Monday, May 5, 2008

Hero Siddhartha signed two Telugu films with new directors.

The NVNV hero Siddhartha has signed two films right now in Telugu. Ata with MS Raju was his last Telugu film. Bommarillu was his biggest hit in Tollywood.

One film is with Producer Nallamlupu Bujju, Kishore (Dolly) , a new director is making debut with this film. This film will go on floors very soon.

And another film will be with producer DV Dhanayya. This film will be directed by another new director Anand, who was the associate of Bommarillu Bhaskar.

Hansika priases NTR kantri

For many finding their 'true-calling' can be a life-long pursuit (an unending one sometimes) but for a lucky few like Hansika Motwani it seems as if their true calling finds them!
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From being a prodigious child artiste not so long ago, Hansika has already acted in three films - Desamuduru (Telugu), Aap Ka Suroor (Hindi) and Bindaas (Kannada) all that at just sixteen years of age.
Having made a great impression already with Desamuduru, Hansika is hopeful of making it two in a row with Kantri.

"I have great expectations from the film. It is an action-packed love story that has been shot in some of the most pristine locations in South Africa. I am sure the film will strike the right chord with the audience," says Hansika. When asked about her experience of working with NTR, the actress is all praise for her co-star. "He is such a powerhouse of an actor, a thorough professional and a gentleman. It was a pleasure to work with him. He's done a fabulous job in the film," she shares.

For now though Hansika is tied up with the shooting of Money Hai To Honey Hai in which she is plays the lead opposite Govinda. However, all the travelling does not seem to bother her and she even manages to pack college into her busy schedule. "When I am not tied up with work I love nothing more than going to college and catching up with friends. I have a normal life otherwise, but I love the show business. I love to entertain people, and am enjoying every moment of it," she declares.Given a choice what would she prefer to do, Hindi films or regional films? "As an actress all I am concerned about is the script and my role, and it really does not matter which language the film is made in because a good film will always be a good film no matter what language it is made in. But Tollywood will always be close to my heart as I made my debut here and would love to come back to work here again," she signs off.

Aishwarya shocked Ram Gopal Varma

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Ram Gopal Varma doesn't know who Rebecca Mark is or what Enron is. Rebbeca had resigned from Enron in 2000 after a series of failed infrastructure investments that eventually cost the company more than $2 billion.

Enron's Dabhol project in Maharashtra was the centre of a major controversy and grabbed headlines.

In a chat with Ramu we catch up on what Rebecca Mark means to Ramu and why Ash stunned the filmmaker:

The buzz is that Aishwarya's character in Sarkar Raj is based on Rebecca Mark of Enron.

I have no idea what Enron is. I thought it made pens, because my knowledge of such things is limited. I have no idea what Rebbeca was doing.

Just because Rebecca is a woman in some project it's simpler to put her as some character in Sarkar Raj. In the film we are dealing with a family that deals with politics and rules the state.

Obviously there are going to be strong references to issues that the government deals with like industries, projects, slums - so whatever it is there is bond to be some reference there.

The story is fictional and has nothing to do with anything happening now or what has happened before.

Among the three Bachchans who is the best in the film?
I take both Amitabh and Abhishek for granted so for me, Aishwarya came as a complete shock. I never thought she was a good or bad actress. Her beauty comes so much in the forefront that you don't tend to see beyond it.

I needed someone with her looks for the role and I was sure I could make her act. But I was completely taken aback when I saw her on the sets. She completely fit into the rugged, raw realism of the character, almost like a fish takes to water. I am personally most impressed with her.

Sarkar was based on Godfather. Is SR based on Godfather 2?
No. Sarkar Raj has got nothing to do with Godfather 2. The original Sarkar was definitely influenced by Godfather. Sarkar Raj is about how a man like that, over a period of time, becomes part of so many complex situations.

It's also about incidents that happen and how he deals with them. I would call it the further adventures of the Nagre family. It's like watching an Ekta Kapoor serial where you don't compare episodes - once you get hooked on to the characters you flow with them. The scale of SR is much larger and not so simplistic as the first plot.

Are you nervous about Sarkar Raj?
I never get nervous or excited about any film that I make. My job as a filmmaker is to do it the best way I can. If you keep being sensitive to what all everyone's saying, then it's very difficult to survive or exist. The moment the mixing of the film is over, I don't think about that film - no matter what!

Mohanbabu & Nandamuri: The bond continues!

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Mohanbabu now has seriously given up hero roles. He switched to special characters a while ago and with Yama Donga clicking in a big way other directors are eager to rope in this versatile actor in their films.
Mohanbabu did an interesting role in Bujjigadu which is due for release.
Now he is doing an important role in Balakrishna’s Pandurangadu who guides the protagonist in a right way. His is a saintly role in this film and in a brief moment it will leave an impact on the audience, the makers say.
Nandamuri fans now hope that Mohanbabu who played an important role in young NTR’s Yamadonga success is all set to share the success of NBK’s Pandurangadu too. Mohanbabu has always remained a good friend to Balakrishna and for some specific reasons Nandamuri fans too likes this ‘celebrity’!

Nagababu's political film begins shooting

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Shooting of a film directed by Kodi Ramakrishna and produced by NH Bhaskara Reddy under the banner of Rushya Productions with Nagababu as hero was launched in the first week of April. The character played by Nagababu begins with the role of a police officer and later turns a politician.

In the wake of gossips that Chiranjeevi might announce the name of his new party very soon, this political film is likely to be released just before the launch of the new party, as it would remain an asset for the publicity of the party ideals.

Kodi Ramakrishna is known for bringing out good political films like Shatruvu, Bharat Bandh, Ankusam and Ratha Yatra and the latest film would definitely have its own impact on the people. Besides Nagababu, there will be four heroes and all new faces are being introduced in these roles. Especially, the film is likely to explain the ideologies and the manifesto of the party to be founded by his brother, Chiranjeevi.

Chiru wants to purchase SURYA News Paper?

Chiru may purchase SURYA daily News Paper? This is the rumor going in filmnagar circles. Surya daily was launched recently and it is of film producer and Congress leader Nukarapu Surya Prakash Rao.

We all know how Eenadu news daily played the role to bring NTR in to power. Now Megastar who is planning to float his own party would like to have a Daily News Paper to support him. So as for our rumor sources, Megastar contacted Surya Paper Chairman Nyukarapu.

But Nukarapu is expecting a Minister
post, if Chiru come in to power in return to his New Paper.

krishna vamsi chandamama in tamil

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Creative director Krishna Vamsy delived this film Chandamama with Navadeep, Sivabhalaji, Kajal and Sindhu Menon in the lead roles. It was good family entertainer and it was well received by the Telugu audiences. Ahuthi Prasad and Nagababu have played two key roles for this film.

Now AVM is remaking the film in Tamil. Navadeep and Shiva Bhalaji are starring in Tamil film too, but heroine for this Tamil flick replace by Mounika and Sharanya. Prabhu is playing the Nagababu’s role.

The Tamil film is titled as ‘A Aa E Ee’

Vidyasagar Rao is demanding Pawan Kalyan's arrest?

BJP senior leader Ch Vidyasagar Rao was speaking to media in Hyderabad on 4th May , said ' In Nandini and Pawan Kalyan's case, Nandini, first wife of Pawan complained that her husband had second marriage with out her knowledge. Unfortunately Nandini is going around the courts to prove that. The law should be amended so that a man should be arrested immediately after his wife complaints about second marriage of her husband- then only enquiry in the case should be carried.'.

Vidyasagar demanded the government of AP to bring an ordinance in this case immediately.

Vidyasagar Rao is demanding Pawan Kalyan's arrest?

Abhishek to shake a leg with Aish’s ex boyfriend

Vivek Oberoi will soon be shaking a leg with former love, Aishwarya’s husband Abhishek Bachchan in a film. And this mission impossible has been made possible by director Apoorva Lakhia, who has managed to convince the two to dance together for his film, Mission Istanbul. Vivek made more news for his alliance with Aishwarya than for his films when he was in love with the beauty queen. Though she always maintained the “we are good friends” stand, Vivek expressed his love for her. And of course, she moved on to Abhishek and married him in April 2007, while Vivek is still single.

Abhishek is making a special appearance in the film. “I am going to shoot the song that Abhishek and Vivek will dance together towards the end of May. It is the highlight of the film. Right now, I am busy shooting Zayed and Vivek’s solo songs,” says Apoorva. So, how did he manage this? “Main hoon na,” he laughs. Since he’s not saying anything more than that, many rumours are floating around.

The last film that Vivek was appreciated in was Apoorva’s Shootout at Lokhandwala and Abhishek has worked with the director in a very forgettable Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost. Maybe it’s the director’s expertise in his field or his plain charm that did the trick and convinced the two to work together. Whatever it is, it’s nothing less than historical.

Kantri in 1000 theatres!

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Tollywood is getting ready with some cool flicks for summer. And guess how many theatres are being roped in for the releases? There’s Parugu, Kantri and Pandurangadu - the big-budget movies that are getting released in over a thousand theatres! KRR also plans to release Pandurangadu in a thousand other theatres. Kantri, starring Jr. NTR and the teen sensation Hansika, may be delayed due to post production work and also non-availability of theatres. In all probability Kantri will be released on May 9.

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