Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kantri big hit if NTR sentiment works out

Almost all the film industry believe in sentiments, it is very common in the industry. Now the same sentiment is used to derive NTR's Kantri is a big hit. All the first time directors

All the first director who worked with NTR delivered good hits- SS Rajamouli's first film as director was Student No 1 with NTR- the film was big hit.

And the film Aadi of VV Vinayak with NTR made Vinayak a Mass director.

Now Meher Ramesh is directing his first Telugu film with NTR- if that sentiment works out, Kantri is going to be big hit.

Mullapudi Vara is exception for this sentiment- he directed a film Naa Alludu with NTR, but it didn't produce good results.

Meher Ramesh is going to show NTR as real Kantri in this film with plenty of political dialogues.

Hansika favourite hero !

Guess who Hansika’s favourite hero is?

Though just 16 (atleast that’s what she claims to be) HANSIKA is fast proving to be hot stuff. For starters, she has learnt the art of stardom and success and how to draw attention. Not bad, considering it’s not even a year since her film Aap Ka Suroor released. But mind it! This kiddo has a mind of her own. Ask her about her favourite movie of 2007 and without batting an eyelid she replies, “Guru.” Now that is an exceptional choice for the best movie. Wait, there is more to it, guess who her favourite Indian actor is? DEV ANAND! By the way, is Miss Motwani looking for a role in Main Solah Baras Ki Part 2?

photos happy days Sravz new movie

karo karo jalsa song lyrics in less than 30 minutes

Karo Karo Jalsa ….is the hit song from Pawan’s Jalsa. We can hear this everywhere from small hotel to cell phone ring tone.

The song is getting good response from Mass and youth audiences. Trivikram Sreenivas says that the song was written by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry and he took less than 30 minutes to write this song. The entire credit for this result goes to Sastry gaaru and Devi Sree Prasad who tuned the song.

The song was sung by Baba Shehagal and Reeta.

Hot Ileana to Unplug Hyderabad

Tollywood heartthrob Ileana would begin a count down for Un-Plug Hyderabad programme on Saturday evening 7.29 pm at Mounten Heights in Shilparamam. A private television channel is organizing the programme.

The programme is aimed to reduce the global warming. The organizers are also conducting Karunya’s musical programme on the occasion. The organizers are requesting the people to switch off the electrical affluences for an hour i.e. from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm as a part of Un-Plug Hyderabad programme.

srija sirish learning lessons from parugu

Sirish and Srija continue to hog media limelight thanks to the readers' interest and the special interest shown by some media people. Their every movement is captured and reported.

Now we hear that the stories doing the rounds in Tollywood and elsewhere are that the couple is now keen to watch the film 'Parugu' on May 3.

They are reported to have procured the tickets for the movie at Prasads multiplex. They will watch the movie along with their friends. It has been reported extensively in the media that the film is about them. The eldest daughter of Prakash Raj, Ponam Bajwa runs away from home with her lover and gets married. Sirish is keen to watch how they are projected in the film. Prakash Raj plays the role similar to that of Chiranjeevi in real life.

Allu aravind plans for chiru politics

Producer Allu Aravind is also known to be a good investor in real estate. He has slowly built up assets with the money he made as a producer. His Geetha Arts is a banner of repute in the state.

Allu Aravind has several properties in and around Hyderabad as well as his home town Palakollu.

Aravind is now buying up several theaters across the state. He has purchased 'Apsara' theatre in Rajamundry recently. He is now renovaalso renovated it and made it into a class theater with all modern equipment and sound systems.

Aravind is also the owner of another theater Syamala in Rajamundry. He wants to screen only films of Chiranjeevi family and that of his son Allu Arjun at theses cinema halls till the next assembly elections. He also wants to use these theatres as the hubs for the political activities of Chiranjeevi.

High Court notice to Pawan

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s bigotry tussle restarted as his first wife Nandini has filed a revision petition in High court. Based upon this, High court has issued notice to Pawan Kalyan. Earlier the lower court has ruled in favor of Pawan Kalyan in case of maintenance filed by Nandini.

Veyi Kanulato Nee Sneham aarthi agarwal and udaykiran

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