Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hansika reveals her secret motto

Hansika Motwani is the happiest girl these days. She is busy both with Bollywood films and Tollywood films. Hansika says that she is grateful to actress Juhi Chawla for advising her to take heroin offers. “ It was actress Juhi Chawla who noticed my resemblance to herself and recommended me take up acting.

I am very grateful to her,” said Hansika Motwani. In spite of having a CA to manage her finances and a secretary and manager to manage her career, Hansika still gets her pocket money from her mom! Ask her to describe herself she says, "I hate interference and I don’t interfere in others lives. My motto is hurt never help ever."

Rs 7 crore budget for single song

One song being shot at a cost of Rs. 7 crores. It's a mad mad world, you might think. But that is the truth. Rs. 7 crores are going to be spent on a single song and to think that we once deemed Rs. 1 crore being spent on a single song in Bhaagam Bhag as an excess. The man who featured in Bhaagam Bhag was Akshay Kumar and the one who will feature in this new Rs. 7-crore song will again be Akshay. The song will be part of Akshay Kumar's next release, Singh is Kinng. The movie is complete but for this song, which is soon to be shot in Los Angeles. The song will feature world famous rock star Snoop Dogg along with Akshay. Snoop and his troop are busy planning details of the video at the location and they are reportedly getting something very different ready for the most expensive song in Indian cinema.

While the Singh is Kinng has Rs. 7-crore song there is Kambhakth Ishq which is rumored to have a budget of Rs. 90 crores behind it. Akshay Kumar is certainly getting bigger and bigger. Time will tell whether he can live up to the astronomical sums being spent on his films.

Nagarjuna rejected srinu vaitla's script

Yes, Nagarjuna rejected director Sreenu Vytla's script, but not now. It was 4 years back. Sreenu Vytla narrated a script that was prepared by writer Gopi Mohan to Nag 4 years back, it was the time when Vytla was directing Venkey.

But the script was serious one and Nag asked Vytla to come up with script of entertainment & action.

So finally after 4 years , with great track record, Vytla narrated the script of King to Nag and Nag nooded his approval in the first sitting itself.

Sreenu Vytla says that the King is going to be blend of Nag's Siva and Hello Brother with Sreenu Vytla's style.

She fits perfectly for lead role

Life is great for Bhumika post marriage. Her performance in Anasuya has got her rave reviews. And now, with a woman-centric film titled Mallepuvvu, she has every reason to be happy.

Mallepuvvu is a romantic comedy and its shooting is nearing completion. Samudra is directing the film and music has been scored by Ilayaraja. The director’s on a high for roping in Bhumika.

He says, “Bhumika is a superb actress. I wanted her to essay the role of a feminist as she fits the bill perfectly.
We had initial doubts about her response, but on reading the script, she agreed to do the film instantly. What’s amazing about her is that despite her star status, she throws no tantrums on the sets and has no qualms about working opposite a newcomer.” Well, Bhumika, here’s another fan on your burgeoning list.

Producers bank on Charmee's assets!

Charme is equally popular for her Sree Anjaneyam type act and her Anukonanda Oka Roju style performance. After having proved her skill with heroine-oriented roles and item songs also, she's been in much demand all over the place! Producers and directors who don't want to leave any stone unturned in publicity, seem to want to cash in on this demand that she garners.

As a result, all her publicity stills seem to concentrating on showing her cleavage as much as they can! Whoever said performance alone can bring praises!

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