Friday, April 18, 2008

Rajesh & Naresh to play leads in EVVS plot!

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Well the Telugu audience is going to enjoy a couple of films from the EVV family soon. You wanna know the reason? It seems daddy EVV is ready with a couple of stories and he wants his sons to play lead in his stories.

The movie lovers of AP have enjoyed many comedies from this director, and they are dying for more, at least that is what it seems like. EVV's sons Aryan Rajesh and 'Allari' Naresh will soon be acting in papa's films.

Reports indicate that one of the films has been titled 'Akasha Ramanna' and Aryan will be the hero for this flick. This is Aryan's next film after 'Evadigola Vadide' with his dad.

The other film has been tentatively titled 'Cameraman Rambabu tho Rambha' and Allari Naresh will play the lead in this film.

The heroines have not been decided yet for both the projects. Even from the names of the films we can gather that EVV has worked yet again for some hilarious treat to his audience.

Naresh is a busy man these days. Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters (BBCS) is released today and he is currently acting in 'Blade Babji'. This hero will start shooting for his dad's next film after the completion of 'Blade Babji'.

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Nag's film with Lawrence to be titled as 'Power'?


Nag -the next film will be with director Sreenu Vytla. And the film is to be titled as King. If we observe the title of Nag's films from Mass. Mass, Super, Boss, Don, King- all English titles . And his next film with Lawrence will be Power.

Jalsa collects Rs.32Crores in 15 days with 19th Rank.

Pawan Kalyan's Jalsa is sweeping the box office. The film was released on 2nd April. And the film has collected Rs32 Crores in its 15 days run. The figures are as for the Geeta arts representative .

The film Jalsa which stood 9th place with Rs21 Crores at world box office in the first week has got 19th place after 2nd week- As for world box office Mejo.

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