Friday, August 1, 2008

Kathanayakudu movie review

Rating: 3.25/5
Movie :

Cast :
Rajini, Jagapathi Babu, Nayanthara, Meena
Direction: P Vasu
G V Prakash

K Balachander

Kathanayakudu is 2 hours, 30 minutes long.

Rajinikanth appears twenty minutes after the movie begins. And remains through the length of the film, though not in every single frame. In all he appears for a total of 60 minutes.And in 3 rocking songs.

Story :Balakrishna(Jagapathi babu) is a poor barber who leads a miserable life in Sirisilla with wife Sridevi (Meena) & 3 children.His Childhood friend Ashok kumar(Rajinikanth) is now a Superstar.Ashok kumar& his film crew comes to Sirisilla for a filmshooting.So the whole village,including his family,converges around Balakrishna seeking his favour for a meeting with the Superstar. Balakrishna is reluctant to approach the star thinking that Ashok kumar may have forgotten his lowly friend in these intervening years.Does the rich n famous Superstar remember his childhood buddy?does he values friendship ? is the rest of the story.

HighLights :
6 punch dialogue sequence filled with comedy that will delight not just fans of Rajni but everyone in the audience.

For many of us who have been wondering a lot about Rajini’s political ambitions and his sojourns into the Himalayas, he answers us all in kathanayakudu with such wit and tact that it will silence us from speculating anymore!

As in Chandramuki, where the Superstar gave equal screen presence to Prabhu, Vadivelu and Joythika, here, in kathanayakudu, he has given importance to other actors sharing the screen with him.

The climax, with jagapati babu and Rajini, is sure to melt hearts!

Nayantara simply sizzles effortlessly, proving why she is the numero uno. Arivind Krishna’s camera work is prefect, matching the mood of the movie . This is a Rajni movie, and yet it is also something completely different! Rajni’s style here as he plays himself reaches a new high.

There are a lot of dull and boring moments.
Comedians got more footage than the lead characters.
Screenplay isn't that good.

Overall :

Movie is Good.Can be watched for Rajnikanth,Comedy and climax

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