Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jalsa camera

A new camera was used for picturisation of jalsa.Check out this camera pic.

NTR mahesh babu to rule tollywood

Senior heroes like NTR, ANR, Krishna, Chiranjeevi etc has not only earned immense fan following from the masses but also among the co stars.

There are many who turned actors by drawing inspiration from these legends.

From the younger generation too heroes like Mahesh and NTR are standing tall in inspiring co actors. Hero Gopichand said that he is a great admirer of Mahesh and NTR from his generation heroes. Late Sobhan Babu also liked Mahesh and NTR's performance, and he believed that these two will make it big in Telugu film industry. Senior actress Jayasudha also stated that she was impressed by Mahesh's performance. The list goes on and on!

These two young heroes have already won the hearts of millions of fans are now being admired by the co stars too. No doubt, they will rule the future.

Why Pawan Kalyan films are different from regular films?

This was question posed to Pawan Kalyan by media recently; this is the response of Pawan ‘I never thought of becoming an actor. I like have simple life. I don’t know any business. Annayya and my other family members asked me to act, any other common man, I too wanted to face camera and wanted to see my face on Camera.. It was just a passing thought. I used to think differently’.

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Pawan adds ‘I used to think much about films rather than acting. I always wanted films to be nearer to real life. When we can so many emotions in real life, why can’t we have them on screen? – I could not understand this- I thought I could put all these emotions in the films what I am doing, but practically it wasn’t possible. I couldn’t implement my ideas in my first film, but I could feel better in my second film Gokulam lo Seetha . But after my third film Suswagatham, I decided I shouldn’t do such films where human emotions have no value. But you have seen my films there after—they are entirely different.’

The reason for Delay in Jalsa to release on April 2nd?

The much anticipated flick Jalsa of Pawan Kalyan has been postponed by a week days. The film is likely to be released on 2nd April instead of 28th March.

Technical reasons are the reason for this delay in release.

In the process of film processing, they grade the film and then subject it to DI (Digital intermediate) for better color effects.

The first half of the movie is well completed but the second part grading was not done as for the satisfaction of producer. So Arvind who made the film by spending huge budget of Rs28 crores is not in hurry to release the film without the quality that he wanted. So he wants the second half of the film to be regarded for the better color effects. This may take couple of more days to complete the work.

‘Sivaji’ to hit theatres in Hindi!

‘Sivaji’ to hit theatres in Hindi!
Rajni’s 'Sivaji' is now all set to hit theatres in Hindi. The mighty superstardom of Rajnikanth combined with the powerful story and screenplay of director Shankar gave us a blockbuster bigger than any we have seen till date! 'Sivaji - the Boss' was in every way the Boss of the box office last year, and continues to lure audiences to theatres. That the movie glided past the 100 and 200 day mark, and is now heading towards the 300th day mark is no surprise indeed!
Not wanting to deny audiences across the nation the treat that is 'Sivaji', AVM Studios, the producers of the film, decided to have the movie dubbed and released in Hindi. Even the Tamil version was a hit for North Indian audiences all over India. And now, 'Sivaji' is all set to speak in Hindi! Yes, the movie has been dubbed in Hindi and there are a number of big names contending for the distribution rights. While the producers contemplate who should get the distribution rights, they are looking for someone who can buy the movie lock, stock and barrel for the Hindi release. They promise that even the dubbed version of the movie is as spectacular and as entertaining as the original. The Hindi dialogues have been fitted perfectly and the dubbing is absolutely seamless.
Will the Hindi-speaking 'Sivaji' make as big a splash as the original? It appears it sure will!

Rajinikant to romance 5 heroines?

Tamil superstar Rajinikant will be romancing five heroines in his current film, Kucheludu.

He already has got Nayanatara as his leading lady but apart from her, he will be shaking a leg with four more heroines in a song to be shot at Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad. Mamta Mohandas has already signed for it as one of the actresses. The buzz is that Sneha is also being considered.

Currently, the film's shooting is progressing at rapid pace at the special set erected at RFC. The film, directed by P Vasu, is shot simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. The Telugu version will have Jagapathi Babu playing a barber. The same role will be enacted in Tamil by Pasupathi. Meena is the heroine for Jagapathi

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