Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yuvaraj bowls another bollywood girl

What's up with Yuvraj Singh? After IPL he seems to be in a mood to party and celebrate, but for what? Whatever the reason, the other day we spotted him at a suburban nightspot, flashing his usual infectious smile and dancing away to glory. After sometime his roving eyes caught up with another damsel.

And on closer look, she turned out to be Divya Dutta Rest assured, both were soon caught in a deep animated conversation. What's cooking guys? Maybe they are just good friends. Well that's where everything starts, isn't it? Anyways, we decided to leave the two alone for the rest of the night, hopefully they headed home after their clubbing ended!

Priyamani impresses director shankar

Out of the blue, Priyamani gets a telegram from director Shankar. The telegram congratulates her for winning the National award for best actress for Paruthiveeran, and praises her performance in it. Now comes the interesting part - at the end of the mail - Shankar signs off suggesting they should meet. Industry insiders are reading this as an offer to play an important role in robot..

S.J surya met with accident - Puli shooting postpone?

Actor-director S.J.Surya is now busy doing in the lead role in a Tamil movie ‘Newtonin 3am Vidhi’, directed by Thaimuthu Selvan. Its an action oriented movie.

S.J.Surya serious injuries while shooting a stunt sequence for the movie ‘Newtonin 3am Vidhi’ near Chennai on Saturday. He was admitted to a private hospital with bleeding injuries.

Shooting for the Newtonin 3am Vidhi was taken near Velacherry, Chennai. According to the scene S.J.Surya will be chased by villains. S.J.Suryah was riding a bike while villains sit in few cars, jeeps and trucks. Un-expectedly, one of the vehicle hit the bike of Surya and Surya was thrown in the air. S.J.Suryah fall down flat on the floor causing injuries to his face.

S.J.Suryah was immediately rushed to a private hospital nearby. Doctors advised 15 days of rest for him. The shooting was eventually called off.So even the shooting of pawan's puli which is expected to go to sets on 20th of this month may get postpone due to serious injury for surya.Hope he will recover soon.Get well soon surya..

Dil raju to introduce Nagachaitanya

The most successful producer Dil Raju succeeded in convincing the Tollywood bigwigs like ANR and Dr Ramanaidu to launch their grand son Naga Chaithanya to Tollywood as hero. The Akkineni family and Dr Ramanaidu family has tremendous confidence on Dil Raju and Dil Raju's track record also proved several times at the box office.

Though the debutant director Vasu Sharma name was heard, it isn't confirmed. But an young debutant director will handle Naga Chaithanya.

The film will roll in couple of months. The other heroes from Akkineni family-Nag, Sumanth and Sushanth were launched on Annapurna banner.

South Superstar praises North Superstar

Rajnikanth today heaped praise on Sarkar Raj, Amitabh Bachchan’s latest film. The film, despite great pre launch fervour has failed to evoke a similarly great response.

Rajnikath is the biggest star of Indian cinema and his films have broken all the records at box office one after the other. His Shivaji was a truly magnum opus.

Sarkar Raj may not be doing too well on the box office but there is no doubt that the film and especially Amitabh have won accolades from film critics.

Rajnikath had reportedly asked for a special screening of the film and Ram Gopal Verma readily arranged for the screening of the film.

Rajnikanth, a big fan of Amitabh himself liked the film and called Amitabh to convey his good wishes for the film and appreciation for his role in te film.

NTR trust beats chiranjeevi blood bank !

NTR memorial trust, which is being headed by Telugu Desam president N Chandrababu Naidu, has been selected by the government for the award for highest number of blood donations.

Normally, whenever we talk about blood donations, the name that comes to our mind immediately is Chiranjeevi Blood Bank. But the government did not consider it. Instead, it preferred NTR Memorial Trust for the award. It would be presented to the Trust by Governor Rameshwar Thakur, shortly.

Though everybody talks about Chiranjeevi charitable trust, large number of Telugu Desam workers donate blood through NTR Trust every year on every occasion: Birth and death anniversaries of NTR, as well as on the birthday of Chandrababu Naidu. So, no wonder the NTR Trust got the award.

There is also another talk. Perhaps, the ruling Congress does not want Chiranjeevi's name getting fame before he launches the new party. So, it could be underplayed!

Dasavatharam got average openings in mumbai and delhi

The six-screen Mayajaal multiplex in Chennai is holding 45 shows a day of Kamal Hassan’s magnum opus Dasavatharam. Touted to be the most expensive film ever made in India, with a budget crossing Rs 75 crore according to estimates, it’s running to full houses in all the four southern states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

Leaving no stone unturned to ensure a grand opening, producer Oscar Ravichandran released 1,000 prints in India and 1,000 overseas. “The first two weeks are crucial for box-office collections and that’s the reason why so many prints have been released,” says Nambi Rajan, distributor of Dasavatharam in north and west India.

“The opening has been tremendous — 100% occupancy in cinema halls — in the south. What will help the movie is the fact that there are no big Tamil or Telugu releases in the next four weeks,” adds Rajan. However, the film, which has been released in Tamil and Telugu and with English subtitles, has done “below expectations” in Mumbai and Delhi.

Says PVR general manager Ranjan Singh, “The opening has been great in Bangalore and Hyderabad but average in Mumbai and Delhi. The rains in Mumbai may have been a damper.” An Adlabs spokesperson says the film is getting an amazing response from towns like Coimbatore as well.

The “lower turnout” in Mumbai and Delhi has obviously drawn comparisons with Rajnikanth’s Sivaji, the Boss, which grossed Rs 100 crore at the box-office last year. Says an insider: “Rajni is a mass entertainer and Kamal a class entertainer. People would have braved the rains for a Rajni film.”

So, what are the box-office expectations for Dasavatharam? According to industry experts, it won’t disappoint exhibitors, one of the reasons being that a huge number of prints have been released and it will make up the money in the first four weeks.

Kamal Hassan plays 10 different roles in the film, from a priest to President Bush, and according to sources, the stunning special effects alone cost Rs 25 crore. “The films starts in the 12th century and ends with the tsunami.”

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