Sunday, April 20, 2008

Photo : NTR driving new car

NTR driving his new car........PORSCHE 911 TURBO LIMITED EDITION

mohan babu rajinikanth separated

Dark clouds have loomed over Rajni and Mohan Babu's friendship. They have been thick friends for years, but of late things are not as good as they used to be. Rajni seems to be unhappy with Mohan Babu. This was of course clear when, the superstar made sarcastic comments on Mohan babu at the launch of his film under the direction of P.Vasu recently in Hyderabad.

Now it is even more evident. Rajnikanth was the chief guest of the audio launch (held on April 18, 2008) of Puri Jagannadh directed Bujjigaadu Made in Chennai. Mohan Babu was missing, and the best part is that he happens to be main character of the film. Mohan Babu was in Hyderabad while Rajnikant in Chennai launched the audio. The function was held at the at Andhra Cultural Association premises in Chennai.

When enquired about Mohan Babu's absence, director Puri said, "Mohan Babu could not attend the function due to personal problems. Both Rajnikant and Mohan Babu are great friends and it would have been great had we seen them together on this dias."

NTR is the flavour of the season.

Not a day seems to pass without him being in the news, be it for his upcoming release, Kantri , or for allegedly being approached by the TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu to campaign for their party in the upcoming general elections.

Here's more khabar on the charismatic actor... NTR will be playing the lead in director VV Vinayak's next venture, to be launched in a couple of months. Ileana and Trisha have been signed up to play the lead in the film being produced by Kodali Nani.

The director-actor duo goes back a long time having worked together for Aadi, which was NTR's first big hit. They tasted success again with Samba and will be hoping to make it three in a row. With Trisha and Ileana one thing’s for sure the oomph meter will sure be soaring!

Playing Hasini second time is tough,Genelia

Genelia has never believed in coincidence. “But I acknowledge it now because I don’t know how else to explain the recent events in my life. First, my film Bommarilu, the Telugu superhit of last year, was selected to be remade in Tamil as Santosh Subramaniam. I was chosen for it, even though it could’ve been played by other heroines. And April 12, the day Santosh Subramaniam released, is the same day I started shooting for the Bollywood version of Bommarilu,” says an excited Genelia.

Her role Hasini, in Bommarilu was a motormouth, which endeared her to the masses. But playing the same character for the second time in Santosh Subramanian wasn’t easy, says Genelia. “I kept thinking it would be a cakewalk, but the original script kept haunting me. So I was nervous wondering if I’d be able live up to expectations. The audience already knew what Hasini was like. It was a really scary thought to replicate the same act,” says she.

But she scored once again and Genelia now enjoys playing performance-oriented roles. Adding that as an actress, you sometimes want to be taken seriously besides just playing arm-candy to the hero. Says she, “I don’t want heroine-centric films; I don’t believe in them. I just like being part of a story. I don’t mind being there for just five minutes, but it has to be worth it.” And what about-facing competition? “I believe talent never goes unnoticed. Also, it’s high time people started experimenting. Somebody has to take up that responsibility. And I’m doing just that,” sums up Genelia.

Shreya: 'Refuses to play mother role'

Shreya Saran is very busy these days. She is actually rehearsing for her roles. She has to belly dance for one of her films. So the lady is busy practising belly dancing nowadays! Well, she’s trying to master the dance form, we hear.

Shreya is also busy with her shoot for ad commercials. Rumour has it that she has declined to play the role of a mother in one of the most awaited releases this year. “Playing mom can wait for another 10 years,” muses Shreya. And why not? Her best compliment came from none other than Rajinikanth himself. While shooting for the song Vaji Vaji Sivaji… Rajinikanth is said to have looked at the completely deckedup Shreya and compared her to Sridevi, who looked good in any costume and carried herself very well in any role.

He is also said to have blessed Shreya wishing her a bright future! Hope his golden words do come true for the actress, who is now waiting to be signed on with the best of heroes in the south.

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