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Balakrishna injured in the sets of Pandurangadu

With his last film Okkamagadu becoming the biggest flop of his filmy career, Balakrishna is getting ready to pounce back with Pandurangadu movie. Balakrishna is all set to entertain his fans and also other audience with his acting skills and performance in Pandarangadu.

To make this movie a major hit or otherwise a come back film, Balkrishna is not leaving any stone untured. He is shooting his role with great dedication, sincierity and effort. A simple example is the mark on his forehead.

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When a press meeting was held recently by the Pandurangadu team, Balakrishna was present there and a dark mark was there on his fore head. Every body thought that it was tilakam or kumkuma bottu at the function. But it is not the fact….

The fact is that Balakrishna has hurt himself on his for head. This happened when he was shooting for Pandurangadu film. Balayya had to shoot for a king’s scene where he had to place a crown on his head. Director Raghavendra Rao asked him to complete the shot with a dummy crown but Balakrishna chose to do the shot with a real and heavy crown. The crown was heavy and also didnt seat properly on the head of Balayya resulting in an injury on his fore head due to the continous pressure by the crown during the scenes.

Megastar a true politicians?

Megastar is entering in to politics with his own political party soon. And at the same time he is taking political classes with the help of intellectuals.

Another notable change in the Megastar is that he is changing his getup. He used to wear T-shirt or shirts with flowers for any function. But he is completely changed and wearing plane cotton shirts.

We can see his dress style during Jalsa audio release function, Chirutha audio release function and recent Parugu audio release function. He appeared with white color dresses. He is also not wearing Jeans.

This is the general observation from the media-as the media is focusing on Chiru's political entry- every move of Chiru will be made public by the media.

Ram Hansika in MS Raju film

Director B Gopal who made big budget films in Tollywood was away from films from some time after NTR's Narasimhudu. Now he is coming back to direct a film for MS Raju.

Ram (Devadasu) and Hansika Motawani are likely to be paired up for this film. MS Raju will produce the film and discussion are on for this project.

Mean while, Ram is busy in winding up the shoot of his film Ready- Dhenikaina with director Sreenu Vytla. After this film, Ram is supposed to do a film Rey for YVS.

But YVS isn't in hurry to start a film immediately after his disappointing Okka Magadu. YVS is in USA and he is likely to begin his Rey in October with Ram.

Puri's Bujjigadu audio songs on 18th

Poori Jagannath's Bujjigadu- made in Chennai music will be released on 18th April in Hyderabad through Aditya music. The film has many specialties;-

1.Puri is directing the film after successful hits like Desamuduru and Chirutha.

2. Mohanbabu is playing very special role of Trisha's brother in this film.

3. Poori Jagannath's son Master Aakash and his daughter Baby Pavitra are appearing in short roles.

4. This is third film in the combination of Prabhas & Trisha after Varsham and Pournami.

5. Sanddep Chowtha who directed music for Poori's super is again working for Poori's film Bujjigdu.

6. Producer KS Ram Rao is planning to release the film in the month of May.

We have shown the caliber of Telugu Cinema with Jalsa- Allu Arvind

Allu Arvind made this huge budget film Jalsa with Pawan and Trivikram. And succeeded in creating a big hype to the film with various methods of Marketing. Today the film stood 9th place at the world Box office with Rs21 Crores collections in the first week run.

The film was watched by by 1.17 crores audiences in the first week.

Arvind who organized press meet in Hyderabad said ' We have shown the caliber of Telugu film in business wise. After releasing the music of Jalsa , we decided that Telugu film industry has lot of potential and we wanted to prove it with Jalsa. We released the film with good number of theatres and at the same time Promotional work was done keeping Pawan's craze among the audiences. Finally it yielded the result'.

Arvind further adds ''This my request to all our Telugu producers that a film with proper publicity will get the good results. We should take the film to audiences. And I wish and want another Telugu film to cross these records very soon, for the benefit of Tollywood'.

Video: telugu comedy scene from yamaleela

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