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Colors Swathi in Tamil film

Swathi (Colors fame) is now playing lead role in a Tamil film titled Subramanyapuram. After giving 'Color' to the popular TV show with her charm, Swathi appeared in few Telugu movies including one of the lead roles in Danger and supporting role in Adavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule.

Subramanyapuram is a film about a group of friends who don't care for anything. They become problematic in their place. Now a charming girls enters between them and what happens then is the story. The film is directed by M.Sasi Kumar, who earlier worked with directors Bala (Sethu) and Amir (Mounam Pesiyathe). In addition to directing the film, he is also producing it and acting in it.

Chiranjeevi party is Labor Party

As reported by a media source, the name of Chiranjeevi's party will be 'Labor Party' and the theme song of the party would be 'Nenu Saitam' from Tagore. The song even got a national award for the content.
Talking to the media today, Allu Aravind said that fans will have to wait for couple of more months and above information is confirmed by him. 'We all waited patiently for so long.. we should wait for couple of more months', said Allu Aravind. There were some pamphlets that read - Leader is Chiranjeevi, Radhasaradhi is Nagendra Babu, Vyuhakartha (strategist) is Allu Aravind, Dalapati is Pawan Kalyan and chief advisor is Mitra.

Harirama Jogayya is one politician, present Congress MP, who is being very vocal about Chiranjeevi's entry. He even publicly announced that if Chiranjeevi established a party, he would join it. Talking to a news media today, Jogayya announced that Chiranjeevi is blessed. 'Even during NTR time, the public did not go to NTR and requested him to start the party. He started the party and people voted for him. Chiranjeevi is in much better situation. He is being requested by the public and fans to come in to the politics and do good to them. He is blessed for that. What else is needed for someone to step into politics'. This he said in response to a question on if Chiranjeevi will have any hurdles.

When asked to compare on Balakrishna's entry, Harirama Jogayya said that there is lot of difference in the approach of the two. 'Chiranjeevi is willing to start his own party. So it is his own party, own mandate. Whereas Balakrishna is taking TDP's side. He is not the CM candidate. He is only canvassing for the CM candidate. So even if he wanted to do good for the society, it will not have the same impact. The comparison would have been different if Balakrishna also wanted to start his own party'.

Jogayya even confirmed that the public seemed to be very vexed with both YSR and CBN and that would be an added bonus if Chiranjeevi setup a party. There are good chances that Chiru party might tie up with Loksatta and left parties. Lok satta party and the leader Jayaprakash Narayana has a clean image and one of the most respectable politicians. Also, it is heard that a large number of leaders from both TDP and Congress would join Chiru's party. If this happens, it will be almost a political revolution in the state.

As per the media sources, party office will be launched on 15th of August and Chiru will start his tour in August. The party will have a mandate of social justice as the main criteria. Rural development and drinking water is any another key point in his mandate. Even there would be a department of anti-corruption in the Government.

All the TV channels have one job today - About Chiru party, running bulletins, gathering feedback etc. Overall, the feedback is very strong and positive. People are expecting him to clean up the mess in the politics and do good to the state. Even though Chiranjeevi himself did not say any word on it, Allu Aravind confirming the strategy excited all the fans and celebrations are taking place through out the state

Shriya is hot and getting hotter!

With an appearance in Mission Istanbul, Shriya Saran is finally being recognized in Bollywood for her flexibility and hard work over the last few years. Her career is now expected to move into the Red Hot Zone.

She started her career with a bang in Santosham in 2002, opposite Nagarjuna. She received her first award in 2005 when she won the Filmfare Best Telugu Actress Award for Chatrapathi. She also won the Best Hindi Female Debut Award for her role as Aaliya in Awaarapan in 2007. However, she really hit the big time with last year's groundbreaking movie Sivaji. Her star status was confirmed when the Hindu Makkal Katchi morality squad reported her to the police for wearing a clinging outfit at the celebrations for the movie.

But Shriya is very flexible and also works well in the English language - she's currently in two movies: What's Cooking and The Other End of the Line, which costars Jesse Metcalfe with whom, rumour has it, she is romantically linked.

How does Shriya feel about acting? "I love to do challenging and performance-oriented films if the offers come my way. I was lucky enough to get such roles quite early. I have proved that I can carry off well both in glamorous and performance-oriented films."

Audiences worldwide can expect to see Shriya featuring in Hindi, Telegu and English films coming their way this year.

Dasavatharam release postponed to june 13th

Kamal Hassan's much-awaited Dasavataram is officially hitting the screens worldwide with over 1000 prints on June 13th. Previously the flick was scheduled to release on June 6th, which date later got shifted to June 12th. The latest shift by a day is due to delay in the subtitle works meant for languages other than Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, according an official statement. Also a big relief prevails among the film unit with the Chennai court quashing a petition filed by a religious group against the film.

NTR looks good and handsome

NTRjr was bubbly hero in his Rakhi, but he reduced his weight by 20 kgs by the time of Yamadonga- that story was on request of director SS Rajamouli.

The lean and thin NTR did well in Yamadonga but at the same time his lady fans were disappointed with his thin figure and openly asked him to put on some weight.

But he continued with same weight for Kantri too.

While participating promotional activities of Kantri, NTR's lady fans requested him to put on some weight and as for the their request NTR is put on 5 Kgs of weight now.

Now he looks good and handsome and his fans must be happy with present figure of NTR. His new add on weight is seen on his face when he came to NTR's tomb on 28th May for offering his tributes to his grand father.

Dashavatharam to be screened for George Bush.

With the court clearing the Public Litigation cases against Dasavatharam, the crew is gearing up for a second-week June release. However, another mammoth task in front of the producers is to screen the movie to the US president George Bush. As per latest reports, talks are on with the help of the producers’ US counterparts with Whitehouse officials to arrange for the screening.

It is learnt that since Bush, as the US president, is heading the efforts to make the world’s nations sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty, it would only be apt to screen him the movie that urges that nuclear energy should only be used for constructive purposes and not to cause destruction.

Genelia is real innocent girl

While addressing the media, Genelia said, “People ask me why I continue to do the role of an innocent girl. I feel such roles fit me and I enjoy essaying such characters as it is very close to how I am in my real life”.

To a poser on whether she aims to win awards for her performance, she humbly declines the same and states that she is yet to rise up to that level and at the moment not too keen to feature in such films.

She was also quick to add that it is the acceptance of the people which is very vital and she wishes to concentrate on that segment alone for the time being.

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