Monday, May 19, 2008

Dasavataram with 1000 prints releases on June 6
With each passing day, expectations about Dasavataram, Kamal's 10-getup movie with Rs. 100 crore budget, are touching the skies. Produced by Oscar Ravichandran, the film was originally scheduled to be releasing in April last week. However, after repeated shuttling of the release date, the audio was released last month with Jackie Chan as the chief guest. Latest buzz is that the film will be hitting the marquee on June 6th all over the world. The film is releasing in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Bojpuri. Its Japanese and Chinese dubbed versions are on the anvil, based on the suggestion of Jackie Chan himself. As of Andhra Pradesh business, it is expected that the film might rake in a whopping Rs. 20 Crore, one fifth of the budget. Siri Media of Dasari Narayana Rao is said to have grabbed the Nizam rights for Rs. 6.5 Crore.

Will Sneha's glam quotient beat Namitha's?

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Sneha is one happy girl nowadays. After turning producer, the actress is over the moon to have shared the screen in Kuselan with Rajinikanth. The pretty actress was waiting for an opportunity to work with the superstar and now that has come her way, she is not about to give it up. Her long-pending desire is now fulfilled with Kuselan. She plays an actress herself in the movie in a cameo. She will also been matching steps with Rajinikanth in an explosive song. "My dream ambition is now fulfilled", she says.

Well, also we have been hearing about Sneha looking for an image makeover for quite some time now, and people say her latest film Pardhu is a step in that direction. The industry is rife with speculations of how ravishing Sneha is looking in Pardhu having upped her glamour quotient a few notches. Lawrence and Namitha are also playing the lead in the film. Well, when you are acting with a scorcher like Namitha, Sneha is surely going to need more than just acting prowess to get noticed!

Balakrishna to join TDP on NTR's birthday.

Family members of former chief minister and Telugu Desam founder N.T. Rama Rao will celebrate his birth anniversary at the Telugu Desam state headquarters, NTR Bhavan, on May 28. This is the first time that the family of N.T. Rama Rao will celebrate his birthday at the TD party office.

However, the former chief minister and TD president, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, and NTR’s son, Mr Nandamuri Harikrishna, will be away at Jaggaiahpet in Krishna district as part of the ongoing Mee Kosam road show. The two will celebrate the event with party workers at Jaggaiahpet. According to Mr Naidu, NTR’s family members including film actors Nandamuri Balakishna, Kalyan Ram and Jr NTR will donate blood at NTR Bhavan.

Mr Naidu’s wife and NTR’s daughter Bhuvaneswari, Balakrishna’s wife and other family members too will be present. The Telugu Desam has been celebrating NTR’s birthday, which coincides with the party’s annual general body meeting, Mahanadu. But Mr Naidu postponed Mahanadu in view of the and May 29 byelections in Telangana and invited NTR’s family to celebrate the event at the party’s headquarters.

“Our family members will participate in the celebrations at NTR Bhavan,” Mr Naidu sannounced after the party’s politburo meeting at Aushapur in Ranga Reddy district. Mr Naidu presided over party’s politburo at Aushapur before entering the city to campaign at Musheerabad and Secunderabad Assembly constituencies where bypolls are being held.

I'm no longer single, Vidya Balan

"I must say I'm very content in the space I'm occupying right now," says Vidya Balan. With a mysterious smile, Vidya suggests she is no longer blissfully single and is enjoying it. Vidya says, "The other evening I went to watch Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Pathak perform Dear Liar at Prithvi theatre." On being asked who accompanied her, she chuckles, "Ah, it was friend whose name begins with 'S'. I'm not saying any more than that!" We haven't so far spoken directly about Vidya's new close friend Shahid Kapur.

She surprises us by being overtly forthright about it! She says, "I don't deny that Shahid is a very close friend. For the first time, I've worked with a co-star who's actually closer to me by way of age, experience and temperament. We were together for two months and we really got along well. And I found him very calm and intelligent. I think we're alike in many ways."

Sneha in a Hollywood flick

Atchamundu Atchamundu, a Tamil movie that is to be made completely in Hollywood will have Prasanna and Sneha in the lead. Sources in the industry claim that for the first time in Indian cinema, all actors, apart from the hero and the heroine, in the film will be from Hollywood.

The story deals with the problems faced by a couple that leave India to settle down in New Jersey. The film will also feature Emmy award winner John Shea, who has acted in popular Hollywood movies such as Hussy, Honey, I blew up the kids and the Insurgents.

Puri jaganath not directing raviteja?

Poori Jagannath announced long back that his next film would be Neninthe with Raviteja on Vaishno Academy banner.

Poori who made Ravi Teja a star hero of Tollywood with idiot film tried to make his brother Sairam Shankar a hero. But efforts were futile.

As for filmnagar sources, Poori is planning to make his brother Sairam a director with Ravi Teja’s film Neninthe..

On the other hand, Poori is putting all his efforts to give a hit for his brother Sairam Shnakr as hero. Poori is working day and night on the script ‘Sachchipothe’. This film will be made with Sairam Shankar as hero. Poori himself will direct this film on Vaishno Academy banner.

SP Balu misses Rajinikanth Kucheludu.

Kucheludu is gearing up for a July release and director P Vasu is leaving no stones unturned to achieve the target date. The movie is expected to be successful on par with Rajinikanth - the superstar starrer of the eighties where he played himself in which Meena also played a significant role.

The inevitable SP Balu who usually has a song credit in almost all Rajini movies will not be a part of Kucheludu, however, the movie will have Rajini, Meena, and Jagapathi straining their vocal chords for a song.

Kucheludu has a truckload of stars, big and small, since Rajini plays himself in the movie. Jagapathi plays the superstar’s childhood school friend and has a meaty role.

Aswini Dutt is producing the Telugu version of the film.

Bhavana on a roll


Last week, Bhavana was in Uzbekistan shooting a song with Vinay for Jayam Kondaan.

The actress, known for her girl-next-door roles, is now turning glamorous with a vengeance. Her Telugu film Ontari in which she had worn revealing costumes, recently celebrated its 100-day run in Andhra.

Now, she has been flooded with offers and has signed a new film called Hero with Nitin in Telugu. Meanwhile, in Malayalam, she has replaced Meera Jasmine as Dileep's heroine in the multi-starrer Twenty:20. And the buzz is that she is going to do a very glamorous role as the second heroine in a Tamil movie. Bhavana surely is going places.

Who Is That Hot Surprise Heroine?

Sumanth has been signed up to play the lead in director Raj Puppala's new film. Titled 'Boni', the film is scheduled to hit the floors today. Music Director Ramana Gogula is producing the film, but is unwilling to disclose any details about the film yet.

The filmmakers seem to have more important things to sort out at the moment as they are still on the look out for the leading lady. "We have not yet decided upon the actress. The thing is that the female lead is going to be crucial for the film and hence we want to be doubly sure before we sign her up. We will take a call in the next couple of days," said Ramana.

Inside sources say that there will be surprise announcement regarding heroine. What would be that!!

NTR jr Brahmarshi Vishwamitra with NTR releasing soon

NTR has shared his feelings in a tête-à-tête today in an interview. He told about his political interests, acting performance, his looks and type of films he is wishing to do.

Saying about his political interests he said, "Media is making big hype about my political interests. My fans are sympathetic to several parties; I have fans from CPM, Congress, BJP and everything. I don't ask my fans to change themselves as per my interests and wish. I don't disturb their freedom. And coming to my meeting with Chandrababu mamayya garu, Balakrishna Babai and all- it is only a family affair to clear all sorts of differences. Like any family, we too have some internal differences which are cleared now. And regarding my campaign for TDP, it is too early to talk now as there is long way to go for that".

Clarifying on the family legacy for young actors he said, "There is no rule that young heroes go successful only when they have background. Take for instance Siddhartha. What background he has? Talent works ultimately and nothing else".

"I feel great imitating my grand father. I feel happy when the younger generation recalls my grand father watching my performance. I imitate him and keep imitating him, what's wrong in that", said NTR boldly. So there can be no question about his imitating Sr NTR.

He also recalled about the film 'Brahmarshi Vishwamitra' that hasn't released till now. "I played the role of Bharatha in that-that too in the direction of my grand father. I feel really contended if that film releases at least now. Plans are going on to make that film release in theaters", he added.

"Right now I'm with no tension in my mind. I'm very flexible and mould in the hands of VV Vinayak. He is still on the script work and developing a right one keeping 'Kantri' in mind. I never lose my mass appeal and commercial-hero image. Although I do a romantic lover boy role I cannot miss the mass-formula. People may call it violence or anything but that is all in the hands of directors", he shared.

Talking about his looks he said, "There is indeed some dissatisfaction among fans that I'm looking very lean. I will certainly pick up little weight. At least my look should suit the mass roles I play. Definitely you all can see me with little more weight in next film", he said.

NTR, like in any other interview, is focused on what he is saying and attentive on thought process.

Salman Khan Slapped Katrina Again

Salman Khan hardly mends his ways. He is losing all of his girl friends due to his aggressive nature. He missed Sangeetha Bijlani and then Aishwarya Rai only because of his wild nature. A few weeks ago he slapped Katrina in a coffee club publicly but she denied the reports.

Now again Salman came to a film city in Mumbai knowing that Katrina is in final schedule of the shooting of the film ‘Yuvraj‘. He dashed into her caravan and locked the door from inside. Then a couple of shouts from Salman and a slapping sound followed by a wail by Katrina are heard from outside. Then Sallu rushed out with a stern grimace. After a while Katrina walked out from the caravan wearing dark goggles hiding her eyes.

Well, Salman is getting a new girl friend whenever he is losing an old one. Hence he hardly finds the need to mend his ways, may be. All this anger of Salman Khan is due to his suspicion that she is moving close with Akshay Kumar. Media also hyped on the ‘alleged affair‘ between Katrina and Akshay.

shradda arya in a Suspence flick with srihari

A new movie is started with real star Sri Hari and Aryan Rajesh as heroes. This is been directed by Rama Krishna under Living Legends Creation banner and produced by L.Eswar. The muhurat shot was picturised on Monday morning at Ramanaidu cine village, Naanak Ramguda, Hyderabad. For which well known producer C.Kalyan gave clap and popular actor cum producer Santhakumari switch on the camera.

Real star Sri Hari gave direction on muhurat day. Shradha Arya (Godava fame) is playing the female lead role. Chandra Mohan, CharanRaj, Kota Srinivasarao, Jeeva, Ali, Santosh Pawan, Chitram Srinu, Raghu Babu, Krishna Bagwan, Suman Shetti and others are the supporting characters in the film. The main back drop of the film is a cute love story with suspense element which actually happens by a missed call. Dialogues by Ratnababu, songs by vanamali, music composed by Agathya, story-screenplay-direction by Rama Krishna.

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