Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NTR says Intlo Subha Karyalaki avasaram leni vaadini, ippudu Politics ki avasaram vachchana?

The latest we hear from filmnagar that NTR who was invited for the lunch by Chandrababu and for Sriramanavami by NBK have discussed about the present political situation in the state and the role of Nandamuri family to bring back the TDP in to the government.
But NTRjr has expressed his conditional support to Babu.
The conditions are:-
  1. That his mother must be given equal importance like any other Nandamuri family women, then only he will support TDP. She should be invited for the functions that take place in Nandamuri family.
  2. It is rumored that NTR said ‘ Intlo Subha Karyalaki avasaram leni vaadini, ippudu Politics ki avasaram vachchana?
  3. So far, only NTRjr is invited for the functions in the Nandamuri family, even that invitation is not for all the function.
  4. NTRjr who attended the engagement function NBK’s daughter left the place with couple of minutes.
  5. It was also rumored that Kalyanram insulted NTRjr by passing a comment in that engagement function- ( Eanedhuku vachchadu engagement ki- why did he (NTR)come for engagement)
  6. NTR didn’t attend the marriage of NBK’s daughter with babu’s son Lokesh
  7. NTR is closely moving with Bunny and some industry people foresee that NTR may bend towards Chiru, if there is no proper response from Nandamuri family.
  8. It is also heard that Chandrababu is keeping NTRjr away from Nandamuri family purposely-NTRjr wants to utilize the situation to get the importance to his mother in Nandamuri family.

Trisha illeana with NTR


It would be a great combination if Goa Golden duck Ileana and Chennai andama Trisha work together for NTRjr. That is what director VV Vinayak is planning for his next film with NTRjr.
Kodali Nani and Vamsy are jointly producing the film and the shoot begins by this month end.

Aish with vikram in mani ratnam film

Aishwarya Rai is getting good offers from south after her marriage with Abhishek Bachchan.She has already signed for Rajini’s Robot with director Shankar.
Now another Tamil director Mani Rathnam has narrated a script to Aish and Vikram and it is likely to get finalized very soon. And the film may go on floors by this year end.
Vikram is doing a bilingual film Mallanna (Kandhaswamy in Tamil) with director Sushi Ganeshan.

Panduranagdu AP rights sold for Rs22 Crores?

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Director K Raghavendar Rao who is directing and producing the film Pandurangadu is going to make the table profit of Rs 6 crores from his film with Balakrishna.
Though Balakrishna’s earlier films were flops at Box office, Balakrishna films are in good demand at the box office irrespective of their result at the box office.
Now a Mumbai based corporate company has bagged the AP distribution rights by paying Rs22 Crores. (Balakrishna’s Okkamagadu was sold for Rs26 crores by YVS).
So K Raghavendar Rao is likely to make the table profit of Rs 6 crores from this film Pandurangadu.

Dont compare NTR with Pawan kalyan-Harikrishna

Harikrishna was in New Delhi today to take the oath for his Rajyasabha member and was speaking to media and said ‘Don’t compare NTRjr with Pawan Kalyan ,Chiru or Balakrishna. Chiranjeevi gaaru is yet to announce his party, it is too early to say anything about Chiranjeevi’s party’.
We, Nandamuri family are very much with Chandrababu and we want to see him back as CM of AP to fulfill the wishes of great NTR.. It is not only the duty of NTR’s sons but also grand sons of NTR have the responsibility to bring the past glory to TDP’.
When the media asked to comment on Purundeswari’s statement, Hari said ‘We have kept her in the hands of Oka Ayya (Daggupti Venkateswara Rao) and she is dancing for the tunes of that Ayya.

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