Sunday, March 16, 2008

Murder case on ANUSHKA

Anushka, Ravi Teja & Sunil are working for a film that is produced by Suresh productions under the direction of Udayshankar ( Kalisundam Raa).

The shoot is progressing on the banks of Godavari River in East Godavari district. There is a scene where Anushka has to push hero Ravi Teja & Sunil in to the Godavari from the banks of Godavari.

So the director selected two dupes for this purpose, and Anushka pushed these two dupes in to the river. But only Sunil dupe came out and Ravi Teja’s dupe washed away in the Godavari floods and it is heard that he was dead. (The dupe name is Mahendra).

The film unit packed up immediately from there.

The people who were watching the shoot brought the entire issue in to the notice of Purishotham Patnam police and Police filed murder case on Anushka. This incident took place today, 16th March.

Jalsa mobile games - a new concept

Allu Arvind who is the producer of Jalsa starring Pawan & Ileana is coming up with new concept of publicity. This concept is new to Tollywood but it is common in Hollywood and Bollywood.

In this new concept, a flash game is prepared with the figures of Ileana and Pawan that can be played on mobile phones and on line .These games are being made ready in Mumbai and they will be made available to the Telugu audiences very soon. The down load facility and other details of the game will be announced very soon. (We have seen such animation games before the release of Spiderman, Superman in Hollywood and we have also witness such games for Dhoom2).

This is the new trend in Tollywood and Allu Arvind is coming up for the first time for Jalsa.

At the same time, Allu Arvind is planning to arrange the free down load of ring tones. Caller tones, Wall papers, a Bluetooth is being imported from UK for this purpose. These Bluetooth’s will be placed in all the commercials centers of all the important cities of AP. The interested audience can download these ring tones freely from these centers.

Prakash raj with tonsured head
Prakash Raj is certainly one of the most all-around personalities in South Indian film industry. He always displayed a rare style of his own, winning admiration from all sections of the audiences. After proving his mettle as an actor, he also succeeded as producer in Tamil. His adaptability to the roles of a villain and character artiste with equal ease is considered his major strength. Sources said, Prakash Raj is going to appear with tonsured head in the forthcoming film of Allu Arjun titled Parugu. The film is directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar with Dil Raju producing it.

E V V to make another "Raakhi" with Aryan

E V V Satyanarayana is now making ground works for another new flick story, sometime back Vignesha Satish described him a script, E V V was convinced and impressed with the story with some reservations, story resembles to ‘Raakhi‘ of N T R which goes on killing all enemies who are cause for death of his sister. E V V is now busy in making modifications to the story, this flick would be starred by his elder son Aryan Rajesh as hero. E V V is doing his best to settle his first son in Tollywood as his second son Allari Naresh.

YSR’s ‘Sakshi’ vs Babu’s ‘Aksharam’

Chandra Babu Naidu who rejected the invitation of YS Jagan’s Sakshi daily news paper launch, is coming up with his own Daily News Paper titled Aksharam.

Senior journalist ABK Prasad will lead this news Paper Aksharam of Babu.

As YSR is coming with Sakshi, Babu doesn’t want to depend on Ramoji Rao’s Eenadu.

This will come up only after looking in to performance of Sakshi. If Sakshi benefits YSR, Babu is bound to come up with Aksharam before the next assembly election..

Murali Mohan and TDP MP Aadi Keshavula Naidu are the names heard in funding the Aksharam daily.

Ha Ha Hasini Artwork photo

Rajni cracks jokes on mohan babu in kucheludu function

In 1978- 1979, I was busy in Tamil and Telugu films, I was facing problems to travel between Chennai and Hyderabad. Balachander asked me to choose one language to act, A Telugu Friend advised me to settle in Tamil, saying that there was lot of politics in Telugu industry. But I came to know the reality (laughs) that Friend sent me to Tamil industry to avoid my competition in Tollywood’ That friend is none other than Mohan Babu..

In 1976, I did Annadammula sawal and then Iddharu asadhyule- that time producers offered me 1.50 acres land in jubilee hills as remuneration, I said ok to the producers, but same friend said ‘ What will you do this rock land, the producers are trying to deceive you, you take money from producers and leave the place’. Even this friend is Mohanbabu.

Big stars attended Rajnikanth movie launch

Rajinikant was very happy with the warm welcome and huge response that his return to Telugu films had got him. He said it was nice to do a film after many decades for Aswini Dutt who was known for his glitzy and mega budget films.

He recollected how NTR and ANR had come to the launch of his film 'Pedarayudu' and how the film went on to become a super hit.

He added that when good hearted people came together, a film's success was assured, as was the case with his latest film, where megastar, Dasari, Venkatesh, Ram Charan and others came in to wish him and his team all success.

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