Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gopichand's new film started

Gopichand's new film started this morning (18th April) at Venkateswara Swami temple located in Bhavya's Anandam Apartment located in Nizampet Road. Anand Prasad is producing the film on Bhavya Creations banner. Cinematographer J.Siva is turning into director with this film. Anushka, Poonam Kaur are the heroines.

The film is officially launched with the clap, camera switch on and first shot direction done by Suresh Babu, Dr. Subba Naidu and Anand Prasad respectively. Vetri is making debut as cinematographer in Telugu while Mani Sharma handles music. Marthand K.Venkatesh is the editor. A pressmeet followed the launch of the film. Gopichand, Anushka, Poonam Kaur and director Siva participated in the press meet. The makers are very confident of the script. Anushka was all in praise for the director. Gopichand commented that Siva gave them the perfect script when they are looking for one. 'The film has good scope and projects in various dimensions. It will be a good entertainer', said Gopichand. Poonam Kaur thanked the makers for the opportunity.

Mom’s word is everything to Hansika

Another girl who is making her moves slowly and steadily is Hansika Motwani and she is not taking any chances. She is being extremely choosy about the projects she selects and has a shrewd manager in her mother who guides her in all her professional moves.

Whatever the media may say about her mother, she is firm in the belief that Mum Mona is the best thing to have happened to her career. And having a mother to guide you at home, with all her professional moves, we guess Hansika has nothing to worry about. Now this is what we call, cost cutting and multi-tasking!

Lawrence Sneha Pardhu shooting complete

Lawrence who first started his filmy career as a dance director, started acting in movies. After becoming an actor, he started directing movies and directed movies like 'Mass', 'Style'. After becoming a director, Lawrence became a music director with 'Don' movie. Now he is penning the screenplay for 'Pardhu' movie.

'Pardhu' movie is a bi-lingual movie which has Lawrence, Sneha and Namitha in the lead roles. Madhuravan is directing it and Manyam Ramesh is producing the telugu version of Pardhu movie on Manyam Entertainments banner. Music is by Srikanth Deva. Pardhu film completed its shooting part and started its post-production work.

Sreesanth and four heroines

Cricketer Sreesanth has interests other than cricket, which is fairly evident from the star’s participation in several TV shows. In fact, Sreesanth had openly stated that he was willing to don the greasepaint but had to forego some good offers from Bollywood, as that required a long-term commitment. When a celebrity makes such an open statement it is sure to evoke some response. And indeed, it did! .

The star has now been offered the lead role in a Telugu film that will have four heroines. The storyline, according to our sources, would be something bordering the cricketer’s life story. Sreesanth also made it very clear that he would consider acting assignments that would not hamper his cricketing schedules.

Hindi Bommarillu To Give Rs 1 Cr for Genelia?

Actress Genelia will owe a lot to the film 'Bommarillu' as this has been taking her places, firstly it was the Telugu version which became a super hit and gave her a much needed hit, then there was the Tamil version 'Santosh Subramaniam' which also became a hit and now she is a hot star in the Tamil region.

Now, well known Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor has taken the rights for the remake of this film in Hindi and yet again Genelia has been approached by him for doing the role of Hasini. Sources say that the film maker has offered her a whopping 1 crore for doing the film.

Also, Genelia will be pairing up with the most happening hunk Harman Baweja in the film. Looking at the way luck has been shining on this girl, it is only a matter of time before she sets foot in the top league of Bollywood and gives the Bipashas, Kareenas a run for their money. All the best for that Genelia!!!

TV5, TV9 and NTV Playing With Chiranjeevi

Megastar Chiranjeevi is one man who has been keeping the entire media along with the political parties on their toes with the hints of his political debut on and off. How much of it is true and when it will happen remains to be seen but in this process, there are three channels that are making a feast of the whole topic.

The leading news channels like TV5, TV9 and NTV are leaving no stone unturned to squeeze the maximum out of this incident and have been conducting meetings, discussions, open talks and debates along with SMS contests just to increase their TRP ratings.

Adding more salt to the spice is the roping in of personalities like I Venkat Rao and Thammareddy Bharadwaj who are considered close associates of Chiru and it is heard that there are different versions coming out from them every time they face the camera in the different news channels. In all this, it is Chiranjeevi who is being used as the scapegoat while the others are making merry out of it.

illeana about NTR,Pawan and Mahesh !

In a recent interview illeana spoke about this three super stars...

Pawan gaaru and Mahesh gaaru are both much reserved people. They never used to interfere with others’ works - their policy was to keep to themselves, complete their work and go. Tarak (NTR Jr.) is fun to work with. He mingles with everyone easily. But everyone is a real professional in that they all work equally hard for scene betterment.

Jalsa interrupted with poor publicity

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Pawan Kalyan's Jalsa is doing record business despite the negative talk. Pawan Kalyan registered a ‘success' after a long, long gap of almost seven years. Fans are cheering Jalsa and watching it repeatedly to see their matinee idol at his very best after many a year.

However, the promotional activities are not up to the mark for Jalsa, in fact they are nil. There is hardly any special program conducted on the film. The publicity for Jalsa is on the spot prior to release, but it came down drastically when it matters the most. Publicity is the mantra of nowadays cinema and any good film could be wiped off from the memory of the audiences within no time when not promoted well.
Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram are always known as the media shy people and one can't expect them to take the initiative. On the other hand, Allu Aravind, the producer of the film is busy scripting the tactics for Chiranjeevi's politics. Who else would take the responsibility of overseeing the promotional activities with the main pillars of the film staying away from the media?

If the phenomenon continues the same it mars the prospects of Jalsa for sure. Hope they wake up soon before it slips off completely out of hands.

Chiranjeevi deserve to become chief minister?

Resolved Question:
Chiranjeevi deserve to become chief minister? Chiranjeevi deserve to become chief minister?

Answer from Public:(Opinion of Public)
Just because he has fought villains onscreen?? Just because he has stood against corruption as a protagonist of a film?? Just becuase there's no actor to match his popularity?? If these are reasons why Chiru or for that matter any film star becomes a CM of a state, it has to be said that it would be a reflection of our state of democracy. Sure, enough the film star in question supports blood banks, eye banks, fights for corruption in movies, is loved and adored by his fans... but then being a socially conscious citizen and being a good enough statesmen is like chalk and cheese.
Does Chiru have it in him to be able to balance the caste equations in the state, is he competent enough to lead a state - its economy, welfare not to forget the realpolitik of it all is a matter that cannot be judged by his silver screen performance.
Like everyone he needs to prove himself... not just as a politician with a tinseltown charisma but also as a stateman of integrity, honor and service... so whether or not he becomes a CM the fore mentioned factors would determine how long people would wish him to be the CM (after he gets there that is...)

Shriya is Miss perfect

Shriya Saran doesn’t like people to wait for her.

When we met her at a Delhi hotel recently, she kept repeating, "I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long." And this for only a five-minute delay! She even participated in the photo shoot actively, choosing the light against which the pictures would come out best. "I love the camera," she told us. Looks like Shriya feels the need to execute each and every thing to perfection. She even relocated to Delhi just to learn dancing from danseuse Shovana Narayan. "Yes, I trained with her here in Delhi," she confirmed. Shriya also chooses movies after ensuring she’s in for something she believes in. She feels that it is essential for young actors like her to portray the country in a good light. "Before signing the Hollywood flick The Other End Of The Line, I was very clear that India should be portrayed as it is. I want India to be shown in a positive light. Don’t glorify or beautify it, but show it exactly the way it is now," said the actress, who prefers calling Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood only 'Indian cinema'.

Nayantara collapses on sets

Nayantara, who was supposed to be the star attraction at the IPL match yesterday, fainted while shooting in Hyderabad for Rajnikanth starrer ‘Kuselan’. She was hospitalized and was not able to perform at the event. She is one of the brand ambassadors of the Chennai team along with Vijay.

The actress who had a fever collapsed due to exhaustion and was taken to Kamineni hospital in

Hyderabad. The doctors reported that the actress suffers from heat wave conditions that hit Andhra recently and has low Blood Pressure.

“A complete rest for two to three days is the best medicine for her problems now,” said the consultant.

Nayantara, who was shooting for ‘Kuselan’ at Ramoji Film city had to pack off early on Monday evening, as she was showing signs of a viral attack and feeling weak. But even after that, the thorough professional actress attended the Tuesday schedule with Rajini which went for round the clock and it is said that this added stress has resulted in the actress getting drained out.

At present Nayantara who is reigning in the numero uno position in the South, is doing three big films simultaneously, 'Kuselan' with Rajini, 'Aegan' with Ajith and 'Sathyam' opposite Vishal. And she has been signed for four more big films including 'Singam' with Vijay.

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