raising Sun.

Megastar wanted to go with eye as his symbol, Election but commission is not registering the human body parts as Party symbols.

Raising Sun is the symbol of DMK from Tamilnadu and Allu Arvind has already consulted Karunanidhi regarding the symbol.

As for Delhi sources, Megastar's party will be registered with election commission tomorrow,12th March

Happy Days 'Nikhil' with Manisharma.

Music director Mani Sharma is turning producer with a film that is led by Happy Days hero Nikhil ( Rajesh in Happy Days).

And Nikhil has signed handful of films. His second film Ankith, Pallavi & friends is releasing in April.

His another film with producer Giri and new director is already on sets.

And he has signed a another film for Sai Deva productions banner. Balaji Shakthivel of Premiste will direct this bilingual film.

Nag's nephew following Pawan's style?

Nagarjuna’s nephew Sushanth is being introduced to Tollywood as hero and the film is to be titled as Kalidasu .

He will be introduced to media in a big way at the end of this month in a function to be held in Hyderabad. Nagarjuna is closely monitoring the entire film.

Huge hoardings showing Kalidasu are already placed in various towns and cities of AP. But they didn’t reveal the face of the hero Sushanth.

Similar promotional drive was used for Pawan Kalyan’s first film.

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