Monday, July 21, 2008

Trisha teaches lesson to prakash raj

Prakash Raj was banned from Tollywood for troubling the producer by absenting for shoot schedules and coming late to the shooting spot etc...

Now he is the producer in Tamil and making films on Duet Movies banner. Now Prakash Raj said to have faced the similar problem from heroine Trisha for his film.

Trisha is doing a film for Prakash Raj and he wanted extra call sheet from Trisha to film a song, but Trisha rejected Prakash Raj saying that she has no dates. Prakash Raj approached film chamber, but there was no use. Finally Prakash Raj sat with Trisha and sorted out the problem.

Praksh Raj must be remembering his days of troubling producers?

Brahmanandam may be out of country

Brahmanadam is contesting from Attili from Chiru's party and folks and fans of Brahmi were gearing up for a new set of activities. But when Brahmanandam was contacted, he condemned this news saying 'I never said that and it was only the assumption of media'.

Now, Brahmanandam is planning a trip abroad during the second week of August to avoid any misunderstandings with Chiru and even the Congress people who are said to be interested in pulling him into this political game. Hence Brahmanandam may be out of country on Independence Day

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Chiranjeevi Ready to conquer Andhra Politics

DID THE Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi stoop to conquer? Going by the agenda his party has set for itself, it would appear so. As we said in these columns, he is scheduled to formally launch his political party on August 15 (vide, “Congress cannot lampoon Chiru”). Chiranjeevi’s brother-in-law, Allu Arvind, released the agenda to the press, on behalf of Chiranjeevi (Chiru). At times, the agenda sounded more like an invective.

It said that the people of Andhra Pradesh (AP) had all along elected either the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) or the Congress party. But neither party could improve the lot of the poor, because at the district level, the two parties were under the control of rowdies. Rowdies generally usurped whatever the people of the country had earned by the sweat of their brow. They were not interested in the welfare of the country or the welfare of the people. They were good only at festooning the roads with banners and party flags, installing cutouts, putting up posters (to print, which they spend lakhs of rupees), daubing the walls with graffiti and collecting campaign contribution – all in the name of their party leaders. It resulted in squandering of public money, which did not benefit the people at all. So he had decided to enter the political field.

In the first phase, he would rid the political field of rowdies. Rowdies who had disrupted law and order and hence had to be behind bars had been roaming freely as ministers, Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and Members of Parliament (MPs). Ridding the political field of such rowdies would transform the country into a superpower. On the industrial front, the country was making rapid progress. Amongst the richest in the world were many Indians. At the same time, there were many poor people who did not know where to go for the next meal. So, he would eliminate the disparity between the rich and the poor. He would transform Andhra Pradesh into a poverty-free state. The Congress party and the TDP had been maintaining that it was an impossible task. It was impossible for the two parties because they had exploited the poor people all along. But he could do it. To eliminate poverty he was drawing up effective plans with the help of experts in economics.He wholeheartedly believed that the people of Andhra Pradesh would provide him an opportunity to transform the political field into something sacred.

Chiranjeevi’s vow to rid the state of politicians-cum-rowdies has made several leaders uncomfortable. Many from the Congress party and the TDP have desired to join Chiranjeevi’s party. But the megastar has declined to admit leaders with criminal background. It is to be noted that not only his fans but also non-government organisations, government employees’ associations, student bodies, social workers, doctors’ associations and lawyers’ associations have been appealing to the megastar to enter politics and cleanse the government of corruption.

Sindhu tolani hoping for the best

SINDHU TOLANI seems to be enjoying playing second fiddle (no offense meant). A look at her recent releases will put things in perspective. She was the surprise element in the NITIN starrer Victory and just released Hare Ram in which she played a firebrand journalist. The critics had wasted no time in writing her off after the release of Bathukamma, in which Sindhu played a rustic village belle. With not many good offers coming her way, the pretty actress had to make do with the little that came her way. But it could all change if her next film goes on to be a hit. Sindhu is playing the lead Black and White, being directed by PHANI RAJ. RAJEEV KANAKALA is playing the lead in the film, being produced by RAMESH BABU. Touted to be a murder mystery the film is scheduled to release in August.

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