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Venkatesh joins Chiranjeevi’s party?
Venkatesh, who is known to be away from politics, is out of his, hibernation. He is willing to support Chiranjeevi’s’ party if the Megastar is for sure to enter politics. Speaking about this on the location of his next movie Chintakayala Ravi-Software Engineer, Venky gave a green signal that he will support the megastar if at all he comes up with party, which will help the poor and needy in their campaign agenda. Coming to his film, Venkatesh is charging 4 crores as his remuneration for this film and also is having a share in the nizam rights of this film. This film will be released on May this year if all goes well.

Criminal cases on Chiranjeevi blood bank?

Well, the speculations about IT raids on Chiranjeevi are increasing in number day after day. Now the fresh rumor is that Chiranjeevi blood bank has been targeted by the Congress Government.

It is rumoured that some leaders in the ruling party are planning to damage Chiru's hard earned image by dragging him to the court, a Telugu daily reported. The allegations are that the blood collected by this blood bank is being misused and also the patients who were aided by this blood bank had falled ill, said that newspaper .
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If the news is to be believed Chiranjeevi might be the main accused in this case as he is the founder of this bank.

Gossip winery is abuzz that ruling party is endlessly searching every possible way to suppress Chiranjeevi's political aspirations and also to bring him the negative image among the masses.

First Look: Snapshots of 'Jalsa' Game

A new trend has been created in Telugu with Pawan Kalyan's Jalsa. For the first time, a mobile and online game is modeled on the character of a protagonist of a Telugu film much before its release. A game on Jalsa has been designed. The game-movie is being developed by RZ2 Games, a gaming company based in Goa.

In the game, Pawan Kalyan performs 6 types of moves, including 4 types of kicks other than punches and flips. The game has four levels. The characters in the game are Sanjay (Pawan Kalyan), Bhagyamati (Ileana) and Reddi (Mukesh Rushi). The game is released on Saturday, March 22, 2008.
Really amazing experience playing this game ..............

Dashavatharam audio function with Rs 4 crores?
Oscar Ravi Chadnran is making the film Dashavatharam with Kamal, Asin and Mallika Sherawath in the lead role. The film is made with the huge budget of Rs55 crores. The film is scheduled to release in the summer.

Mean while the music of Harish Reshmaiya is releasing on 4th April and Producer is spending Rs4 crores. Arrangements are being made in Nehru Stadium, Chennai. Hollywood Super Star Jackie Chan will be the Chief Guest.

KCR plans mega tie-up with Chiru

Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao thinks that a TRS-Chiranjeevi tie-up will be a deadly combine with the potential to sweep the next general elections in Andhra Pradesh.

"We are in touch with the Chiranjeevi camp. But I am yet to be personally in contact with Chiranjeevi," KCR told The Times Of India when asked whether there were efforts to form an alliance. "Our combination will bring both the Congress and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to their knees", KCR claimed. The Telangana warlord believes that there is no way the creation of Telangana can be stopped. "It will happen after the next general elections," he said. Queried on how he could be sure about this as even the last time around the TRS had won on the promise of a separate state, KCR said his party would make a clean sweep of the region and with 17 seats, nobody in Delhi would oppose the demand for Telangana.

His allegation: the Congress party had virtually backstabbed them by reneging on the issue of creation of a separate state.

"The sentiment for a separate state is very strong in the region and this has to be respected. We have our separate culture, our food is different and so are our festivals. We must have two different states," KCR said. But how far will the people of Telangana go in this direction? Will they resort to agitations, court arrest and go to jail? KCR said the need for these steps does not arise, because now the issue of Telangana has boiled down to a political question. "Was Uttaranchal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh created as a result of agitation? It was just a political decision taken by the powers in New Delhi. The same has to be the case with Telangana," KCR said.

The TRS leader thinks that because of its anti-Telangana stance, the Congress party will be decimated in the region and similar would be the fate of TDP because of its ambivalent stance. KCR is ready to write off the two parties in the other regions of the state because of the Chiranjeevi wave that will soon sweep over these parts. "Even in small hamlets and villages there is very strong support for him. This will shake both TDP and Congress down to their roots," KCR suggested.

In Telangana, KCR’s strategy to mobilise public support would be through mega public meetings in large towns. "From experience we know that this is a better way to mobilise support than through grassroots meetings at each village," the TRS boss said.

At the national level KCR feels that post general elections, the BJP will emerge as the single largest party and that the Congress haul will be below 100. Though he does not say so, his hopes of Telangana are also buoyed by his personal belief that a BJP combine will lead the government in Delhi after the next polls.

Jalsa story leaked

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Pawan Kalyan alias Sanjay is a college student who first falls in love with Kamalini Mukerjee. But for some reason she cheats or ditches him and walks away from his life. From then on Pawan goes on tellling everybody, both boys and girls not to love anybody. But he meets Ileana in college and falls in love with her.

Here enters Parvathi Melton who also loves Pawan an doesnt like him going around with Ileana. She goes and reports Ileana’s love matter to Illi’s Father. Obviously father turns angry an asks his daughter not to talk to her boyfriend.

But our man is the hero, so he directly goes to the heroine house and tells her father that he is going to stay there in his house for some time to show him how much he loves his daughter. What happens next should be seen on the screen… In-between there will be few fight sequences and song sequences in the movie.

jalsa specialities,jalsa censor on march 22

Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa first copy will be ready by 21st March and the film will go for censor certification on 22nd March. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan went to Goa & Pune on Holiday trip after completing the dubbing work.

The film is all set to release on 28th March with 1000 prints and it will be hitting 2700 screen in AP. Hyderabad claims 55 screens. ---Record Number.

Specialties :-

1. Mahesh Babu is giving Voiceover.
2. Colors Swathy is giving her voice for Ileana/ Bagyamathi.

The film is directed by Trivikram Sreenivas, Produced by Allu Arvind, Devi Sree Prasad is the music director, Guhan is the Cameraman.

Telugu actor Shobhan Babu is dead

Veteran Telugu actor Shobhan Babu, 70, died on Thursday following a cardiac arrest, hospital sources said.

"The patient had apparently suffered a massive heart attack before he was brought here at 10.52 a.m. Doctors tried to revive him but could not," said a spokesperson of Apollo Hospital.

Born on Jan 14, 1937 as Uppu Shobana Chalapathi Rao, Babu entered films in 1961 by playing walk-in parts.

He got his big break as a hero in the 1965 Telugu classic Veerabhimanyu. Babu and actress Sharada were a hit pair for over 15 years.

In a career spanning 32 years till 1997 when he retired, Babu won the coveted best actor awards from the Andhra Pradesh government five times and from Filmfare magazine on four occasions.

He bagged the central government's award for the best classical film hero for Bangaru Panjaram in 1970.

Born in Mylavaram near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, Babu was an arts graduate.

He is survived by wife Kanta Kumari, son Karuna Seshu and three daughters Mrudula, Prashanti and Nivedita.

The matinee idol did not allow any of his offspring to start a career in showbiz.

Babu's fans hailed him as "Andhra Andagadu" (Mr Style of Andhra) since the icon was always seen in designer clothes and a pair of premier brand sunglasses.

The matinee idol was also said to be romantically linked to former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalitha, though Babu never confirmed or denied it.

Babu's body was taken to his residence in a western suburb for the Telugu film industry to pay its homage.

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