Friday, June 20, 2008

Hansika reveals her secret

Hansika Motwani always wanted to become an actress. So what does she consider the best part of being in the profession? “I play so many different characters. I get to experience what they feel. Everyday I learn something new. However, the best part will always be the fact that I can entertain people.

I can touch the audience’s heart. For me there are no drawbacks of being in this profession,” says the young actress. Hansika has been sporting a lean look these days. How did she mange to lose all those extra pounds? Is there any secret behind it? “I am a complete health freak. I run everyday for one and half hours,” she explains.

Kamal hasan marmayogi with 120 crores

Exactly one month after the release of his magnum opus Dasavatharam (June 13th 2008), Kamal Haasan will start working on his next project Marmayogi on July 13, 2008. This film's inaugural pooja will be held at the Grand Hotel in Mumbai. As like Dasavatharam, Marmayogi will also be made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Sources close to Kamal say that Marmayogi will be made on a stupefying budget of Rs. 120 crores and the actor will produce the film on a first copy basis for production major Pyramid Saimira.

It is believed that Pyramid Saimira was in the race to procure the all India distribution rights of Dasavatharam but could only obtain the rights for Coimbatore area. Perhaps Marmayogi will soothe the ruffled feathers of Pryramid Saimira!

Kajol, the Bollywood actress, Ajaay Devagan's wife is likely to play the female lead

Rajnikanth kathanayakudu Photos

Pawan kalyan becomes advisor for Chiranjeevi

Actor Pawan Kalyan is assisting his brother Chiranjeevi with his agenda for Chiru's political party. Pawan along with brother Nagababu and Allu Aravind is among the close knit team of advisors for Chiranjeevi.

While Chiranjeevi will take a plunge into politics in August, Pawan will wait till the next assembly elections before entering into active politics. Pawan wants to finish his films on hand Puli and also Sathyagrahi. Pawan is incorporating his Common Man Protection force in the story of Sathyagrahi.

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